Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lower Antelope Canyon

The awe inspiring Antelope Canyon is actually two separate canyons, the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon, both located in Page, Arizona.

The following were the factors we considered when we were making a choice as to which canyon we visit:
Upper Antelope Canyon- crowded, hard to take in the curves and contours of the canyon to ourselves. Needs reservation to tour this place.
Lower Antelope Canyon - uncrowded ( maybe twenty times less popular), does not need reservation to tour this place.

2. COST:
Upper Antelope Canyon - $35/person for a limited 50 minutes tour of Upper Antelope Canyon (1.5 hour includes pick-up and drop-off), $46 per person at primetime (11:30- very crowded). Price is $80/person for a photography tour which is for about 2 hours inside the canyon.
Lower Antelope Canyon - $26/person either with a tour or independent with photographers pass, for 2 hours inside the canyon. :)

Since we preferred a more silent and challenging walk, we decided to explore Lower Antelope Canyon instead, where we would have greater chance of savoring the interesting sweeps and the magical curves of the rocks all to ourselves. For lesser price, we can spend longer time at Lower Antelope.

Here is a little bit summary of our Lower Antelope experience:

On our way to Page from Grand Canyon, I called Ken's Tours of Lower Antelope Canyon telling them we are coming from Grand Canyon and we needed their address, and I was told, "we do not have an address ma'am, but you will find us 6 miles East of Page, you take 98 East." I was like, "huh? I hope we found you". Thankfully, our GPS helped us get to Lower Antelope Canyon parking without any problem, I simply entered "Lower Antelope Canyon".

Guide Showing Us the Entrance to Lower Antelope Canyon

We requested for an independent tour, so the guide only showed us to the trailhead. When he welcomed us to the entrance, I had to ask, "Is this it?" And he replied, "yes, this is where you will enter."

Entering Antelope Canyon
From above, Lower Antelope Canyon is just but a crack in the ground. The excitement and joy started to take over on the first sight of what is below the ground.

After the First Steel Rung Staircase Landing

Notice in the picture above, that after the first landing, there is another staircase.

More Staircase After the First Landing
Even with the installation of stairways, the walk at Lower Antelope Canyon poses more difficulty than the walk at Upper Antelope Canyon. The walk at Lower Antelope Canyon is longer, narrower, and there were few spots were there was hardly any footing.

Maneuvering Lower Antelope Canyon

Thankfully, these areas which hardly had any footing were not that long, therefore, they actually added more fun and adventure to the walk. But there are some parts of the trails too which were wide enough

Wider Passageway
and there are several canyon rooms also which gives us greater space to stop and to take in all the dancing motion of these swaying curves lit by the afternoon sun.

Wider Room at Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon we believe still goes a long way, but at the end of the trail, they decided not to install a staircase anymore, thus, it is only possible to explore that area with some rock climbing and toproping skills. At the end of the trail, the climb out requires taking several flights of stairs. However, the child in us decided to go back the same route we entered so that we can enjoy the canyon once again and entertain the child in us.

Me, Practising my Modeling Skills :) @ Lower Antelope Canyon

For the most part we were inside Lower Antelope Canyon, we felt like we had the canyon all to ourselves. There were other tourists of course, but the canyon is long enough for us to spread apart and have our small private spaces. Occasionally, we bumped into each other, or we had to stop because someone was taking a picture or was composing a picture, but for the most part, our time at the canyon was with our much desired isolation. Lovely.

For the length of time we stayed at Lower Antelope Canyon, I do not know how much more would it cost us at Upper Antelope Canyon, if it is even possible.

For more information on Antelope Canyon, please visit this site

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  1. The artwork by the Nature is so amasing. Thanks for taking me around.
    Have not seen something similar in the other side of the globe.

  2. this is amazing place! living in caraga was wonderful but here is different and unique place the way i see it in the pictures. i thought of myself living to other planet.

    your pictures also beautifully captured the canyon.

  3. Congrats on the move.. I didn't realize that you had switched over to Blogger, but I think this will work out well for you... Google does a good job of integrating all of their various services.
    Fantastic post and pictures.. the guides could use this to sell their tours! Still fascinating even though I've been there.

  4. What a fascinating place, and through your words and photos, I feel as though I was there!

    Great pictures as always!

  5. I love that place. Never been there, but maybe one day I will get to. It seems so spiritual.

  6. It's an amazing place. I didn't realize that anyone could go for such a small fee. I've only seen pix by professional photographers. Thanks for all the great info and proof that mere mortals can get some great shots!

  7. These are like caves without the feeling of being trapped. I love caves, but I just can't go into them. These would be easy. You give me an appreciation for places other than forests.

  8. A stunning landscape that I've always wanted to see in person. Maybe someday but until than I've got a bit closer with your tour.

  9. This group of pictures are by far my favorite of all the ones I have seen on any of your blogs. I just think they are stunning, and beautiful, amazing even.

  10. I have been there, did you get a chance to go to ZIONS

  11. We are going there in June. We have a 2 year old son :( hopefully it will be good. The plan is to drive down from SLC to Bryce to Zion to GC North to Page to Arches to SLC.

  12. Wow fantastic photos. Nature it seems has done a great job creating them beautiful canyons

  13. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them.

  14. Lovely photos. What a beautiful place.

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  16. Great photos! I hope I can visit this Canyon someday.:)

  17. simply amazing! a place i never knew about its existence until you shared your JOYS OF SIMPLE LIFE...

  18. The shots are really amazing. Now I have the feeling of urgency and excitement to see this place in my own eyes. Awesome shots !


  19. Kimchai.. congratulations on your new website! This page is awesome. I have to figure out a way to post a comment that my name will automatically show up.. KC short for KalachuChay

  20. The place is very nice and it reminded me of starwars. Nice photos!

  21. Bethchai, i love all your photos here, hubby said.. the grand canyon is one of the most beautiful landscape in the world. Thank you so much my dear friend for sharing us your trip there.

  22. I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

    - Kris

  23. beautiful post.thanks for this nice post.i enjoy this post.

  24. your have a great fun.loveable blog.thanks for sharing this nice blog..

  25. Oh Betchai, your photos left me breathless, and in awe as how beautiful at the creation of mother nature!

  26. I have never been here, but have soooo many pictures of its interior, but never the top. I think the top is just as amazing as if you are "swimming" through the cracks to get inside. Thanks for also showing the ladders as I have wondered how people get down there.

  27. Just Awesome! Ate Betchai, you have just added a wishlist of places I'd like to go:) I have been wanting to go to Grand Canyon but hubby said to wait till our son is older enough to enjoy it. I love all the photos! Now I might put this place couple of notches higher to my list:)

  28. Is it lower canyon as good as upper?
    I'm thinking of visiting lower canyon because you dont have to make a reservation and it is cheaper than the upper one.