Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Betchai's Joyful New Year's Day Jump, Torrey Pines Gliderport, San Diego, CA
(the print in my shirt, "Pinoy" means, Filipino, I am proud to be one! Thanks to Rose for the shirt, fellow TSS sister, her picture below with the group )
Life has been too quick these days, I had been enjoying my 2 week's vacation from work, and then quickly, the 2 weeks disappeared :( Though we did not go anywhere this Christmas break but home, but this has to be one of my happiest Christmases here in the US. During Christmas, my cousin joined us and we spent a lot of time wandering in San Diego despite it was not our original plan.
My Cousin showing me how to jump high, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, CA
Originally, we planned to go snowshoeing in Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra, however, because of the snowstorm that hammered the Eastern Sierra before Christmas, we were not able to go because the roads were still not perfectly clear. Imagine in just one weekend, 15- 20 ft of snow dumped in Mammoth, thus, the snowplowers can only do so much in clearing the roads. We decided instead to enjoy home, and what San Diego outdoors has to offer. After Christmas, Tes of the Craftista joined us 
Tes @ Cabrillo National Monument
on the 28th in San Diego with her hubby and 3 nieces, 
Left to Right: Cate, Teki and Yam ( Tes 3 nieces) enjoying the sea and sand at Mission Beach
for the much awaited The Salitype Society mini reunion. 

TSS mini reunion on 30th ( picture courtesy of Teki, Tes' niece)
sitting from left to right: Rose, Chay, Betchai
standing from left to right: Ruthi of My Refuge Online and Tes
Ruthi @ Shell Beach, La Jolla
It was such a joy spending time with fellow Salitype sisters, how we just wished the rest of the Salitype Society sisters were with us. It is our dream that one day we will all be together, like what Chay keep on saying, we will make it happen, one sweet day according to Zen ( or Kulasa). 
The joy spent with fellow TSS sisters ended on the 31st :(, and on New Year's Day, it was back to reality, but still a joyful reality filled with hopes. Hubby and I went wandering around San Diego again.
Joyful Reminiscing of Happy TSS wandering, Torrey Pines Gliderport
The New Year treated us so well, just so many sightings in one day. The ocean is amazingly sparkling blue, though we missed the dolphins that we oftentimes see, but then, the flock of birds were always there for us.
Gulls in Flight
Heron Kissing Its Reflection
We also had wonderful time tidepooling, saw several sea stars, sea hares, eggs of sea hares, lobster, octopus, etc etc, and I remember the days we spent with Tes charming and kind 3 nieces, how I wished it was also low tide when they went to Cabrillo with us. Anyway, I will save the pictures and exploration of our tidepooling in my next post. Sadly, right now, time is so short it is about time for me to sleep and welcome tomorrow, back to reality! Back to School! Back to teaching! And here I am, back to blogging before I get lost again this week :)

Again, Happy New Year Everyone.

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  1. Start with beautiful place for this new year. :)

  2. wonderful and amazing land, thank you for a ride so nice!
    greetings from Spain and all the best for 2011

  3. Betchaiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! that jumping photo is simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me want to jump, right now!!!!! hahahahahaha, and you girls look perfect!!!! such lovely smiles!!! the Heron kissing its reflection is so beautiful!!!! Tes' 3 nieces look so cool and cute, Ruthi and Tesya have beaming smiles there that make me want to enter the computer monitor hahaha,your cousin taught you to jump well ha hehehe, do not worry we are all back to reality and back to cheering one another amidst life's endless challenges...Happy New Year sis, thank you for your gift of friendship!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Betchai! So glad to see you all enjoying the time together.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you to.


  6. Just like the flock of birds, they came, they met and they separated.

    Time continues to pass.

    Everything repeats.

    Happy New Year to you.

  7. Fantastic post, Betchai! Looks like you had a wonderful time with family for your winter break. The photos are awesome!

  8. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a wonderful break.

  9. Great pictures of special times with friends. How awesome that they were able to join you!

  10. happy new year ms beth. next time tani maka upod ta shoot hehe

  11. Betchai, what a wonderful post with great pictures of the reunion of some wonderful ladies and their husbands and families! I love the pictures of you jumping. I couldn't, for the life of me, leap up and get my rear end in the air -maybe when I was skinny and your age but not at 66 and dragging decades of brie and creme brulee and marzipan and cuisine of the world! Happy New Year, my friend.

  12. Happy New Year Betchai! Your PINOY shirt is cool. :) Life's been busy and I haven't been blogging lately, but I miss bloghopping so here I am... :) yes, it's back to work for us again. It's nice to see pics of you and your TSS friends. Blogging is more fulfilling if we go beyond the virtual world and take time to meet our blog friends for real.

  13. such beautiful photos!! the jump shots are really cool! love the bird photos especially the heron kissing its reflection. happy new year!!

  14. What an awesome reunion. It is good to have close friends that we can always rely on.
    Btw, can I have that pinoy t-shirt? :D

    Blessed New Year Betchai! :)

  15. Happy New Year to you too! It sounds like you had a wonderful staycation. San Diego is a great vacation spot and you live there! Lucky you.

  16. Everybody looks so happy together, and what a wonderful opportunity to see each other..

    Your photos are just gorgeous!

  17. You guys all look wonderfully happy and refreshed. Happy New Years to you and your family, Betchai.

  18. happy new year 2011. the reflection of a heron pic is awesome

  19. your jumping pic is my current fave pic of yours. the rest, oh my... how do i choose? i love 'em all esp the group pic with the beautiful TSS ladies (i am imagining i am in the pic too, teehee). i must mention about the kissing herron, geeez it's picture perfect!

    may 2011 be another blessed year for you & Khai. God bless your good hearts always...

  20. Jump shots are hard to get especially for the perfect timing! The first one looks like you are jumping on the rocks!

    Happy New Year and its to nice to see the beautiful smiles seeing the members of TSS. What a nice a happy reunion!

    happy New Year Bets!

  21. man, you ladies made me drool. how fun it looks like. you gals are very blessed to have found each other and became such great friends...I have hope. :-)

  22. happy new year betchai!!!

    that heron shot is so good!

  23. Beautiful shots, Beth! I am once again reminded of the fun we had. Time is always short when with friends! Every time am stressed out with work, I just look back at our memorable mini reunion. Am really wishful for part 2. Oh how much we laughed, Beth! San Diego is truly a haven! Doods, I and the girls loved it! Again, thank you for the warm hospitality! We are very much grateful! :) Lots of love! Regards to Khai! :)

  24. Oh Sis... love your photos... especially the one you took of me. hahaha.. it was indeed wonderful to finally meet you in person. Thanks for the hospitality. I really appreciate it. Hope I can return the favor in the future.

  25. The jump poses make me wanna jump with you too....Ganda naman the pics---all happy , smiling and beautiful...Happy new year Bet!