Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hiking Mt Woodson

Mt Woodson is another local hike in San Diego that is easily accessible, yet hiking its trail feels like an escape from civilization.

It is littered by giant boulder outcrops, and from the summit, one can enjoy the ocean-to-mountain views. Near the summit is the now famous Potato Chip Rock, which is the result of exfoliation and weathering. There are many ways to reach Potato Chip rock or the summit of Mt Woodson. The three different trailheads for this hike is what I will be sharing in this post. source: Afoot and Afield: San Diego County: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide

Best Time to Hike:  During the cooler months, November to May. If hiking in the summer, start early of the day, or choose the cooler days of summer, because most part of the hike is on exposed trail.

Option 1: Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway

Lake Poway from Mt. Woodson Trail

Mileage: approximately 7.2 miles roundtrip
Change in Elevation: 2300 ft gain and loss
Parking: Lake Poway Recreation Area Parking, there is parking fee of $5.00 for non-Poway residents during the peak months April- October.

Three Necessary Travel Stops on the Road of Life

The spirit of adventure captivates every child as they lose themselves in a land of make-believe and imagination. That sense of wonder often fades as we grow up, leaving behind only traces of the adventures we have yet to experience. Practicality and responsibility set in and before we know it, life has become a mundane routine. As adults we believe those childhood adventures are all in the past. But it’s not too late to delve back into the pool of imagination, to embrace the bright possibilities of adventures that await us just around the corner. These three necessary travel stops are just some of the endless opportunities the road of life has to offer.

1. African Safari – Take in the spectacular landscape of the wilds of Tanzania on an African safari. Nothing else embodies the true spirit of adventure like coming upon a pride of lions or a herd of elephants in the African savannah.
2. Alaska – This untamed wilderness has called out to the hearts of many adventurers in its history and continues to do so to this day. Still largely untouched by modern life, the Alaskan wildlife thrives amidst a bold landscape of mountainous terrain and glacial surroundings. 
3. Europe – The cultural diversity that embodies the continent of Europe creates a one-of-a-kind adventure. Attend a bull fight in Spain, ride a gondola through the canals of Venice, or visit the remains of Germany’s Berlin Wall. No two experiences are alike when traveling through the countries of Europe.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Cleetwood Cove Trail, Crater Lake National Park

