Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hike to Byron Glacier

 Byron Glacier from Portage Lake
On our first full day at Alaska, one of the first places we stopped for sightseeing was Portage Lake. Actually, we did not stay really long at Portage Lake, we simply chose it to be our waiting area while waiting for the Whittier tunnel to open that will bring us to the port of Whittier for our Prince William Sound Glacier Day Cruise
 Excitement at Portage Lake
Across the Portage Lake is the Byron Glacier. At that time, we never had an up close encounter with a glacier yet, and it seemed everyone was excited in seeing valley glaciers hugging the slopes of the mountains bordering Portage Lake.Two days later after our first encounter with Portage Lake, we went back for a hike to Byron Glacier.
Byron Glacier Trail
Now, Byron Glacier is the easiest trail we hiked in Alaska. It is just one mile one way ( 2 miles round trip) with very little elevation gain. If you look at the above picture, you may think my group were stunned with the beauty of Byron Glacier. Hmmmm, actually,some of us were thinking of just staying in the car for they felt like they have hiked and seen enough! Sadly, the day we took this trail, was after our Harding Icefield hike. So, everyone was riding high with the out of this world excitement and "having landed on the moon" feeling with the Harding Icefield and Exit Glacier. Now, maybe, from afar, they shared the question "another glacier?" or it may be, "nothing can beat Harding Icefield!"
Hiking Trail to Byron Glacier
True, hiking Harding Icefield was the best part of our Alaska Trip for me, but then, there was always that desire to explore, to see more. Am glad everyone agreed to give Byron Glacier a chance.
 In just one mile of very easy hiking, we were rewarded by these sights.
who says Alaska is cold? these skiers were in shorts :)
 There were a lot of skiers and sledders who were enjoying the snow field below Byron Glacier.
 Sledding at Byron Glacier
Byron Glacier Up Close
Byron Glacier Trail is a family friendly trail, that anyone can take. I highly recommend this trail for those who can't take strenuous hikes for various reasons. Beauty that can be easily reached, this may not be our best hike in Alaska over-all, but definitely, this is the best in terms of rewards for such a very short and easy hike!

Trailhead: By Portage Lake on the right side of the road ( just pay attention to signs)- we simply navigated our GPS to Byron Glacier and followed the signs on the road to find the parking for trailhead which was very easy to find.

Mileage: 2 miles round trip, minimal elevation gain. 
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  1. Wauw, what a hike, this is something I have to do once. It looks great.


  2. I can't believe that there are flowers, and people in wearing shorts with the snow, and glacier around. I thought it would be freezing!

    Gorgeous photos, Betchai, and amazing adventure!

  3. I love how you are able to wear short sleeves while walking by snow. :-)

  4. The view is breathtaking! I imagine part of the hike involved in stepping into the glacier. Did you need special spiked shoes?

  5. How I wish I can have some activities like that!

    Amazing view too!

  6. Looks like a wonderful adventure, and your photos are just as amazing as ever. You showed us that we have a magnificent world!

  7. The scenery is gorgeous. Alaska is really a beautiful place.


    The producer who produced my documentary is from Philipines. Very nice lady.

    This is so nice. I went to a glacier in NZ.

  9. The glacier melts the heat over here.

  10. I have never been close to a glacier, what an amazing experience you had.

  11. You have a good team exploring the area. I wish I could tackle this kind of hike with my knee still bothering.

    The views are breath taking, and you always pick the right places that are quite challenging to me.

    Shorts in the snow, not sure about that.

  12. love the "excitement" smile Betchai hahaha, gosh I could only be there in my dreams...

  13. that was my initial reaction too... it looks cold but people are in summer clothing haha :-)

  14. Visiting to see more beautiful nature shots...Yours are always unique, with a taste of challenge.

  15. Fascinating hiking route! Breathtaking beauty all the way..

  16. I have never seen a glacier. It's one of the things I would love to do.

  17. The juxtaposition of the pink flowers and the snow is amazing.

  18. how is it that you guys don't look cold? I would be shaking and freezing. :-)

  19. "Beauty that can be easily reached" that means it is a hike for me! so love your joyful contagious smile there Betchai...the pink flowers must have made your heart leap! funny, the snow and the mountains make me think of ice cream haha,