Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dogs Wanna Have Fun!!

This Dog (Ricochet) Can Surf, Del Mar Dog Beach, San Diego County, California
Healthy dogs for a happy dog life :) Last Sunday, September 25, 2011, we were able to witness the nation's largest dog surfing competition at the city of Del Mar, San Diego County, California! It was really a fun event, and if not for my work assignments, I would love to have stayed longer to the end of the competition so that I will be able to see the winners.
Ricochet Can Maneuver a Turn on the Surfboard! ( winner in the large dog category, and 2nd over-all)
But despite not having finished watching the competition, we sure had a very enjoyable day! This is an event that I know I will not get tired of watching! Though we live in San Diego, but this is the first time we witnessed this event, but definitely not the last time.
What was very joyful was seeing these pets having fun, running around, showing their responsibility as they enjoy the beach interacting with other dogs almost freely. Aside from surfing, dogs were having a time of their lives swimming for the tennis balls or whatever floaters thrown for them to catch, dogs having tug-of-war with frisbee, among others.
The event raises fund for the orphaned animals and promotes responsible pet ownership.
Pets are such joys to have, they reduce our day to day stress and is even found to be therapeutic in most aspects. But we have to take care of their well being too. Pets that are not well taken care of would hardly show friendly agility because they are not used to friendly atmosphere.
Just like us, when pets don't feel healthy, it is hard for them to enjoy life moving around. Feeding our pets the right way, and having their health constantly checked is important as it is for us. If we are new to a place, sometimes we do not know which veterinarian to go to, but we can always go to trusted and reliable reviews in finding a veterinarian for our pets. In Austin for example, Angie's List has trusted reviews on Austin Veterinarians. Pets need to have a proper diet, grooming, a place to sleep, proper training, social interaction and of course, a good veterinarian to help us make them on top of their health in order for them to enjoy pet's life as happy as they can be. Look at all those pets above, are they not awesome?
Gee, they look a lot better than me surfing the waves!!

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  1. Those are some water-loving dogs. That pink outfit is priceless.

  2. The first time I see a surfing dog. They seem to have fun.


  3. Is it great that the doggies get to have fun too. Wonderful photos.

  4. Bet, those pictures prove I got nothing on those dogs and to think science says I'm supposed to be superior than them. I'm beginning to question that theory. Hahaha!

    Joselyn# :)

  5. It must an event that is full of excitement and laughter.

  6. I would love to see my doggies play in the water ... just never had an opportunity to see if they would love it :(

  7. That last comment was mine, Beth :)

  8. It must be awesome to watch the competition. Those dogs are very fashionable, and you capture their action so well Betchai. I couldn't even get a shot of Delila, JoJo's bunny! :-(

  9. That looks like so much fun. I love animal events.

  10. Wow! The dogs can surf? I have never a dog surf before!

  11. Now this post really has me smiling. How adorable is that? They are having so much fun and I LOVE the outfits. Thanks for bringing this to us, Betchai.

  12. This event must have been wonderful, for dogs and dog lovers, although I would bet the latter enjoyed more... :)

    The very first pic is just gorgeous - surfing dog in a pink dress!

  13. The pink costume looks so girlish! We had one here like this event in Huntington Beach, but was not sure if it was before or ahead of yours.
    You captured very nice action shots!

  14. What a fun post, betchai. I have to forward this on to my son, Alex. He and his girlfriend, Laura, got to rescue dogs as soon as they moved into the house they bought, a year before they married. Taffy came first but they got Bucky, just a couple of months later so she would have company. The whole six years they dated, they said they were going to do this as soon as they had a place of their own. I really love my granddogs, too.

  15. Dogs sure are amazing! I had no idea there were multiple dogs that do this. I think I saw one or two on the news.

  16. The dog surfing does not look like she is enjoying it at all. However, I would assume that the owner knows better than me. I can't even stand on a surf board let alone try to go over a wave with it.

    1. it's a look of focus Melissa, I am sure you will understand more how much they love being there when you see them after the surf ride. 99% of my jumping shots and my boogie boarding shots look scared too, but it is actually some of the happiest moments of my life. when you focus and concentrate so much on what you do, the look of focusing shows more than to smile for the camera.

  17. wow, and to think I haven't even earned the courage to surf yet hahaha, this is so much fun Betchai!!!