Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Picture of the Wild Wild West?

Monument Valley, Utah
Monument Valley was one of the places we visited in our Grand Circle Spring 2009 trip. We did not really stay here, instead, we just explored the area for maybe about 4 hours. From Page, AZ, ( where we had a grand time exploring the slot canyon in Antelope Canyon ) we drove North to Moab for Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Between Page and Moab, is Monument Valley. How amazing it is to be able to see different landscape sceneries, all beautiful in their own right in just short distances. I really recommend taking the Grand Circle tour for those who have not tried it yet. The Grand Circle includes Grand Canyon National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National ParkCanyonlands National Park, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell, and many more attractions! Just many more! We did the Grand Circle twice already, yet we still have not visited all its amazing parks and attractions. I have featured some of them already in my earlier posts ( you can check the links that will bring you to my earlier posts if you want to take a glimpse of the places). When we came back from our spring vacation trip, I did not really get the chance to feature all the places since I got distracted with all the amazing wildflower blooms in San Diego, which sadly, spring ended, I also was not able to feature all the wildflower fields even :( Then, summer vacation came, and I had too many pictures to share from our 9 days summer trip to Klamath Circle of Parks. I have not also shared all the places yet that we visited from that trip. Too many places, too many pictures, that a lot of the times, like Ratty, of The Everyday Adventurer, Icy, of Reach Beyond Limits, and Ayie, of JIF Photo Journal, what takes me long to make a post is to select which pictures to share first :( So, now, I thought of going a little back from our last spring vacation. 
Three Mittens, Monument Valley
Perhaps, the place may look familiar to most because Monument Valley has been a popular location for a Wild Wild West and science fiction theme. Movies such as Back to the Future III and TV appearances such as McGyver had used this place for location.
There are parts of Monument Valley (the beautiful ones you often see in pictures such as National Geographic) that are accessible only by guided tour, but we did not take the guided tour since we find it expensive, and there are other places we still have to explore which are free. Instead, we just pay the entrance fee and did our own tour which is a total 17 miles loop drive, passing through different formations.
Three Sisters, Monument Valley
Monument Valley
For more information on Monument Valley, please click here.
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  1. ito ang mga tanawing kinasisiyahan ko dahil ramdam na ramdam ko ang kaluwagan ng aking pag-iisip. dahil lumaki ako sa ganitong kapaligiran, nanariwa tuloy sa akin ang aking kabataang punong-puno ng kasiglahan.

  2. ang gaganda nga po, manoy doro, ang swerte naman ni betchai, anpuntahna niya lahatnang ito...ako naman, lumaki malapit sa dagat at sa mga's a whole new experience..thank you, beth and manoy doro!

  3. Amazing!I think I've seen these landscapes in the cartoon movie "Cars." Have you seen that flick?I'm not sure if this place was the landscape "model" for that animation but it sure looks pretty much the same.It's like nature wonderfully sculptured.

  4. Hi Betchai, I am so curious about the Grand Circle Tour. Is that run by private tour group? I have been to the Grand Canyon so many times, kung may mga bisita, dalhin ko doon. There is a company here that offers a cheap tour to Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu, and Las Vegas.
    Your photos are so inviting...I have enjoyed it very much!

  5. I love the stark beauty of these shots.


  6. How majestic these landscape show through your beautiful photos, betchai!

  7. Beautiful vibrant colors! Hard to believe I live in Arizona and have not visited any of those places yet. If I ever do travel there I'll take your advice and do the Grand Circle tour.

  8. Hi Betchai, sorry if i wasn't able to visit your blog for the last couple of days. I can see that i missed a lot hehehe. I'll surely check your older posts for more beautiful places and photos.

    I swear I saw this place on a movie before. Stunning photos!

  9. Thanks for getting to me so fast. If you don't mind, I would love to take a peek of your itinerary. This fall we are already scheduled to go back to the Eastern Sierras, especially Lee Vining. Maybe the grand circle would be good for the Spring. I am trying to get fit for the next trip, doing some swimming in the afternoons. The highest peak we've been to is Mammoth Mountain and hehehe we cheated, we took the gondola!
    Thanks again.

  10. I'm a special mention!! yeeey! Thanks...yes it's very hard to choose from hundreds of photos. Even a single object for photoshoot can make me produce about 2 digit numbers of all angles possible! hahaha

    th rock formation is very nice. Wow, I watched mcgyver when I was a grandma likes it so I ended up watching too. So that's one of the shoot sopt for the show.

  11. hey come on over to my jif pj...i want to show you something, so confused =(

  12. That place looks hot. Is it hot?

  13. I'm glad you are going back for some of these. These are beautiful photos, and I really like seeing them. Places like this need to be shared, but it's still not as good as being there. I always wish there was a way to share the entire experience of a good adventure.

  14. Sounds like you had fun. What beautiful pictures you've got here.

  15. I too would probably not do the group tour, unless I felt uncomfortable, or unsafe. It is a stunning landscape, even in browns.

  16. wow, that's lovely... I love a drastic landscape like this. Feels like in the other planet!
    I almost can feel the heat and the driness here :-)

  17. It really surprises me how many people visited the Grand Canyon area this year. We really enjoy our vacation there..It must be the Number one place this year to visit!
    Your photos are very nice.

  18. All you need here are cowboys and horses riding on the dusty road. Awesome trip betchai!

  19. Now I have the song Wild Wild West from the motion picture Wild Wild West stuck in my head. Awesome pictures, though!

  20. wild wild west indeed! reminds me of the speedy gonzales cartoon...and where's the coyote?


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