Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hikes from Lake Poway

Fall Colors At Lake Poway
Lake Poway Address: 14644 Lake Poway Rd, Poway, CA
Lake Poway Recreational Park is nestled in the rolling hills of Poway amid a grove of eucalyptus, oaks and chaparrals. The park is not only popular for fishing but it also serves as a central staging area for numerous trails that run in several directions.

Oaks in Autumn

The recreational park serves both Poway and non-Poway residents. However, non-Poway residents such as us, have to pay $5 entrance and parking fee from March- October, at other times of the year, the park is free for everyone. However, there are two free parking options that I know of for non-Poway residents. These are:
     1. Espola Rd at Lake Poway Road ( about 0.5 mile uphill walk to Lake Poway Park, if you will be hiking, what is additional 0.5 mile one way?)

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Trail

     2. Blue Sky Ecological Reserve - this is actually one of the hikes that can be taken from Lake Poway. However, if you wanted to avoid the parking fee, you can park at Blue Sky and instead of hiking from Lake Poway to Blue Sky, you do the reverse, that is, hike from Blue Sky to Lake Poway. Please click to go to my previous post on Blue Sky to Lake Poway hike for more details.
Here are some more trails, in addition to 1. Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, that anyone can take from Lake Poway.
2. Lake Poway Loop Trail - a short 3 mile loop hike around Lake Poway with some steep areas. About 400- 500 feet change in elevation. This trail is popular for trail runners. 
Lake Poway from Lake Poway Trail
 3. Mt. Woodson Summit - this is the most popular trail especially for younger hikers who prefers higher ascent from Lake Poway. It is about 8 miles round trip from Lake Poway with about 2300 ft elevation gain.
 Looking Southwest from Mt. Woodson Summit
 High On Potato Chip Rock, Mt. Woodson
For more details and options hiking Mt. Woodson, you can go to my previous post Hiking Mt. Woodson. The summit of Mt. Woodson can be approached in many ways. Hiking Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway is one of the options. 
4. Double Lakes Hike, Lake Poway to Lake Ramona.
 Lake Ramona
Lake Ramona from Lake Poway is about 4 mile hike round trip, with total change in elevation of about 700 ft. Another trail that leads to Lake Ramona is the trail from Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

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  1. The water is so calm on the lake and almost like glass. Oh no, you're on the edge of Potato Chip Rock again. It's making me nervous just like it did when you posted about it before. :D

  2. I love the potato chip rock! Sarap gawing postcards ng pics :)

  3. You've seen so many beautiful places, Betchai, and took such gorgeous photos to show us. I'm always at amazed to see them!

    The potato chip rock is fantastic, but with you sitting on top, my heart leaps with fear.

  4. You do not need to travel far to enjoy the foliage! What a great day for a hike to see the blue waters.

    The Potato Chip rock is quite a scare for me.

  5. aahhhh this just left me breathless as always Betchai! Take me to potato chip rock! hahahaha, but I guess I will have to start gathering all the courage I have to be able to stand there hahaha, love all the photos...so colorful and joyful beyond compare...love yah!

  6. The oak trees and lake are gorgeous, such a beautiful place to hike. Potato chip rock looks amazing and a bit scary. :)

  7. Is this an easy hike? Please bring me here :-)

  8. This is Rosemarie, Beth. Pls take me there too :-) when is the best time to visit next year?

  9. You have such beautiful scenery in California. We have beautiful scenery here on the east coast, but it is very different.

  10. Betchai I love the collages of pictures. They are lovely. Where do you get time to visit all these places. I am so jealous.

  11. Nature is so beautiful. Great pictures.


  12. Wow- that potato chip looks a bit scary from the side! From that angle you can see how thin it is.

  13. Yes, you are on the edge of Potato Chip Rock again.

    Don't dance, don't jump on top of it.

    You make my heart pumping too fast!!

  14. Okay, first I have to say you on that potato chip rock scares the heck out of me. My God you are a daredevil.

    Your photos as always are just so beautiful and inspiring.

    Now get off of that rock! :D

  15. The third photo looks like a trail SO and I take around here. The trees are so huge and it act like a canopy over our hikes.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful - YOU and the scenery. I always get so anxious when I see you on Potato Chip Rock...I am so terrified of open heights. I cannot believe I've been parasailing and up in a hot air balloon!

  17. i wish to become like you ms betchai haha... this is indeed the joys of simple life... thanks for inspiring.