Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ADT: Our Home Security

by Chay

After comparing the benefits of homeownership versus renting, Jeff and I decided to buy our first home. We started house hunting and were ecstatic when we found an affordable area of town close to the desert and near all the amenities necessary for comfortable living. The neighborhood was quiet and the neighbors knew each other on a first name basis. We were at peace with our decision and enjoying our new home until our peace was replaced by fear for our safety. One Saturday morning, I got up very early to get an early start on my chores. Jeff was still sleeping. I was baking biscuits for breakfast, started laundry in the garage (our laundry room was in the garage), and started pulling weeds in my garden while my husband Jeff was still sleeping. Have I mentioned husband was still sleeping?? lol. It was not unusual for us to leave the garage door open when working around the house. We were at peace with the thought our area was a safe and quiet neighborhood. I never considered the fact I was providing a thief an opportunity to enter our garage, grabbed several valuable items from inside our cars then quickly enter our house and pick up some small items and loose change on our counter top and run away without a trace. To my dismay, I walked into the garage to see the car doors open and then noticed things missing from inside near the front door. My husband was still sleeping, oblivious of what happened. Does anyone think I am resentful of my husband sleeping in on that day? LOL His sleep time ended at my shriek and we immediately called the police. This thought of someone entering my private space and stealing still causes me concern.

We put the house up for sale the first opportunity we got and moved to our present home. When we moved into our new home, the first call we made was to set up utilities and the second call was to ADT CA alarm system. After spending a lot of time researching on-line ADT in California was the easiest choice to make for our protection. The company responded right away and installed a customized system to meet our security needs ending fears from our past. We even have protection when we are sleeping at night in our home.

Cottonball in front of our house with ADT Sign
( ADT also provides signs and stickers for your home. Surveys showed that nine out of ten convicted robbers said they’ve avoided homes protected by a security system. )

After that incident from our first home, we decided to never take our family’s safety for granted. Our family, our dog and our safety has our highest priority and ADT has the complete system to give us the peace of mind we needed. We have a peace of mind knowing that our children are safe at home after school, our home contents and dog are safe while we are at work, and I feel safe while my husband sleeps in on a summer or winter or spring or fall Saturday morning. Have I mentioned my husband likes to sleep in on Saturdays? LOL We now have a 24-hour a day security system working to keep our family and investments safe. It is also important to know that if something happens while we are at home unaware or away, trained professionals are monitoring what we tell them to and if something goes wrong these security professionals will contact the proper authorities to send emergency services without delay.

Now, if you are in Florida and is looking for a home security, you can find ADT in Florida as well. You can check ADT in FL here.

Protect what matters most from… almost a dollar per day, we did and it is worth it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Friday: R is for River

Fun Friday or Fun Saturday? Every Friday, our Blogging for Fun group does an A-Z meme, and this week, we are doing letter R.
R is for River.
The Colorado River @ Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

I grew up close to the river, and the river for me is always a source of joy. The river then when I was growing up was always a place we can go to after school and recreate. Well, maybe nothing has changed a lot, since today, we actually hiked at San Diego River Canyon and had to cross the San Diego River to Cedar Creek Falls. However, this post is not about our hike today, which I will probably share later, but rather, this Blogging For Fun post is focused on one mighty river that carved so many interesting landscapes in North America, the Mighty Colorado River.
The Mighty Colorado River Behind Me, Page, Arizona

The Colorado River is the source of water of most of American Southwest. The States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah all depend on the Colorado River and its tributaries for water. However, the life that the Colorado River brings is probably enjoyed all over US and some parts of the world through agricultural crops from these States. 
These Lemons from California are watered by Colorado River
The headwaters of the Colorado River are located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. From an altitude of 9,010 feet, the Colorado River begins its flow Southwestward toward the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. 

Gazing down Colorado River @ Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah
The depth of Colorado River varies from 6 ft to 90 ft, the rapids are the shallow sections, and the calm sections the deepest parts. The Colorado River has helped carved many of the Southwest's interesting landscapes, such as:
1. Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, in Moab, Utah
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are located in Moab, Utah. Here, the Colorado River winds it way down from Rocky Mountain National Park toward Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon to the Sea of Cortez. At Canyonlands, the Colorado River has carved the Earth so ruggedly unique with a precision of a scalpel. 
Carvings of Colorado River @ Canyonlands National Park 
( the small blue strip afar amongst the red rocks is the Colorado River)
2. The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Colorado River Snaking Its Way @ Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
The Colorado River has cut deep through rocks that are billions of years old, which created the depth of the Grand Canyon. If the Colorado River carved the Earth so ruggedly with a precision of a scalpel at Canyonlands, here at the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River showed its gentleness and subtlety when carving this canyon. 
These unusually shaped and strikingly colorful rock formations attesting to millions and billions of years of geologic time are some of the most well known features of the ancient lands of the Southwest where the Colorado River snakes through before heading to the Pacific Ocean.
“Follow the river and you will find the sea” -French Proverb Quotes

