Monday, November 09, 2015

Sunset Walk

Ahhh, I know I haven't been so present here in my "joys of of simple life", but please know, I have never given up enjoying simple life, such as sunset walk....

It Was a Flying Sundate

For several years now, there's always a very long line at Potato Chip Rock each time we pass by it going to Mt Woodson summit. I still fondly remember the old days when we would spend a long resting time at the Chip and no one bothers. Thankfully, Mt Woodson is littered by so many fun boulders to play and fly.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies + Glacier of USA Adventure Trip (4 )

Jasper National Park, AB, Canada
So many places..... so little time. 10 days of adventure in the Canadian Rockies were definitely not enough. Only that I also knew at the time of planning that we could not go beyond 10 days, not because we get tired physically, but I usually feel sick of outside foods. I guess that is the drawback of having a taste only for fresh vegetables, fish and fruits. It's hard to be away from the comforts of home. After a while, I feel weak, not from wandering and hiking, but from a lack of nutritious home prepared foods. But 10 days, were definitely enough for us to be inspired and rejuvenated. Nature's wonder is always a strong healing force for me. It is for that reason that our travels would always seek the healing power of nature's beauty.
Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park, AB, Canada
In this 4th part of the Canadian Rockies + Glacier of USA Adventure Trip series, I will be sharing some inspiring places we were blessed to enjoy at Jasper National Park. Jasper is the largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain National Parks and part of UNESCO World Heritage site. Its shimmering glaciers, abundant wildlife, crystal clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, deep canyons and evergreen forest, all surrounded by towering, rugged mountain peaks are some of the reasons why it is in UNESCO's World Heritage List – deemed by the World Heritage Committee to number among the most significant sights on earth.

Just a day before our wanderings here, we were heavily rained out at Yoho National Park. Heavily rained out, but very much thankful. That heavy rain was answered prayers. The Canadian Rockies at that time were battling wildfire at Banff and Jasper National Parks. Very thankfully, heavy rain poured just a day before we were set for Jasper, and it put off the fire in the area. There was no more threat of road closures in Columbia Icefield, and no more threat of not reaching our hotel at Jasper. :) It was a time to rejoice for us.
jumping for joy, no more hazy and smoky skies, no more wildfire

Saturdate with the Birds

Grebes and Cormorants at Lake Hodges.

I am Dreaming of Sand

Father Crowley Point, Death Valley National Park
My mind is just blank and tired right now, and of all places, I have been missing and really aching to go back to the desert! Though we have lots of sand here from the beaches in San Diego, but I am missing the desert's sand!

I truly miss the time I am rolling and hiking in this desert full of sand!

to better understand my appreciation for the desert as much as the mountains and the oceans, you can visit my post here "The Desert Through My Eyes".
Anyway, have been everywhere today, I believe that's what happen when the mind is very tired! You just simply want to walk...walk...and walk....and enjoy the fullness of life in our natural world! Here's my weekend reality right now in San Diego, thankfully, though have been busy, but the outdoors have not taken a backseat at all.
Life by the Beach ( would you believe this is actually right next to the beach? )
My fish find at the beach :)
Some Wildflowers by the Beach
Up the Mountains
Colors @ The Mountains
The Hills and Valleys