Monday, May 23, 2011

From Gray To Blue

From gray,
Pelicans in Flight, Morning ( 5/14/11)
to blue, 
Pelicans in Flight, Afternoon ( 5/14/11)
this was how our day progressed last Saturday. May and June are the two grayest months in San Diego. These two months are known as 'May gray" and "June gloom". Low lying marine clouds would usually appear late in the afternoon as it cools down and thickens through the night. By early morning the low lying clouds become thick fog which usually clears slowly. The thick fogs usually persists until late morning, or early afternoon, or may last all day. Thankfully, last Saturday the thick fogs in the morning gave way to blue skies mid-afternoon. Let me take you to our 15 mile hike last Saturday that started with gray and ended with blue.
Fogs on Cliffs 
 It was a very beautiful walk. Because the morning was windy, temperature was in the chilly 50s (10s Celsius), we had miles of coastline all to ourselves.
Looks Like A Deserted Island? The Civilization is Hidden By These Sharp Cliffs
Okay, I am wrong, there were several beachcombers, you can see them in the pictures below.
Egrets Enjoying the Beach All To Themselves
Sandpipers Simply Enjoying The Beach( the small ones are still juvenile sandpipers)
Egret Up Close
 Between our walk from Carmel Valley to La Jolla shores, we had to cross this tidepool below.
Tidepool Close to La Jolla shores
The slippery rocks at the tidepool slowed us down, but it was a good slowing down since I was able to enjoy the tidepool wildlife such as crabs, shells, anemone, and small fishes. 
Seaweeds and Shells on Top of Another Shell, @ the tidepool
After the tidepool area, the sharp cliffs slowly disappears to give way to civilization
Scripps Pier ( sign of civilization )
 and a tad crowded beach at La Jolla Shores. 
@ La Jolla Shores ( does this look like a scene from Baywatch?)
When we turned around to go back North to Carmel Valley Road, the world was already starting to turn blue,
La Jolla Shores, with Gray Sky Slowly Disappearing
(what you see in the background of the above picture is the La Jolla Caves, and on top of those cliffs are the pelicans and cormorants, you can revisit my pelicans post here). 
 and bluer.
Me, @ Torrey Pines Gliderport
When we reached the top of the cliffs at Torrey Pines Gliderport, it was a beautiful world of blue.
Paraglider and Torrey Pines Cliffs
Though I must say that the place above is as beautiful when it is gray as when it is blue. For more details about this hike, you can check my Torrey Pines to La Jolla shores post at The Salitype Society.  
Today is another from gray
Hummingbird and Cacti Bloom ( taken today, 5/21/11)
 to blue day just like last Saturday, but more of that later.

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!!
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  1. i so love the transition from gray to blue. but no matter what the color of nature is, i always regard it as God's masterpiece. we just have to find a way to appreciate it's beauty. :)

    thanks for your generous comments Beth. it maybe because I am giving birth soon that i am blogging frenzy like crazy (may not have time by then). i am actually trying to schedule post as far as months ahead since i am in the midst of organizing our photos. ;)

    have an awesome weekend with Khai!

  2. wow love those photos. the birdies are gorgeous and i miss torrey pines. thanks for always visiting my blog sis really appreciate it. seems that being fb-free is working good for you because you are blogging more... and i benefit a lot from it too because you visit all my blogs too often. wink* hahaha

  3. so amazing, you definitely have a talent...

  4. The hummingbird photo is really awesome... Yes, nothing can be better than grey to cheers me up too.

  5. Always look so care free and fresh. I love those photos of the beach.

  6. It's amazing how the weather can change so fast. Your wildlife photos are always stunning to see.

    Happy weekend to you too, Betchai!

  7. 22, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    beach shots are always beautiful. but yours are exceptional.

  8. Oh I love the hummingbird shot and the one of the pier. What an interesting picture that one is.

  9. The Hummingbird performed a very fantastic dance.

    Love it.

  10. sooo love the last photo Betchai!!! but of course all the blue here left my heart jumping with glee...and those awesosme wings! makes me want to fly where you are and learn first hand from you the joys of simple life! you are simply amazing and i am so honored to be your friend:)

  11. I have to say the gray is just a gorgeous as the blue. Love the one of you at Torrey Pines and that sandpiper and hummingbird is amazing. Your shots, as always, have me in awe.

  12. What spectacular photographs, betchai. We drove along the coast to Santa Cruz ( sixty miles from my area ), past nearly deserted beaches. Of course, this was on Tuesday. On weekends, surfers are out, riding the waves.

    I didn't really see any bikini clad folks at La Jolla! Now tha would have been a scene from Baywatch!

    What wonderful bird shots. Looks like they didn't have too much competition for tasty seafood tidbits. There must have been plenty to go around.

    Weather has been really nice around here lately. Summer is our foggiest time, it seems, when flights are delayed.

    I haven't gotten down to San Dieg in so long. Have several dear forensic nurse buddies there. When I do come, though, we have to meet for lunch!

  13. Our Sunday was very similar. It started sunny. Then we got a big rainstorm. Then it got sunny again. We have had so much rain in the past week. Glad to see you got a walk on the beach. It was beautiful.

  14. Beautiful photos! I actually like foggy weather : )

  15. I really don’t know how you do it! Your pictures take me away and make me feel like I am there and now I want to be there! The juvenile sandpipers were especially darling! Great pics as usual!

  16. Your skies are not "grayer" than ours yesterday. It was quite a challenge for me to do the hike. Lots of cacti, and yucca, and I was sweating even at mid 60's. Hope to go back to Paradise Falls. Will post more photos tonight.

  17. Wow, what awesome photos! I love the sandpipers and Scripps Pier photos. I guess living by the ocean has its down sides with the fog and cold weather. Although, when the weather is beautiful, all the negatives are forgotten.

  18. Hummingbird and Cacti Bloom ( taken today, 5/21/11) - wow a great shot. fyi , betchai locally loosely means don't know :)

  19. Thanks for showing us the beauty along your awesome walk. Lovely views, tidepools, and birds. Sweet hummingbird!

  20. I like when the morning starts out gray and then turns blue

  21. I love how you captured the colors in gray and then blue similarly the photos as always.

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