Saturday, February 18, 2017

La Jolla Before the Storm

Before the storm kicked in yesterday, I was able to enjoy the clouds rolling in and the raging waves. Below is a video I made, using the mobile app "Splice".


And here are some pictures from yesterday.....

someone wants to get wet :)
feel the power of the waves
raging waves

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Is Always Wonderful

What I love about taking a walk outside is to see we live in such a wonderful world 

3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Vacation this Fall

The emails and tasks are beginning to pile up and let’s be realistic, most people are converned over their job security and performance unlike ever before. At times we all wonder if we’re expendable and get scared into working longer and harder hours, hoping that we will be rewarded for our valiant effort.

Despite this fear of job security and having “too much to do” we put off going on vacation or having too much fun. However, we should be looking to spend our time more wisely or we will miss out on some important things in life. Obviously we do need to work and we can’t always just pick things up and take off for two weeks, but we need to experience vacation.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Alaska 2016

Some collage I made for a quick share of pictures during our 9 days vacation in Alaska last month.
Bears at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park

some sights from our stay in Valdez, AK
Glaciers and Wildlife in Valdez, AK
Hiking at Lion's Head, Matanuska Valley
Root Glacier Hike, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK ( unguided )

Last 2011, on our first time to Alaska, we did the guided glacier hike on Matanuska Glacier. Our guide did very well in teaching us how to hike safely on ice, that we felt confident that we could do it on our own applying all the safety procedures she shared, and perhaps, be even more conservative. After our first guided hike last 2011, we decided to get some gears for icy hiking, which we also used for winter hiking in the mountains. Our very first unguided glacier hike was in Canada 2014. Then, on this trip, we did several glacier hikes on our own.

What I like most about unguided glacier hiking is that I'm free to go where I want to, I can spend more time for photography, and I'm free to look for features I wanted to see. It may take us more time to look for interesting features, but I believe it adds more to the fun of being able to explore on our own, SAFELY, of course. 

Find a Place to Stay When You Travel

Traveling can be a very expensive thing for many people to do. Therefore, there are people who like to do whatever they can to save money on their trips. This can be done in a wide variety of ways. There are quite a few sites that can help you to get cheap plane tickets. However, lodgings can also cost you a considerable amount when you travel. There are a number of ways you can reduce the amount of money you will spend on where you are going to stay. Here are some things to think about when you are making plans for where you will stay on your trip.

1. Stay at a hostel

A hostel is a popular place for people to stay who are on a very limited travel budget. Young people who are in college will frequently stay in hostels. You will need to carefully consider this option because the conditions in a hostel will not be satisfactory for everyone. It is common for people to have to share a bathroom with complete strangers. Also, security is a concern because many thefts occur in hostels. However, a hostel might be the right choice for you if there is somewhere that you really need to go and you have a very small amount of money.

2. Stay at a person's home

This is also becoming a popular choice for travelers who are on a budget. There are many websites like that connect people who want to rent their rooms with travelers. The prices that the owners charge are usually much less than you would pay to stay for the same number of nights at a regular hotel. This is an option that is worth looking into if you can find a person who has a suitable room for rent in a city that you want to visit. Always remember to ask if meals are included with the price of the room.

3. Book a hotel far in advance

Staying in a hostel or in a stranger's home may not be options that appeal to you. If this is the case, you should book your hotel room many months in advance. Hotels will usually give you a significant discount if you do this. However, the amount of the discount will vary depending on the hotel you choose. Therefore, you should call many hotels.