Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Grand Circle Adventure

Since I shared about our travel to the Grand Circle, I have been getting a lot of inquiries, not only from blog readers but also from friends and family, about travel planning and itinerary trips to the Grand Circle.
Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ ( part of the Grand Circle )
Indeed, the Grand Circle is one of the world's amazing destinations, with the highest concentration of National Parks in US for a given area. The Grand Circle is a region of mind blowing scenery, from the Grand Canyon National Park, to Arches National Park, and many more. 
 Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
It is very inspiring to see bold splashes of color, amazing geologic shapes and landscapes at every turn in the Grand Circle. I had written about our Grand Circle Itinerary previously where I always refer my friends whenever they ask for some help in itinerary planning and adventure activities in the Grand Circle. I also had been planning to make a comprehensive travel guide to this spectacular place for some treasured friends and family. However, between work, studies, and leisure, what I started putting together since last year was still up to this date a draft. 
 proposed cover for the comprehensive travel guide I am trying to put together
the first 2 pages, and my draft ends here :(
Though I got some gift certificates for high quality photo book and booklet printing where I do not have to worry much about the cost, but somehow, it is the work that I am putting into this project that lacks some pushing. I just can not find myself really spending a lot of time at home putting ideas together. In my mind, I know what to write, I know the locations, the wonderful places to hike, I know which pictures to put, but I just can not find myself saving some of my free time for this. I somehow find that my free time is just right for me to enjoy the great outdoors, and a little time sharing that joy online through this site and my other site, but not enough to spend some free time yet for the finalizing of this draft and be able to share the joy of the Grand Circle Adventure in prints. Thankfully, the gift certificates I have do not have expiry dates, so maybe, I will be able to share these prints to my great grand-nieces and great grand-nephews instead :( Thankfully, the printing company I have in mind have solid reputation and I know they would still be around that time to deliver high quality prints fast when I am finally done with the draft. Sometimes, I shake my head to have even thought of making it a series, when it is taking me so long to even finish one :(
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  1. The amazing thing is how little it changes over time, but how it changes daily! if you get my drift...been there so many times and never was greeted with exactly the same scene, yet it was the same structure.

  2. Betchai, I am excited about this, what a great idea. You will finish it, when it's the right time, I have much faith in you.

  3. Oh how amazing you are Beth, so proud of you for all these offers you have been getting. You very well deserved it. I know one day I will have to ask you to guide me when we plan to go to Grand Circle.

  4. These photos are breathtaking. How beautiful. I hope you get to finish.

  5. What a wonderful place. The first photograph is so beautiful, looks surreal. :)

  6. go for it when you find time Beth. who knows, you will be a world renowned travel book author one day with all your amazing travel photos and informations. :)

  7. All your photos inspire me to go hiking in the great outdoors. Perhaps you can lead a group Grand Circle tour someday. :P

  8. Your photos are spectacular, and I'm sure one day you'll finish with this travel guide, Betchai! You need to feed your soul too with your outdoors adventure!

  9. I bet you can't find the time because you are an outdoor girl. You would much rather be outside enjoying the beautiful scenery than at your computer laying out photos.

  10. Well, if you can marshal your "forces" to do this, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  11. I've been to the Grand Canyon once and it was amazing. It truly takes your breath away.

  12. Oh, I am looking forward to that day when I finally get my hands on that travel guide with your autograph in it!


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