Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slowing Down To Smell the Wildflowers and Feel the Coolness of The Breeze

Happy Easter Everyone!!! Wish you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!!
My Cousin and I, San Diego River Gorge Trail
This Easter weekend, we were joined by my cousin from Los Angeles, CA. It is great to slow down sometimes to spend time with family, and I thank my cousin for slowing down (literally) this weekend for us :) What I meant by literal slowing down is that my cousin runs full marathon ( 26+ miles) whenever she has chance, trains or runs on Sundays, and do hiking in Los Angeles area on Saturdays! But whenever she gets a chance, she also visits us. If she is with us, we explore our wonderful world in a slower pace for her. Here are some of the fun things we did together this weekend: (all pictures here are taken by my cousin if I am in the picture; by me, if it is my cousin in the picture; and by my hubby, if both I and my cousin are in the picture).

1) We went for a hike at Torrey Pines to Del Mar to smell the heavenly scent of the sea lavender and tidy tips, the two most abundant wildflowers populating the coastal bluffs.
Trail Filled With Sea Lavender 
More Sea Lavender 
Mix of Sea Lavender, Tidy Tips and Coreopsis
2) From Torrey Pines, we went to Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall, but then, we could not find parking, so we abandoned our shopping plans for more smelling of wildflowers! We drove back to San Diego and went to Mission Bay. At Mission Bay, we took a very relaxing walk this time, simply to enjoy photoshooting with the wildflowers. 
My Fave Shot of My Cousin
My Fave Shot of Me Taken by My Cousin
Drowned in a Sea of Sunny Flowers, Coreopsis and Tidy Tips
I am 5'6.5", so, you can tell how tall are some of these wildflowers
I Am Showing The Trail here before you may think we stepped on the wildflowers. Thankfully the trail curves so we can create an illusion sometimes that we were in the setting of the Wizard of Oz  :)
My Cousin Directed Me in This Jump :)
3) After Mission Bay, we had halo-halo at Chowking, and then, I made "bangus sinigang and paksiw na bangus with ampalaya and talong" at home. 

After dinner, we attended the Easter Vigil Mass. 

We went to San Diego River Gorge Trailhead at San Diego Country Estates at Ramona, to hike to Cedar Creek Falls. Here are some of our photos.
Stopping for Photo :), San Diego River Gorge Trail
Field of Purple Lupines we saw after the first stream crossing
Who Can't Resist the Call of these wild lupines?
Together @ Cedar Creek Falls
(for more of San Diego River Gorge Trail to Cedar Creek Falls, please go to my site here.)
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  1. Flower season is always great.

  2. What a joy to see these two ladies amidst the flowers! I missed the opportunity to meet up with you, Bets. I wish I felt better.

    San Diego did not miss the wildflower season, still lots of blooms. We took 78 on the way home and skip I-5 and we still saw lots of wildflowers along the sides of the road.


  3. your two fave shots are my fave too but hmmmmn, i liked that pic where you mentioned your height a LOT! glad your cousin had time to slow down with you. Happy Easter! :)

  4. What a Happy Easter with your cousin. The place is so relaxing, Perfect for a family bonding. Wish I could do that too!

  5. My goodness, I could imagine standing in the middle of those wild flowers and just "breathe in", Betchai.

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  6. War....if only we have so much flowers to admire or at least to smell here in Malaysia. :D

  7. You got a beautiful environment with colorful flowers. What a wonderful life. Enjoy.. :)

  8. Hiking through so many wildflowers must be great. I've only ever seen them in much smaller amounts outside your blog.

  9. All those beautiful flowers make my head spin, spin with thoughts of painting. Spring is so wonderful.

  10. Betchai, wow those wildflowers are tall but how cool to get lost in them. Love that gorgeous sea lavender as well. What a great time you had and that's what it's all about.

  11. Full marathon is my dream!!

    and the flowers are so beautiful.

  12. This is the best Family bonding I ever saw. You all look great and happy. Love the place!

  13. wowww, it looks just amazing! i think i can smell the flowers by looking at your pics:-))) greetings from tulipland!

  14. wow! i love this post so much Betchai! enjoyed sharing your joy with your cousin...i really wanted to ask you how tall you are...i think i must have asked in the past but forgot hehehehe, those wildflowers are really tall then...i like your cousin! she seems so jolly..that photo of her totally rocks:) and wash she the one who also directed your new year jumping shot? i love that photo of you in pink blouse with the flowers so much! and you walking with your the way what is her name? love yah!

  15. Happy Easter Betchai~ I love the pictures of you and your cousin. My cousins all live in NY and I do not get to see them very often at all. You are lucky she is at least close for you to visit.

  16. that is a pretty nice place, wish we could go there sometime

  17. Love the flowers!! And although a bit late here, Happy Easter! : )

  18. Your pictures are like things out of a magazine and sights I only dream of seeing! Thank you for sharing with me! Will check out your new blog! Cannot waity:)

  19. What fun! I love all the wildflowers especially the smell of lavender fragrance. You were literally surrounded by flowers!

  20. the jumps are so unbelievable. Looks like a lot of fun, and so nice to see the flowers!

  21. I'm always at amazed at how beautiful California is..So many places to discover, and your travel and photos bring them to heart.

  22. Beth, I can't get enough of those riotous wild flowers, and those two beautiful hikers! Hahaha! What a paradise! You are so fortunate to be able to live in such a heavenly place! The girls were thrilled when I showed them all those photos of wild flowers and told them its in SD where we visited Tita Beth! :) Wish we have something like those around here, Beth! :)