Sunday, May 08, 2011

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve to Lake Poway

Matilija Poppies, Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, San Diego County, 5/8/2011
Blue Sky Ecological Reserve- Lake Poway hike:
Mileage: about 6 miles round trip
Change in elevation: approximately 500 ft
Difficulty: Blue Sky is leisurely, mostly flat for about 1.5 miles. At Lake Poway, there is about 500 ft climb uphill, but the slope is gentle. Over-all, the hike is easy.
Parking: is free at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, $5 entrance fee at Lake Poway. That is why we park at Blue Sky to enjoy one of the best things in life, which is free! :)
Directions: From I-15, exit Rancho Bernardo Rd, go East on Rancho Bernardo Rd, which will soon change to Espola Rd. Blue Sky is on the left side of the road, before you hit Lake Poway!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day Weekend. We did. Today's pictures were taken from our hike at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve and Lake Poway. Because of Lakers game, which sadly they were swept by Dallas, we decided to just take this easy hike over gentler slopes.What a joy it was to be treated by nature's bouquet on Mother's Day. We saw several men and some teenage kids with wildflowers bouquet, I am thinking they will give it to their special moms. Also, saw several families who spent Mother's Day hiking in the trail and then picnicking in the campground.  
Nature's Bouquet, Penstemon, for Mother's Day
Usually, wildflowers appear in this trail in great numbers. More than 100 kinds of wildflowers have been identified in a single year. However, this year, unlike my Hunt for Wildflowers at Blue Sky post last year, the wildflower display is not as diverse and not as grand, but still beautiful and inspiring. Here are more pictures from our Mother's Day hike today:
Golden Yarrows Lining The trail
Golden Yarrows Up Close
Matilija Poppy Up Close
California Poppy
Coast Live Oaks 
( the tall greens on the side are some wild roses and hooker's primrose which have not yet bloomed, they usually bloom by June/July)
And before you think it's all about wildflowers today, this place actually has a lot of birds around. We saw this  one perched on top of a dead bush
and this one, which I suspect a vulture, soaring up so high in the sky.
And of course, there were many hummingbirds and other birds, but sadly, I have no proof that I saw them :) got too impatient to wait for that perfect timing to shoot pictures, because the blue sky turned into gray, and then drizzles poured down from the sky.
When we left, there was no longer trace of blue sky but just gray and some showers. Nevertheless, still enjoyed the very relaxing hike today. 
Again, hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. 
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  1. While there may have been fewer flowers, they were still beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  2. i really love flowers and the one you've got here is just breath taking... keep sharing love it..

  3. So beautiful, Betchai! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

  4. What a beautiful way to spend Mother's Day, betchai. I've been a lover of those Matilija poppies since I first saw them about a year ago. They are so incredible, giant sized, with their while petals, all crinkly and blowing in the breeze!

    That Blue Sky Ecological Reserve looks like it is well worth a visit, both for flowers and birds and a pleasant hike.

    Pretty sad about the Lakers!!

  5. Being out with nature always makes me feel beautiful in and out...I think it's because of the beauty around us. Thanks betchai for your mother's day greeting to me.

  6. A vulture with its wings wide spread is very beautiful.

  7. My kind of hike, slow and easy! Just love those matilija poppy. I only saw them at the Butterfly Pavilion and Santa Barbara Metrolink Station.

    San Diego has the best vegetation and wildlife!

  8. Looking for wildflowers is fun, almost like treasure hunting. Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

  9. I am just happy that spring is here and I can get out a lot and run. Though the temp can still dip to freezing point it's ok if the sun is out. Now I can enjoy the flowers and the birds.

  10. That purple and blue flowers are a delight to see. Your post is always taking to a place where I haven't gone before..

  11. Miss Beth, I envy the power of your lens with those bird shots... :)

    I also like those violet bells. Those yellow balls were so full of sun... :)

    I wish I could also tread on a path or hillside full of different flowers. It would surely be a feast day for me...

    Oh, I remember walking through a field of roses in Balamban, Cebu. However, the blooms were just harvested and we were walking downhill on a very steep slope... One misstep would send one rolling on a literal bed of roses - with thorns and all, except the flowers...

  12. Betchai I love the yellow flowers, they are so bright and warm. We had a wonderful Mother's Day as well.

  13. White poppies! Who knew? The flowers are so completely different in the west from the east.

  14. Betchai, your photos are always so magnificent. Those Matilija poppies are beautiful. Their petals are like crumpled paper. And, of course I love that bird perched on the dead bush. He is adorable.

  15. Beautiful photos! Love the flowers and the birds too! : )

  16. That is just such a beautiful it and I love how you capture the beauty of it.

  17. Your travel and adventure brought back so much beauty to share.

    Gorgeous photos..

  18. Lovely blooms :)

  19. All I can say is don't stop taking me on these wonderful hikes, for now, this is how I get my hiking fixes. I bet you guys are in great shape!

  20. wow, you must have had such a beautiful day there Betchai! i need not mention which flower i love most:) and i love Khai's photos walking with that blue yah!...i had a great mother's day with the kiddos...i have yet to make a post on that...mwah!

  21. I have a flowerbed that wraps around the majority of my house. We plan to plant it full of flowers in a few weeks. We are curious to know what type of nice purple and/or yellow flowers would thrive in Kentucky.Any ideas on what type of yellow and/or purple flowers would be nice to fill a flowerbed with in Kentucky? Thanks