Saturday, April 28, 2012

Page, AZ

Top to Bottom, Clockwise: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge
Page is a small, quiet town in northern Arizona which sits atop Manson Mesa and overlooks the dramatic Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, and the surrounding canyons, arches and historical Native ruins.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Revisiting Horseshoe Bend

Just Love to Stretch After A Sandy Hike @ Horseshoe Bend
Photographing Horseshoe Bend with my Cell Phone

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chili's Love Affair: Dreaming of a #CoronaRita Night

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I had a first taste of Chili's three years ago when Ms Tan, our former clinic manager, treated me for lunch on my birthday. Before that, I had this impression that Chili's food are ALL spicy but I was proven wrong. Its name and logo doesn't imply they only serve hot and spicy food. In fact, they serve fresh, hand-prepared salads, mouthwatering burgers, smokey baby back ribs, sizzling fajitas, savory pastas and many more. I had fallen in love with Chili's since then.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Million Dollar Smile

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The other week I had a grand time chasing a yellow butterfly! I found it happily resting on a yellow flower....being the nature devotee that I am I spent time playing with it as it surprisingly cooperated with my cam!

Enjoying National Parks for Free

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
( part of Klamath Region Circle of Parks)
It is always a joy to experience the amazing power and beauty of nature that we know no man can equal. Nature gives so much therapy from stress, it relaxes us physically, emotionally and spiritually. With my very busy and crazy schedule, having to balance both work and studies, I feel very tired at the end of the week, that I look forward to spending my weekend seeking nature. Hiking and spending time with nature always make me feel energized and rejuvenated. Let me say that with hiking and exercising, we get the happy mood and we boost our energy levels. Despite that hiking burns a lot of energy, yet it is an activity that truly rejuvenates not only the spirit and mind, but also the physical body.

Monday, April 23, 2012


post submitted by Zen (kulasa) for The Joys of Simple Life

     I grew up loving Minnie mouse and Donald duck! I had shirts with Minnie and Mickey mouse prints, bags with the same prints, hair clips and ribbons with them smiling widely hanging on my hair. And I loved the tales of princesses and princes! I spent nights listening to mom telling me stories in colorful books with glistening pages. And like any other girl I went to sleep thinking of a palace surrounded by knights and horses and a garden filled with huge roses! Mom had a way of speaking about magic and love and even tragedy in such a fantastic way and there'd always be one word she'd tell me after each story that totally ignited a curiosity in me- DISNEY! One day I will take you to a happy place where even the old feel young......but I will have to go there first...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina at Page

Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina, Page, AZ
The Wahweap Marina is one of the six marinas on Lake Powell, and probably the most visited marina in Lake Powell, being the most strategically accessible. Though most of Lake Powell is in Utah, but two of the most visited marinas, Wahweap and Antelope Point, are in Page, AZ. The marinas in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are more popular for water recreation, but then, the Glen Canyon provides variety of outdoor activities both on land or in water. One thing for sure, there are many hiking opportunities in the area. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Gardening Heaven

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Can you please not wake me up? I am in gardening heaven right now.
Nature's Field of Heaven
In my dreams, there were just wildflowers everywhere, as far as my eyes can see. They beautifully danced with the breeze, sending smiles and happiness around.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Where Our Boat Docked after an exciting travel inside the canyon 
 Best Time of the Day To Visit: Afternoon Boat Tour to avoid facing the harsh sun photographing the Rainbow Bridge ( however, all shots here were facing the sun middle of the day because we did not have a choice :(, only one boat tour that left in the morning).
Our First Glimpse of Rainbow Brdige
To continue from my previous post on Lake Powell Boat Tour, after traveling 50 miles on the waters of Lake Powell from Wahweap Marina in Page, we reached our destination, The Rainbow Bridge National Monument. From where we docked, the hike to Rainbow Bridge National Monument was only 1.5 miles on an easy well maintained trail.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Health Insurance and The Rising Sun

    Sunrise- it never comes the same time each day. The rays of a huge ball of light slowly creeping out of the mountains serenaded by the singing of birds and accentuated by white fluffy clouds and the blue sky with its warm cheery touch quenches a certain longing in me as I keep my eyes open afraid such beauty disappears from my sight if I in so much as shift my gaze for a second.

