Monday, April 18, 2011

Friendship That Goes Beyond.........

Pondering @ Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Breathe in.......the joys of simple life.....breathe out.....the struggles and pain.....and recently, I just breathed out Facebook. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Facebook, only that I realized lately that Facebook is way taking so much of my time and with my very little self-discipline, I end up wasting so much time there. I need to focus to not lose the 2 years of hard work I put on my education program, to become a full pledged single subject Math teacher. I have finally come to terms with the fact that FB is not for someone like me who has to take the word self-discipline literally.  Literal self-discipline means, cutting it out from my system, otherwise, I will end up not having a life outside of FB and may even fail my education. Now, happily, I can say  I am catching up quick with my requirements, and for 3 days, had been enjoying life stress-free the way it was before, just enjoying the joys of simple life. Who knows? I may get back to FB, but not at this time, for I need to focus on my educational goals. God willing, I hope to not fail my dreams of helping more kids love Math ( it's very difficult since a lot of high school kids come to high school already HATING Math), and empower them to have more opportunities in life. One day at a time, I will move strongly closer to my goal, and I hope for those who were in my FB friends list before will understand why I am no longer there. It's not because I unfriended anyone, but it is because I deleted my account there. Because I believe that true friendship goes beyond Facebook. I am keeping this site despite I struggle with my schedules, because this is where my home is online. I am glad for the friendship and support most of you offer, I truly appreciate it. Maybe one day, I may see you again in FB when I no longer struggle with my time, when I no longer have to work on my self-discipline, but for now, this is where I continue to share my joys of simple life.

With much appreciation for your continued support through the years,

PS....I would like to apologize that I am closing this post for comments, all my other posts though are open for comments.
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