Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Fine Day @ La Jolla Shores

All pictures above were taken last Saturday, February 18, 2012, by my hubby, who I believe, had a time of his life laughing, giggling, and was giddy like a little boy enjoying the gifts of nature. All the pictures were taken from our relaxing and fun walk at La Jolla Shores. If you want to know more about La Jolla Shores and is curious with how my photos compare, please visit my post  La Jolla Shores at The Salitype Society.
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  1. I live in Santa Barbara and love the southern CA coastline.

  2. It looks beautiful there. I wish I had weather like that right now.

  3. Your photos are so wonderful. I'm showing it now to my friends while we are having lunch. They just said WOW. Happy weekend. :)

  4. aaahh I'll never get enough of your "bluetiful" photos...

  5. Yours and Khai's photos of nature are just simply gorgeous. I hear the ocean calling, but there is no way to get there.

  6. What a beautiful beach. It was lovely to see while sitting her surrounded by snow.

  7. Hope to be there next weekend! We will be staying overnight in Escondido.

    I have never seen so many star fish all clumped together.

  8. That looks like an extremly long peer, or is it a photo effect?


    1. Thanks Filip. It is really a long pier for marine science research, no editing done at all.

  9. I was walking right there last Saturday myself.. what a beautiful day. I check the great webcam on the pier almost every evening to see what is going on down there:

  10. thanks for sharing once makes me feel that ocean is just a walk away from here...

  11. OH my I love that bridge shot! I wouldn't go across it but it sure is nice to look at. Well I would go across it just keep my eyes closed. I guess I better not be the one driving, lol!


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