That Rocks!

Early Morning Light Hitting the Grand Canyon @ South Kaibab Trail, 
Grand Canyon National Park
"That rocks!"- a comment left by my beautiful friend, Jo, when I shared the above photo in my Facebook Photos. Indeed, rocks rock! We all know that rocks give us a window to our geological past. Rock layers offer clues about Earth's conditions when the layers were formed. 
Snaking South Kaibab Trail and Snaking Colorado River That Carved the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River Rocks!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Parting, Parking and Reuniting



      That's my mom smiling widely  with her luggage upon arrival at the Los Angeles International Airport not so long ago.

     Now this is their family photo taken more than fifty years ago.

Lake Powell Boat Tour

Lake Powell
Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River and is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Though most of Lake Powell is in Utah and a very small portion of it is in Arizona, but the major marina is in Page, Arizona.

I Feel Like an Idiot

This guest post from Hong Alexander

I used to think that home alarm systems were unnecessary until my house got broken into a few weeks ago. I felt like such a moron that I passed up this service because I thought my neighborhood was safe. After this experience I came to the conclusion that no neighborhood is safe. Thieves aren’t stupid. Why would they go and steal things in a poor neighborhood when they know they can get much better stuff in a rich one? I only recently realized that we don’t have very many police patrols, so it’s probably pretty easy to get away with things on my side of town. I see the error of my ways now after my home was cleaned out when I was on vacation. The thieves came in our back door and took almost everything. They must have had a moving truck or something to be able to pull that off. I also can’t believe that none of my neighbors saw anything. From here on out the police will be automatically alerted if someone comes into my home and doesn’t know our pass code.

Sea Lion, Herring and Egret

Sea Lion: With eyes closed, savored every taste of food she got. In her mind, she thought, "will I have another one? Shall I hold on to this as long as I can so that the taste stay longer in my mouth? "

Herring: "Please, Ms. Sea Lion, if you gonna swallow me, do it fast! Don't make my agony too long!"

Sea Lion with Herring on Her Mouth
Sea Lion: "Okay, this is torturing me holding on to this food for too long, better get it in now!"

My Dream Lawn

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 What's my dream lawn? 

My Dream Lawn
Nature's lawn....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Desert Escape

Zion Canyon, Zion National Park, UT
It has been almost a week since we escaped civilization, and how we loved our journey to the Wild Wild West. We left San Diego early Saturday morning, March 30, 2012, for a desert get-away to Page, Arizona. The drive to Page from San Diego was 9 hours (without stop), but we divided the long drive by stopping by at Zion National Park.

Can I Bring You Home?

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Pride of Madeira and CA Sea Lavender, Spring 2012
Pride of Madeira...they are so beautiful flowers to me. Each time I see them, I can't help but stop and admire their beauty. The picture above was taken just last weekend. The Pride of Madeira first caught my attention last year when we were chasing wildflowers at Mission Bay. The Pride of Madeira flowers are not wild because they are part of the beautiful landscape at South Shores Park in Mission Bay. Coming out from the parking lot, they were the first flowers I saw, and the beautiful blue was calling me. I was wearing a pink shirt that time, so I did not let the opportunity passed without having a picture with it. Because blue and pink are both special to me. :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Come, Experience Big Sur

SUMMER, FALL, WINTER OR SPRING, there is always time to enjoy the breeze, to embrace the smile of the sunshine, and for some, a time to soak in nature. 
Big Sur Coast, CA

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Galapagos, A Natural Paradise

     It is Saturday, family day...a time to treat myself and my loved ones to fresh fruits and sumptuous sea foods. As always I would take photos of everything I serve before anyone could take a bite.

Summer, Swimming and Safety

"WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I could not help but smile at the sight of my ten year old son having the time of his life on one of our summer adventures. We were invited by a good friend to her hometown somewhere North and busy as I was with work I couldn't say no to a chance to bond with my child and the friends I have not seen for quite some time.