Monday, February 08, 2010

Fun Friday: P is for Pelican

California Brown Pelican
It's Fun Friday again in our Blogging for Fun Group. This Friday we are working on letter P. Since my last post was about coastal birds, I decided to make a post on one of the most conspicuous birds that can be found in the San Diego coast: the California brown pelican. 
Pelican Up Close
The brown pelican is one of the eight species of pelicans. Unlike the white pelicans which I mostly see in the inland lakes of San Diego, the brown pelicans are very much coastal, they mostly stay along the shore. I love watching the brown pelicans do the synchronized dive for fish from the air. In fact, one of the distinction of brown pelicans from the white pelicans is that the brown pelicans group dive for fish from the air, whereas the white pelicans do cooperative fishing from the surface. 
Pelicans in Flight
The brown pelicans have five subspecies, which are:  P. o. californicus (California Brown Pelican) ; P. o. carolinensis (Eastern Brown Pelican) Gmelin, 1789; P. o. occidentalis (Caribbean Brown Pelican) Linnaeus, 1766; P. o. murphy (Pacific Brown Pelican) Wetmore, 1945; P. o. urinator (Galapagos Brown Pelican) Wetmore, 1945
It's a Party!
Where the pelicans are, usually the gulls are also there, a mixed party you would say.
Sea Gull and Pelican
Pelicans and Sea Gulls
Well, the pelicans are fishers, whereas the gulls often try to steal the fish right out of the pouch of pelicans as the pelicans drain the water from its bill after a dive. Sometimes, the gulls would even perch on the pelican's head or back and reach in for the fish. Before, I simply thought that sea gulls simply love and adore the pelicans for their size, but now, I understand better why it seem the gulls love to party with the pelicans. The pelicans, on the other hand, is not above stealing fish from other sea birds. 
Here are some more pictures of California brown pelicans I took over the years here in San Diego.
I wonder what these pelicans think as they watch the kayakers
Have a happy Friday everyone, and a good weekend ahead.
- Betchai-

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Visit Branson Missouri

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.
- by Tes-
Our friends, the McCaslands, invited us to spend one spring break at Branson Missouri. Excem is my co-teacher. She and I are both kindergarten teachers in the school where am working. Like us, the McCaslands are also from Houston, but they went ahead of us because they were visiting some relatives prior to meeting us. Doods and I, and four other co-teachers drove to Branson and just met with Excem and Scott McCasland who have already gone ahead. The McCaslands regaled of their pleasant stay at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. They liked the ambiance, the cleanliness, the friendly people and the efficiency of the service. The place is reasonably priced and offers a huge choice of amenities to enjoy! It has cool packages that can work well for both big and small party.

We had five days to explore Branson, and we made sure that we use up our time wisely. We checked online to see what are the best tourist attraction in Branson, Missouri.

This Titanic museum in Branson is not like its traveling counterparts. It is a two-story building. This replica is a half-scale to its original size. It is huge, towering at 100 feet above Country Highway 76, and holds 400 rare artifacts in twenty galleries. The building is anchored on water to give it the Titanic-at-sea effect. Even if you missed Titanic's maiden voyage, you can still discover her through this amazing museum in Branson.

Ride the Duck is an awesome QUACK-tastic adventure on land and water aboard an amphibious vehicle, a WWII replica DUKW. The tour combines music with historical accounts. The passengers also get a chance to drive the duck. Tour the Ozarks then cruise the lake for an exciting splashdown adventure!

Table Rock Lake is a man made reservoir, impounded by Table Rock Dam. It is such a beautiful sight. There are several commercial marinas along the lake. Downstream from the Dam, The Missouri Department of Natural Resources operates a fish hatchery, which is used to stock trout in Lake Tnaycomo. It was my first time to see a fish hatcher. Interesting. There were so many people fishing that day, despite the shill in the air.

We had a pleasant time at Branson. Like most places, five days is not enough to see it all. We will definitely be back. Especially now that my sister and her family have moved here in America from the Philippines. We checked out Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and it is just the right place for a big group like us. They have spacious rooms and the place is at the heart of Historic Downtown. Branson, we shall return!