Thursday, October 29, 2015

Moments in Time Trail

Me, Enchanted By The Moss Covered Trees, Moments In Time Trail, Olympic National Park
Moments In Time Trail was not a hike we planned at all, we encountered this trail when we were looking for food. Our day did not really start so well, we left Bellingham raining and foggy, and it was raining still when we got to Port Angeles. When we stopped by at Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles for information on weather and trail conditions at Hurricane Ridge, the park ranger pointed to us the live video at Hurricane Ridge showing zero visibility, snowing and very windy. He advised us it is not the right time to hike up there because of such conditions, unless we are crazy about snow and wind ( we got too much snow already at North Cascades and we were not looking for more snow in the summer!). A little bit disappointed because of the weather conditions, we proceeded to drive West to Forks. Little did we know that Port Angeles would be the last city we will see before reaching Forks, and we were really very hungry. Of course, we have survival foods in the car, such as our hiking bars and nuts, but then, we wanted real foods, hot foods. I grabbed our GPS for foods, and it brought us to Lake Crescent.
Glacially Carved Lake Crescent
The first structure we saw at Lake Crescent was the Olympic National Park Ranger Station. We parked there first and went to the station to talk to the Park Ranger for more information regarding the area. He told us that the only warm foods we can find is at Lake Crescent Lodge which is 0.5 mile from the station. Because the lodge is only half a mile from the station, we decided to just walk instead of driving to there. 
Wildflower Meadow at Park Ranger Station
Our walk from the ranger station to Lake Crescent Lodge was not on a trail but on the side of the road. While walking, we saw the very enchanting moss hanging on the trees, and wondered if there is a trail inside the forest that we can walk instead of walking on the road.
Road Between Lake Crescent Lodge and Park Ranger Station
When we were near the lodge, we saw the "Moments In Time Trail" that is only a 2/3 mile loop. We had lunch first at the lodge, and then on our return back to the ranger station, we took this trail, and walked inside the forest which was a lot safer than walking on the road. 
Inside Moments In Time Trail
Stepping inside "Moments in Time" trail was like stepping back in time and felt so out of this world. Perhaps because it was our first time to walk inside an old growth forest with moss covering the trees. Also,somehow, in my thoughts, the mossy trees kept me singing "Somewhere In Time". I am singing now :) ....somewhere in time, we met on timeless hills, and in the evening mist we kissed and time stood still.......:)
Moments In Time Trail Passing through Lake Crescent Surrounded By Evergreen Covered Mountains
Here are some more pictures from Moments in Time Trail:
Interesting Tree I still Have To Know the Name
Wild Rose
More Moss
Want To Join Me Sitting Here?
Moments In Time Trail is one of those wonderful trails that we met accidentally. Finding Moments In Time Trail is like how I look at life as a wonderful journey, like a hike with ups and downs, passing through crossing trails, some switchbacks, and sometimes, some surprising scenic turns. Moments in Time was such a surprise scenic turn in our journey at Olympic National Park. 

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sulphur Works, Lassen Volcanic National Park

Geothermal Action at Sulphur Works
Unlike Bumpass Hell which can only be seen after a good work-out (hiking), Sulphur Works on the other hand is one of the geothermal feature in Lassen Volcanic National Park that can be seen by visitors right from the road. However, compared to Bumpass Hell, Sulphur Works is very small in area. Though small in area, but it features fumaroles, mudpots, hot steam, boiling water, stinky hydrogen sulfide gas and other geothermal features.