Monday, April 18, 2011

Mission Bay Wildflowers

Sea Lavender and Field of Tidy Tips, Mission Bay
I am taking a break from my Nevada posts where we spent our spring break 2 weeks ago, instead, I will be more present in this post. I will be sharing here pictures from our relaxing walk today at Mission Bay close to Sea World Drive.
tidy tips lining the shore of Mission Bay (this is near Fiesta Island), with the Sea World Tower in the background
Though this is not a year of great wildflower display for Southern California, nevertheless, some areas in San Diego still awakened this spring and exploded with wildflowers. One of these areas with decent wildflowers display is East Mission Bay close to Sea World Drive. 
Wildflower Lined Trail
Here are some more pictures from our walk today.
it's a joy to see and hear birds singing on these tiny branches amongst the wildflowers
enjoying the field of tidy tips and coreopsis
sea lavender amongst yellow coreopsis

a closer look at tidy tips
If you want to compare my pictures from last year's spring here at Mission Bay, you can go to my last year's post here

How to get here? This area is in East Mission Bay right next to Sea World Drive. There are a lot of parking at Fiesta Island, or South Shores Park. From I-5, exit Sea World Drive, go West and you will see these field of wildflowers. 

Hope everybody is having a good weekend. 
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  1. wow! what a lovely walk you had Beth! i would love to hike in a trail beautifully lined by breathtaking wildflowers! and gosh, those birds are a great bonus!

    btw, heard fr Angels you are on FB fasting too. geeeeee, i'm having a blast here instead! i didn't even open FB in my iphone today and i'm planning to resist the temptation until next Sunday. i am doing good so far, haha!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a blessed Holy Week ahead. :)

  2. There is sea lavender? I love the hummingbird. It is so gorgeous. :D

  3. Love the birds and the flowers! So beautiful! Would love to take a walk there too! : )

  4. wow..fantastic shot man. Love the birds especially the first one..
    Cheers.. :)

  5. Oh Betchai, beautiful fields of flowers. You have so many places to see the wonders of this world.

  6. I love the wildflowers, Betchai, and the birds sprinkled in don't hurt either. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. Both the flowers and birds are colourful!!

  8. here yah go. i was waiting for this kind of post from you since winter. hahaha. how are you doing?

    i freaked out when i cannot find you in my fb friends list anymore. I thought you un-friended me already. but thanks for dropping by my blog and telling me you reasons. i really appreciate it.

    i sent you text message on your phone today too. didn't know if you got it or you also cut your phone's service? that will be too cruel. don't be hard on yourself. you will finish your work in time and everything will be back to normal.

    miss you girl. take it easy.

  9. Wow! Love the tidy tips- they look like some kind of daisy. With the white, they look creamy!

  10. hi Beth! thank u so much for buzzing me about deleting your FB account. i am tempted to inform the rest of TSS sisters but i have not opened FB in 3 days now (YEY,I'M LOVING IT!) and i am too lazy to email.
    i am in full support of your "mission" and i wish you well... your struggles are always in my prayers, i have strong faith in HIM so as in YOU that YOU CAN DO IT!
    i have learned a lot from you, now i enjoy blogging more than FB. i have been reposting my old posts and linked it to some blog memes, that way i am attracting more page reviews. i have not been returning comments too exept when i know the blogger so well or i have established connection with them (heehee, learned that fr u too). i also try my best to post quality posts once in a while. :)
    yep, the friendship definitely goes beyond FB! cheers! ;)

  11. Hi Bets, I am glad you are focused on your goals now. FB is very addicting and I was never a fan. I go there once in a while only to post photos.

    Anyway, I can't believe myself I did 3 hikes in one day with a total of 8 miles. Though I have set my limits in the hikes, cause I know when my body tells me to stop.

    I missed the Poppy photoshoot and my group is going to Carlsbad this Saturday. Maybe I can hike together with you to Mission Bay. I will call you tomorrow.

    You are making me jealous of your flowers. They are so abundant.

  12. hi there Betchai!!!! i am certainly going to miss you terribly on FB....but as you said..friendship goes beyond...and i am surely going to stay as one of your super friends no matter what...the photos here are my mind i keep joining you in your walks...i love yah my wonderful friend!:)

  13. We are getting married in July and it's going to be a simple country wedding in a local park, with the reception at my parents house.. I would like to put wildflowers in vases on the tables for centerpieces do you think they will look okay or will they wilt? Thanks!

  14. How very beautiful! Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

  15. So many beautiful wildflowers. Your pictures have more than I have ever seen myself.

  16. Your photos are just out of this world. Gorgeous, gorgeous...

    About Facebook, I've also wanted to just deactivated my account too. It has blown out of proportion for me..

  17. quite a coincidence, i took up maths in edu too a year before Benghui was born

  18. I don't really like yellow but I think your pics changed that;)

    btw, I have the same sentiment about fb.

  19. Visiting your blog always brings me back to the simple life of nature and peace. I like hearing that you are spending more time on your blog, because I get o see you more often hehe. I don't go on FB because of the same reasons you described, even more because I think it is less personal. Yes, funny, when I comment on a post, I actually feel more connected with the blogger than posting one sentence on FB. :-)