Thursday, March 08, 2012

Purple Field of Dreams

Butterfly Happily Hopping from One CA Sea Lavender to Another, Torrey Pines- Del Mar Trail
Hopping Happily, happily hoping..... were the first words that came to my mind as we were greeted by butterflies fluttering happily in the sea breeze. These words, "hopping happily, happily hopping" are happy words that I heard first from my fellow TSS (The Salitype Society) sister, Zen of The Letters in November as she compares the beautiful and inspiring story of a resilient grasshopper to our resilience in surviving the woes and strife of life. 

Torrey Pines-Del Mar Trail
The day prior to this, I had shared in my post about how the butterfly was kind enough to wait for me to allow me to take a picture using my cellphone since I forgot to bring a charged battery for my camera.
It never came to my mind that the next day, we would be greeted by too many butterflies. The trail from Torrey Pines- Del Mar on top of the coastal bluffs is one of our most frequented trails in San Diego. This is where we love watching dolphins happily parading or surfing from on top of these bluffs.
We have seen hundreds of dolphins from on top these bluffs, but we never had seen so many butterflies. We usually see a few, but they were always very hard to photograph because they were so elusive. But last Sunday was an exception, photographing the butterflies was a lot easier since there were so many of them, and they seem to be stopping a lot longer on top of the blooms.
Still Happily Hopping and Flying Happily in Tattered Wings
My hubby asked, "how come most of them are so well behaved on top of the blooms?" At first, I answered, "I do not know". Then, after some thoughts, I told my hubby, " could it be because just two weeks ago, this place was still brown? And the CA sea lavender just came back and blossomed? Therefore, these flowers may be full of juicy nectar, that despite our presence and movement, they just do not bother because they so enjoy the sweet taste of life?"
As I was trying to explain that, my hubby was nodding, and with excitement, I stopped to type in my cellphone these few lines: 
Fresh CA Sea Lavender Bloom

With the purple field slowly coming back
Flocks of butterflies rush in
Fluttering happily in the sea breeze
Joyfully hopping from one lavender to another
Savoring the sweet, fresh taste of the nectar of life!
We live in such a wonderful world!
Now, I can't wait for our next opportunity to happily dance again in this purple field of dreams!!
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  1. ahhhhh, what a beautiful purple field of dreams. beautiful is actually an understatement. lavender reminds me of Icy and Tes. :)

  2. We live in such a wonderful world.

    Hope our future generations will have the same world too.

  3. Very pretty, I would love to walk on this trail. Great shots.

  4. Your purple field of flowers is so pretty, and the butterfly is very beautiful. Seeing this, I feel happy and your joys too.

  5. hi there my wonderwoman friend...I think I am kinda late in here....I've been busy digging my head into copying numbers for my biostatistics class hehehe...and gosh I am so touched and elated upon reading the words happily hopping!! and here I am once again happily hopping here and loving the beauty of the world through your lens...indeed nature loves you so...whew this really is a field of dreams...stuff I used to dream of as a kid...and those butterflies are so amazingly captured...I think if you stood beside the purple flowers they will turn yah friend!!!

  6. Your purple field of dream is so gorgeous! I am happily hopping along with you. Have a great weekend, Betchai!

  7. Purple happens to be one of my favorite colors and I totally love your images with the butterflies.

  8. Looks like a super trail. Yor pictures are amazing.


  9. I have been away far too long! The color and beauty in your pictures just made my day!

  10. breathtaking colours, I love purple so much...have a great weekend!

  11. rich colors and captures. I am still working on my nikon transfer software, maybe I will change to light room. in the meantime no photos yet.

  12. i love butterflies! This one looks to be similar to a buckeye rather than a monarch, but beautiful. I did not the were in California!

    1. thanks Joey, I deleted the monarch already, thought it was :) thanks a lot.

  13. Very beautiful place, Beth. Hope to enjoy this purple-peppered field in person someday.

    :)Joselyn #

  14. Great colors- the orange butterflies seem to like the purple flowers. (That's not a Monarch though)

    1. thanks Sharkbytes, I edited my mistake already :)

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