Thursday, April 07, 2011

Essential Winter Safety Tips All Drivers Should Read

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

It is very important that drivers of automobiles prepare for winter driving. They should make sure that their vehicle is in good condition to maneuver on icy roads safely. They should make sure that their tires are in a good state and should get the required maintenance work performed before the winter weather comes. It is a great idea to have a prepaid or low cost cell phone that remains in the vehicle at all time. A prepaid cell phone may be a good idea because those types of phones do not require a monthly service plan. Having a cell phone in the vehicle when it is cold outside can be of great help in case a driver is in an accident, stuck in slow moving traffic, or has a vehicle that has broken down by the side! of the road. Drivers should also keep a warm blanket, a few bottles of water, and possibly some long lasting food items in their vehicles. Keeping a vehicle's fuel level high during the winter may not seem very important, but it can make a difference if a driver is stuck in traffic for a long time or if their vehicle becomes disabled in cold weather conditions. Due to the fact that it can take much longer for drivers to get where they need to go in the winter time, it is also Important that they set their home alarms from ALLHOMESECURITY before leaving their homes.
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  1. Home security is a must these days since it's so scary all around.

  2. I am transferring to a college in Montana from San Diego, CA this winter. I am worried about taking a U-Haul in the snow up the mountains. This will be my first time moving by myself (20 y/o) and have no experience driving in the snow. Hopfully you can provide suggestions on driving up/down mountains and in the snow in general. Thanks.