Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

 Sunset @ Sunset Cliffs
Sunset Cliifs  is south of Ocean Beach and has several beaches below the cliffs that are accessible only through short but rugged and steep non-formal trails. The Park encompasses 68 acres of bluffs and walking paths high above the Pacific Ocean right next to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. However, one can escape the signs of civilization high above by going down the bluffs. 
 Below Sunset Cliffs, the Busy Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is Hidden
Going down the bluffs however at Sunset Cliffs is not easy
since there are no formal trails. Also, one must attempt to go down the cliffs only at low tide, since several had been caught below the cliffs at high tide and had been pounded by the unforgiving waves towards the sandstone cliffs. Though it is really a short way down, but it requires a little of ingenuity problem solving the maze of going down the cliffs. If the trail does not feel safe, one should not approach it and find one that is within one's comfort level. There are some people who have become stuck or died falling off the cliffs. Though the cliffs are not that high, but hitting the rocks when you fall and pounded by the waves can be very dangerous. But if one pays extra care and more attention to safety, going down the cliffs is a beautiful experience. 
 Inspecting the Tidepools at Sunset Cliffs
Families love going here at low tide for tide pooling.  
 Closed Sea Urchin
 Sea Hare
Aside from tide pools, there are numerous caves below. 
 Caves @ Sunset Cliffs
If however, one prefers to have a longer, safer and more of nature walk/hike right next to the coast, hiking Torrey Pines State Reserve (my favorite place for a hike right next to the coast in San Diego) is a better alternative. And at low tide, it is much easier to access some of the La Jolla Caves from La Jolla Shores, with much more wildlife. However, if one is visiting San Diego, and stays closer to downtown, Sunset Cliffs and Cabrillo National Monument are two places that are nearby to explore and escape civilization.
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  1. So, I may concluded that it must be, though small, a real adventurous place.

  2. Kyla's dream place, so much to explore and see!

    hoping to meet you and Zen in December too. if nothing will change with our sched, we will be there from 9th to 27th. we initially wanted to book a holiday to Palawan too but we got a promo for Disneyland HK instead. yung budget namin for Palawan, napunta sa HK. hehe! we'll surely visit the place one day but how awesome it would be if i can meet you and Zen at the Underground River... shall we arrange a date to meet up in Manila na lang?

  3. Wow! I can't imagine going down the cliffs at high tide and get pounded by the waves! Such a nice place to explore!

  4. Btw, I have a new domain - it's Please update your links. Thanks! : )

  5. Pure joy to see the coastal life in the South. Looking forward to our trip this weekend. Warm weather too!

  6. Thanks for sharing your hiking places and the beautiful sunset. The coastal scenery is gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a gorgeous place to enjoy, Betchai! No wonder why you rather be out hiking and capturing beautiful pictures of this universe, than to stay in!

  8. Wow! Jawdropping photographs. I will end my Friday night looking at these wonderful images. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Happy weekend.

  9. I have to admit, I am so jealous of where you live when I view your photos. We have beautiful scenery here, but it is very different from yours.

  10. The cliffs look amazing, super hike.


  11. You're so lucky to have such a great place nearby to enjoy the marvel wonder of this earth. Gorgeous photos and breath taking scenery!

  12. Thank you for another wonderful set of photography...through you, i can see the wonders of nature that i haven't seen yet...

  13. Beautiful pictures. That second one looks like a hidden city made out of nature.

  14. aaahhh it is always great escaping civilization through your lens my friend.....

  15. Looks other worldly to me! So so beautiful! The marine life is such a joy to experience and those caves look so inviting. The pics transport me to the place.
    Have a lovely week ahead :)