Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mathematical Parrot

Trainer: 1 x 4?
Mathematical Parrot: 4! (then, biting his claws, cute!)

Trainer: 2 + 2?
Mathematical Parrot: 4! (smart!)
Me: Hmmm, do you always ask questions where the answer is 4?
Trainer: Oh you are doubting the Math aptitude of this parrot? Want to challenge? We'll see if you can answer correctly before the parrot.
Me: Okay! ( I was telling myself, "just say 4 before the parrot says 4")
Trainer: What is the square root of 25 minus 2?
Parrot: Three! (said it right after 2 was said)
(My ego was hurting, parrot beat me! I must find an excuse!)
Me: Oh-oh, I was wrong, so he knows another number?
Trainer: Oh yeah! What is square root of 49 minus 4?
Parrot: Three! (smart parrot)

Me: Oh, 4 and 3? So, the next one the parrot will say is 4, pairs of 2's?
Trainer: Hmmm, still trying to beat the parrot? Okay, parrot, what is the square root of julienne minus 1?
Parrot: 4!
Me: Weeeee, I am right!
Parrot: 4!
Trainer: (Winks! )- don't say anything, we'll test others vs parrot :)

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  1. Smart parrot :-) and your photos are such beautiful portrait of it, betchai.

  2. I still think the parrot is very smart, even if he can't do math.

  3. So you have tested me vs the parrot, too.

  4. Pure and sheer enjoyment. Maybe the parrot is trained to answer 4 and 3 in sequence.

    P.S. Bets, I am so happy with my hiking groups. They are so much fun and helpful.

  5. Humm. I like your closeup shots of the parrot. Interesting conversation.

  6. That's a colorful and beautiful parrot! I would have fail the test :-)

  7. Very funny! I think the trainer has a good routine, no matter how smart the parrot is.

  8. Such a beautiful close-up of the parrot. I guess not all parrots have a bird brain. :P

  9. such a beautiful and smart parrot. the close-up is amazingly gorgeous.

  10. Haha!! What a mathematical parrot! LOL! Nice picture of the parrot! : )

  11. the parrot is indeed smart compared to my mathematical ability. hahaha

  12. I wonder if this parrot can teach math to my kids, LOL! Animals are amazing.

  13. hahaha such a smart fella!

    How are you Betchai? Thanks for the greeting...mine was last aug 15 and hubs was just previously...

    so busy with work and baby so hardly any time to blog

  14. we have a mathematical parrot here in sg too! they sure are very smart, yeah?

  15. Beth, such vibrant capture! Love it! As Chepot mentioned, we watched a mathmatical parrot in Sg and the girls were blown away -those parrots and Trainers are really smart!
    Happy day, dear friend! *hugs* Mwa!