Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rain or Shine...Be My Valentine

Sunset Last Saturday ( 02/11/12) @ La Jolla
It has been a rainy week for us since weekend. I am not complaining, since I actually prayed for rain to come. It has really been a dry season for us, and we need the rain. I am excited to hear that our local mountains (Mt. Laguna and Palomar) are now covered with snow. The rain is still pouring hard today as I write this. But yesterday, during Valentine's day, the rain took a short break in the afternoon until sunset, to give us a beautiful Valentine date. But regardless, whether rain or shine....we both know we will have a beautiful Valentine at the beach. Let me share with you a poem by poet Donna Wallace, about having a beautiful Valentine, come rain or shine.   
Sunset, Valentine Day 2012 @ La Jolla (photo by ktl)

Rain or Shine...Be My Valentine
poem by Donna Wallace

Raindrops on our dresses, 
Sunshine on our face, 
No matter what the weather, 
The look of love won't be replaced. 

The silent sound as rain falls, 
The brilliance of the sun 
They only promise radiance,
 Caused by either one
 Let it rain, or let it shine, 
It won't matter none. 

You're such a lovely Valentine, 
In either rain, or sun 
Let it snow, let it hail, 
Earth blanketed with white.
 It won't prevent our day, 
Or deny the magic of our night. 

Sunset, Valentine Day 2012 @ La Jolla (photo by ktl)
Right after work yesterday, we went to La Jolla as we had planned for our Valentine day walk at the beach. Thankfully, the rain stopped for a while, allowing us to take some photos of the sunset. After the sun disappeared from the horizon, we still took some more time photographing the last hint of colors that interplay with the stormy clouds. This may not be the most beautiful sunset we have seen in San Diego, but we are still very thankful for the window of opportunity given to us by nature to spend a very relaxing walk, and time at the beach listening to the sound of the waves as they come on shore and hit the rocks.
Sunset, Valentine Day 2012 @ La Jolla
 There were several couples celebrating the Valentine at the beach too, some of them hiding at the cove provided by the rocks, some playing with the water. The sunset brought magical moment to everyone who were there, somehow, it always make people stop and just enjoy it disappears from the horizon leaving us with different colors of light.
Sunset, Valentine Day 2012 @ La Jolla
Thank you always for sharing our "Joys of Simple Life".
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  1. These beautiful pictures describe your lovely day.

  2. awwww, what a beautiful and perfect poem! glad to know you had a great time celebrating rain or shine. :)

  3. Wow! That's a great big ball of fire! I am enamored by the colors. Even the darkest blue is so smooth!

    You should go visit Salvation Mtn when you have a chance, I am not sure if the guy living there would do the same as did Leonard.

  4. Gorgeous skies and beautiful photos. The poem is lovely too, well done!

  5. breathtaking images, I was also enjoying the sunset last saturday here, after skating on the frozen canals! I hope u had agreat 14.feb and wish a lovely rest of the week!

  6. Good pictures, reminds me a bit of the low clouds on the north side of Tenerife.


  7. Beautiful skies and water images, Betchai! How wonderful to go to the beach on Valentine's Day. I enjoyed the poem too. :)

  8. hi there Betchai, imagine me smiling here as I view Hearts' Day on your side of the world....the photos speak a thousand words...and your words of love and happiness are shared in the best way here....