Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let It Snow...Let it Snow...Let It Snow...Or

Let It Snow...Let it Snow...Let It Snow...or let's have Whistler ski holidays.
Snowshoeing at Mt. San Jacinto State Park, Palm Springs, CA
I miss rain, and yes, I miss snow! It has been so far a dry winter here after thanksgiving where our mountains had their share of heaviest snow.
 Thanksgiving Snow at the Eastern Sierra, CA
Last winter, Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierra was the world's snowiest place having 600 inches of snow accumulation. But this winter, the Eastern Sierra had been dry :( Perhaps, we were lucky last thanksgiving to enjoy some snowshoeing in the Sierra. After thanksgiving, the next snowfall our mountains had was Christmas, but not like dropping 12 ft of snow in one pouring like last winter. 
Though I love our warmer weather here closer to the coast, but I do love our day trips also to the mountains to enjoy some winter outdoor activities. Last year, at about this time, Southern California mountains were already boasting with close to hundred inches of snow in the mountains, a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. 
 Snowboarding and Skiing at Bear Mountain, CA
Since Thanksgiving, we did not get heavy rain here anymore :( which meant no heavy snow on the mountains.  We had a little rain last Christmas, and then, some showers this past weekend, that really they were so little. I wish for rain to pour, because it would mean beautiful spring wildflowers as far as my eyes can see. I wish for the rain to pour because it would mean going up the mountains for some winter fun. I wish for the rain to pour because it would mean really heavy waterfalls. I wish for rain to pour because rain adds so much beauty to life. 
But what if Southern California will continue to be dry? What if there will be no major rainfall? Ahhh, it would mean also no major snowfall with hundreds of inches of snow on mountain slopes. This winter, I have not used our snowshoes yet :( since thanksgiving was not yet officially winter. And I am sure, a lot other Californians who love going to the mountains are thinking the same thing too: "where to ski?", with fresh soft powder of snow!!  Currently, the answer that comes to my mind is the super sized ski resort Whistler, among the planet's biggest and snowiest ski resorts. Whistler has more than 8,000 acres of ski-able terrain and trails that wind for a vertical mile from its high peaks to the forested valley below. Because of its size, finding Whistler ski accommodation  is not difficult either because there are numerous selection of hotels and lodging in Whistler. The ski lift is usually expensive, but because the ski resort has so much space to accommodate a lot of winter lovers, they offer very good discount whistler lift tickets. Right now, Whistler Blackcomb has 549 cm of snow in its slopes, anyone who loves the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding, would love this one of the snowiest ski resorts in the Planet Earth.

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  1. Although am not a fan of rain or snow, I will still wish it for you and the rest who loves snow !

  2. I agree with you, rain can do miracle.

    I can always find wonders inside the forest if it rained in the earlier night.

    The forest is very beautiful by then.

  3. well then let it snow, let is snow...beautiful fun shots!

  4. This is why I love California. You will have nice weather all the time, but if you want extreme or experience something different, you can travel and see snow..

    Gorgeous shot of the Sierra.

  5. let it snow, here in Singapore!!! hehehe! wish i know how to ski. ;)

  6. Yes, this winter we don't have much snow. The snow photos are great. It reminds me of the first time I went skiing in Tahoe.

  7. fantastic pictures you got here!
    indeed it has been dry winter in western Europe too...I was hoping for some minus temperatures in the Netherlands, so I could go ice-skating on the frozen canals, but chances are not so good:-(
    I keep fingers cross that you get more rain and snow in the next weeks+real winter!!