Monday, October 10, 2011

San Diego Zoo's Safari Park


In my last post about San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, I shared up close pictures of animal's Faces.
Mom and Baby Gorilla

In this post, I will be sharing to you why I love visiting the Safari Park, through these mostly landscape pictures of the park.
I love going to this park, again and again, because I love observing the animals in a naturalistic setting. Right now, going to Africa for an African Safari is still a dream for me. While I am dreaming about that, my reality is walking around San Diego Safari Park.

Whenever I walk around the Safari Park, I feel like I am transported to Africa.
where African elephants ran freely,
giraffes, antelopes, rhinos roam around freely in the vast open air exhibit.
Where some visitors are having fun time riding safari carts ( I haven't been in a safari cart, since I somehow feel like it is too expensive when I can just walk or take the members' free tram, and therefore, I just see the animals from afar).
When I get tired of walking, I can take the members' free tram to see more  of what is deep inside where I won't be able to see if I simply walk.
 Lions seem to be free ( though lions have a separate open air exhibit for the safety of the other park animals.
 Rhinos have several hectares to roam freely and mingle with the other animals such as giraffes and antelopes.
 Mom elephant has a vast field to train her baby to be independent. The baby elephant in the picture below is just 2 weeks old, born last September 26, 2011.
Baby elephants play!
Cheetahs are as gracious and elegant as they can be. (they yellow in the background is the tram).
People can watch cheetah run at full speed! Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on Earth running up to 70 miles per hour.
Meerkats form a gang.
 Where the trails change from pines,
 to spines.
 Where walking in the midst of flower lined trails,
 hummingbirds would come fluttering greeting visitors a very beautiful day!
Where it is hard to tell whether the animals are wild or captive, local or African, since a lot of local wildlife such as these hummingbirds had made this place their home as well.

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  1. It is hard to tell whether they are local or African, because they are global.

  2. So many animals to observe and photograph. If you didn't tell me this is San Diego, I would have thought you went on an African safari. I can see why you keep going back.

  3. These pictures made me feel like I'm taking an African safari, Betchai. They do have lot of land to roam.

    Fantastic shots!

  4. It is really amazing how good the living areas for these animals are. I really like the San Diego Zoo for that.


  5. Betchai, it is so wonderful to see the wide open spaces for them, unlike regular zoos that are so cramped. The pictures make me ant to come out there. Love the Mom and baby gorilla and those lion shots, amazing.

  6. Awesome, it want to experience this safari park. the last time I had was in Thailand and I did have a great time.

  7. wow, what lovely photos of our animal friends wonderwoman! super love them all...the first and the last photos make me smile with so much delight...but all of them photos in one post...simply awesome as always..

  8. This is a very sweet and loving shot of mama and baby. I've been here maybe twice, and I want to go back again. A mini African safari at a lowest cost.

    Nice shots Bets!

  9. I love your animal photos! Meerkats are my favorites.

  10. Awesome pics! This place looks amazing so natural won't believe its park.Thanks for sharing the pics and information.

  11. Amazing pics! This is really an interesting place to visit, thanks for sharing about this place.