Sunday, May 22, 2011

Macro Blooms From Home

Our Pink Rose
These macro bloom shots I took today are the result of the inspiration I got from Cher's Sweet Memoirs blog. I was awed by her macro shots in her Oriental Lily post. Her macro shots awakened the desire in me to use my macro lens again. Somehow, I very seldom use macro lens because I mostly hike, where if I have to limit my lenses to only one, I would choose the standard that would allow me to take both landscape and wildlife from afar. I usually do not carry extra lenses with me when I hike because of the weight and  dust conditions. I avoid changing lens outdoors to minimize chances of getting dust get in the lens. When hiking locally, I choose my lightest camera and lightest lens. I prefer my Tamron 18-250 mm because it is light and it is versatile. I can shoot landscape and I can also shoot wild animals from afar. 
California Brown Pelican in Flight, taken today during our walk with my lightest camera and lens
I almost had forgotten again to use my macro lens today, since after breakfast, I and my hubby took a 15 mile nature walk round trip from Torrey Pines to La Jolla Shores which I shared in my group's blog, The Salitype Society. Because of the foggy and chilly weather, we hardly saw anyone except of course the flying pelicans, sea gulls, egrets, sandpipers, and more. Meanwhile, let me go back to the inspiration that was stirred by Cher's Oriental Lily post to use my macro lens.
When we got home, I picked the inspiration to shoot macro. I took out my macro lens and focused on the blooms we currently have in our little yard. Though most of our lilies already have disappeared, but thankfully, the roses, the oleander, the aloes and succulents continue to be showy with their blooms. Here are the pictures I took today of the blooms from home:
Red Rose Bulb ( I call our red roses forever blooming since they seem to bloom year round)
sorry, I do not know this one, it looks like an onion and blooms only in spring
Ground succulent bloom ( I do not know the specific name)- and this blooms only in spring
Aloes- another spring only bloom
Oleander, learned the name from Tes of Craftista ( like the roses, they seem to bloom year round)
Fuschia, also seems to bloom year round
Jasmine - every spring, it smells like heaven because of these blooms
Thanks again Cher, for inspiring me to take out my macro lens again today.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and whatever blogger problems we may had the past few days had not stopped us from exploring the wonderful joys around. 
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  1. whew! you blew me away, Beth! in fact, you also inspired me to take macro shots last time. remember those photos you posted in fb? i think i even asked for some tips from you before when i haven't got my cheap macro lens yet.

    i love all the photos here but your fuschia has always been my favourite in your garden.

    thanks for the heads up and for linking me up! enjoy the rest of the weekend with Khai. ;)

  2. I love Jasmine! It is so wonderful I wish I have a field of them. Maybe I will one day. :-) Your flowers are gorgeous. Appreciate your comments Betchai, glad you're back blogging. :-)

  3. Wow! Picture Perfect! Wala akong masabi sa sobrang ganda ng pictures...

  4. I always carry 2kg load with me during my weekend hike.

    I even run with this at my back.

  5. thanks everyone.

    @ Cher, you learn so quick in photography, your shots are really beautiful and I still have to learn from you taking dewel shots.

    @ Amanda, yes, I am back blogging and enjoying it again now, all I need to do is get out from Facebook and I find out I have after all time to blog :)

    thanks Jag.

    @ Rainfield, I actually do carry maybe more than 5 lbs always ( 2 plus kgs) in my backpack or belt bag when I hike. If I add the weight of my lightest camera which is still heavy for most with bottled water, foods and other essentials. And yes, I ran with it too, when downhill, somehow I find it easier to balance and friendlier on my knees if I run when going down steep slopes.

  6. Those are gorgeous macro shots, Betchai. I've just learning a new flower name from you, the aloe one..I had pictures of them, but didn't know them..

  7. You get super stunning shots when you use your Macro lens. Beautiful!

  8. I love pelicans! And I have to say that although pink is not my favorite color, that first picture is amazing.

  9. hi there Betchai!!!! i misssshhhhuuuuu!!!!!! whew, you really are have such a beautiful garden...i remember loving your cacti...but these blooming flowers are so pretty!! the Fuschia is such a delight to see and i would love to smell the Jasmine!..if i had wings like that Pelican..i'd be there in a snap...i would love your home made avocado shake for a snack!:) and your pancit...gosh i miss yah!

  10. Betchai, Again your shots as always have me in awe. The rose is beautiful and that detail on the fuschia is spectacular. The brown pelican had me breathless for a while. Fantastic shots.

  11. Wow, these are great macros. Your garden is very well tended.

    Luckily, today, the sun came out, and I can't believe I was hopping from one picnic in the park to Salt Creek Beach Park today. But it was chilly on both sites.

  12. I love Macro photography! What beautiful photos.

  13. Beautiful macro shots of your flowers, and the pelican is fantastic.

  14. Beautiful macro shots of your flowers, and the pelican is fantastic.

  15. Once again your pictures are beautiful and inspirational!

  16. All your pictures are wonderful, betchai. I love your nature shots of the places you hike. They are just glorious. Your macros are also wonderful.

    I love jasmine...and gardenia, tuberose an all those wonderfully fragrant flowers. They are marvelous!

  17. That pelican is absolutely beautiful. It's the first time I've seen one in flight.

  18. lovely shots!! love your macros..the bird looks like it's suspended in the air. very cool!

  19. This is a gorgeous set! How I wish my small garden also have these lovely flowers.

    Before I got a camera, I had always wanted to do macro. But macro lens are very expensive here so I just settled for a cheap lens. But if given the chance, I would really love to do macro.

  20. I always love photos of flowers, esp. pink ones....I remember we used to have a rose garden back in Davao.....and I am so fond of the pink ones, and the white ones.
    Great photos again Beth!

  21. many beautiful blooms from your home! I would love to spend time in your garden.

  22. Those are gorgeous flower photos. Just amazing that we haven't run out of flowers to post. haha

  23. What are some pretty flowers that mean love? I am planing on making a garden in my back yard. And I want to put only flowers in there that have a meaning I like So I want to know some flowers that there meaning involves love.Thanks