Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Prize of Hiking

I love hiking, it is my most favorite form of exercise to stay fit. I am glad to be living here in San Diego where I can hike after work. They are so near, yet they look far. It is within the city but it does not look like part of the city.

Who would think that this sight is part of this city pictured below?
One of the joys of hiking is knowing I am fit to hike. I exercise my heart, my legs, my body, and above all, my mind and spirit. Seeing the beauty of nature reminds me of the wonderful presence and brilliance of our loving God. It is a time for listening to myself, to my breathing, and a very precious time for feeling God's love. Hiking brings us out of the doors to take in fresh air, to breathe in the healing gifts of nature, and breathe out whatever stress we get from our daily work. It is my hope to continue hiking even when I get very old, and hopefully not to rely on simvastatin to keep my health on top of the Healthline.
Hiking releases stress, no material competitiveness, no pretensions, just pure joy in admiring the serenity around you. Hiking is a nice escape after a day's work, or a stress buster during weekends, and a perfect time to feel God's loving presence.
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  1. I love hiking too. And I do so when I have time. Here in HK, I thought it was just a jungle of skyscrapers --- and I found out there are outlaying islands that I can hike. A boat ride away from the busy city and into the quiet of the outlaying islands. And you are so right. Hiking keeeps you fit.

  2. These two worlds are near but yet very different.

    Only those who hike understand the excitement.

  3. I think California has so much to offer. It's wonderful that you can find places near home to hike, Betchai! Beautiful photos of your city..

  4. Walking in nature, breathing fresh air, thank you for sharing these simple joys of living. Beautiful post!

  5. Yeah! You are right. If you can means you are healthy. Hmm...I wonder if I can hike. :p

  6. It's you and nature, nothing in between...beautiful.

  7. I'm so with you on the hiking being the best!

  8. that is the very reason i call you wander-wonderwoman Betchai- you have all the energy to hike even after work...and i love you most for your simple joys...i so admire people whose pleasure comes from that of God's creation not things of this material world, love yah friend...i pray for your good health always..

  9. That's what makes California a very unique State.

    Love the silhouette of the mountains. Hiking and photography go hand in hand. Yet I tend to spend more taking pictures.

    You are an inspiration for all the things you do in between work.

  10. That is one of the nicest things about a city like San Diego. You have all the advantages of living in the city while still have easy access to nature (and don't get me started on the beautiful weather you enjoy).

  11. I need to hike more. I used to love it when I lived up North. Now I am afraid what will jump out of the grass at me. I would love to visit San Diego someday. It is such a diverse city.

  12. Sadly, I haven't hiked in many years.
    I'm using a walker these days and it keeps me from doing a lot of things. I've grown so sedentary. I really do need to get more exercise.

    I love your joy in our universe and your love of its Maker.