While we were on our way to Crater Lake National Park, we had been planning to do some activities other than hiking. It is not that we got bored of hiking, but then, we were thinking of doing some water activities instead since we are visiting Crater Lake.
Crater Lake from Cleetwood Cove Trail
We know that most people see the beauty of Crater Lake from the rim only. All the pictures in my previous post about Crater Lake were taken from the rim's vista points and did not need any hiking at all. The first thing we do always whenever we visit a National Park is to stop at Visitor Center and talk to a Park Ranger. Park rangers are very helpful, with positive and cheerful mood, and oftentimes, they share their best kept secret to hike when asked, like our Valley Floor Loop Hike in Yosemite National Park. However, this time around, our question will not be on hiking, but water activities. We asked if we can go kayaking or canoeing at Crater Lake, and the park ranger smiled to us charmingly and answered no, but we can go swimming or fishing on the lake.
Fishing Pole, Crater Lake National Park, OR
( sorry, but I do not know the guy who has the pole, so I just have to take picture of his rod)
He told us that the boat going to Wizard Island starts mid-July so we can not go to Wizard Island either. We can go swimming if we do not mind the cold water. The only legal route to go to the lake shore is by way of Cleetwove Cove Trail, 2 miles round trip, 700 ft descent/ascent on steep slopes. It is the same trail taken by people who wishes to go to Wizard Island ( we would love to take that boat tour to Wizard Island, but it won't be open until July).
Cleetwood Cove Trail, Crater Lake National Park, OR
The picture of the trail above is my only picture of the trail despite I would have loved to take more pictures of the forested trail and the green lichens on the trunks of the trees. It was just so hard for us to take pictures, we could not stop to take pictures at all because the swarm of mosquitoes would cover our entire body. The moment I stopped for a picture, I would see my shirt and pants all black and covered with mosquitoes, my face attacked, so I would instead give up the thought of taking pictures and continue walking. I have a mosquito after bite lotion, but what we needed at that point was insect repellent, which was sitting there in our car. At the top, there was still snow, therefore, we did not see mosquitoes, so, our fault, we went down very excited and so unprepared for mosquito attack. We could turn around and take our repellent instead, but then, we were lazy too, and decided to just keep on. The hike was easy (except for some who are not used to steep slopes, it may be a little bit strenuous), but it became unforgiving because of the swarm of mosquitoes. Our hiking would have been probably more pleasant had we brought with us our insect repellent. When we reached the lake shore, there were fewer mosquitoes, so, we were able to take some pictures. Here are some pictures from the lake shore:
  The cold water felt so good! Even very close to the lake shore, the water was very deep!
Colored Cliffs
A Pose By the Cliffs
( smile, even if there are some mosquitoes, but mosquitoes on the shore are fewer than the trail, it's the forested trail that had lots of mosquitoes
Boats On Shore
Here are some pictures about 100 ft above the lake shore.
Men on Dock
Boat and Reflections on Crater Lake
After this spot, the trail has no more expansive view of the lake and become lined with tall trees and mosquitoes started to attack again, that I had to tell myself no more stopping for pictures! Both the uphill and downhill hike was without any pause for a deep breath at all, otherwise, mosquitoes will cover our entire body. 
Almost nearing the top back to parking lot, saw this little glimpse of the lake in the midst of trees
( despite the mosquitoes and blocked by trees, got to take this picture since this would be my last glimpse of the lake in this mosquito filled trail, and it is also the most sparkling blue I found )
A lesson learned from this hike: don't always forget to bring insect repellent especially if you are in moist areas, for no matter the conditions at the start of the trail, it may suddenly change. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Get Away from it All in Pigeon Valley

When you are looking for a little slice of heaven on earth, there's nothing like Little Valley Mountain Resort. Make the woods and mountains a part of your heart as you invite the great outdoors in. It will be right outside your doorstep with scenic views that will take your breath away. Choose from a host of cabin rentals to find the right fit for you. Whether you are taking a weekend getaway or need an extended vacation, one thing is for certain, you'll contact us for details. Once you've come to Pigeon Valley, you won't every want to come home. You might leave those majestic mountains, but they will never leave you.
The Perfect Retreat Any Time of Year
Enjoy the glory of spring and summer. Watch the foliage explode in colors during the fall. Sit by a cozy fire as the winter snow starts drifting down. Enjoy a woodland cabin perched high on a mountain with the whole family, a group of friends, or for a romantic getaway. You'll enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds you, taking great pleasure in your surroundings. Pigeon Valley is a feast for the eyes. Don't be surprised if you never even leave your cabin. The fresh air, sun, sky, and wilderness will be more than enough to satisfy your soul. One visit won't be enough. As soon as your vacation ends, you will be making plans for your return trip to your cabin in the woods. You are likely to decide to stay longer.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

For a change

For a change, some pictures from my city, sometimes, I do forget this part of our city, for I spend most of my leisure time in the nature part of our city. I am just glad that nature and civilization are not walled off from each other.
 Thus, beach and mountains are not vacation for me, they are my "to go" for relaxing in San Diego.

Repairing Your Own Boat

People who want to repair their own boat need to browse the parts and tools for their boats. These parts come with tools that are made just for boat repair, and there are even repair manuals for these items. The owner of the boat must have everything they need to take care of the repairs before they get started. Also, it is wise for the owner of the boat to collect these items to make sure they can take care of their boat over the course of time.

The parts and tools come together because they match one another. People who are doing certain repairs must own a certain tool to do many of them, and it is better to buy these two things together. Also, it is wise to make sure that the tools and parts are kept together. These things will be easier to use on the boat, and it would be wise to make sure that they are kept on the boat. 
The interior of the boat can also be repaired with the same items that were used to build the boat. The owner of the boat can purchase new items to fix up the interior of their boat, and they can keep the smallest parts on hand to make sure that they will always have a running boat.