Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nature Happiness

Rock Hopping @ Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe

"Nature happiness" - I was reminded by this phrase by my blogging besties, Zen and Cher, as they were describing my immeasurable joy whenever I am out in nature. Indeed, nature has a very strong rejuvenating power in me that clears my thoughts and body from the stresses of daily life. I was not always into "nature happiness" though. My childhood reveled in the utmost joy of nature, but college and early years of professional life drew me away from it. For a while, I was absorbed in the pulsing heart of a dynamic city. Going out then meant watching movies, watching theater plays, eating out, feasting on galleries and museums, shopping and more shopping, watching concerts, jazz and other music clubs hopping, and whatever this modern world has to offer. Until I slowly was finding myself.....
1. Getting tired most of the time.
2. Constantly bothered by headaches, migraines, allergies and colds.
3. Burnt out, not only from work, but from almost everything I was doing.

Slowly, I started going back to the joyful life I've known as a child.
I started going to the beach or the river or the mountains more often. I would spend more time running or walking to the park, or swimming than going to the mall or to the cinemas. There, I found a joy that stays with me even am back indoors. I found that going back to nature was going back to myself. I found self-peace, contentment and happiness that could never be compared to a silver ounce or gold.

The Joy of Playing In the Water, Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park, CA
Hiking, boogie boarding, snorkeling, any forms of nature wandering made me felt more relaxed and energized. I never knew self-peace and contentment would set in so quickly and early in my life. As soon as I turned myself back into nature again, somehow, I stopped from craving material things that always in the end made me more unsatisfied, craving for more, and unhappier. Instead, my relaxed and energized body, mind and heart found a contentment beyond my imagination. I found the healing touch of nature works wherever I may be, even in the comforts already of home or in the busyness of work. I soon settled peacefully in the Joys of Simple Life.
"Nature Happiness" is actually supported by science. Over the past decade, researchers from diverse fields such as biology, psychiatry, engineering, horticulture, neuroscience, and medicine found a direct correlation between time spent outdoors and cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Studies show that enjoying nature can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels. Exposure to nature can help one sleep well, increase vigor and liveliness and boost immune system.

Personally, I find that being out in nature, is being home with myself, where I could listen to the deeper beatings of my heart.
High On Ice, High on "Nature Happiness"
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  1. Good jumps, very brave, also like the narrows.


  2. Lovely pictures and you've pointed out so many great reasons to spend time with nature. :)

  3. Galing ng mga jumpshots mo Ate Beth. I don't think I would be able to hike in the Winter, I would freeze to death lol.

  4. I too am happiest the more I am in nature. I love the fresh air and sun.

  5. nature happiness indeed. i was reading an article earlier, 15 Things Happy People Don't Do and I remember you and your blog. Keep on being happy Ms Beth, it's infectious :-)

  6. So the more you spend your time with mother nature, the bette rit is for our own well being right? :)

  7. Same with you,Betchai, we don't go in the mall often or watch Movie theater. I like your last photo-,am not sure if I can do hiking on winter.

  8. Your 'jump' photos made my day. you really are an energetic woman.

  9. Wow! Your jump on the big stone looks scary, but fun!!

  10. I do believe that nature keeps me more energetic and yes happy. The past years of living abroad, I find myself appreciating more the beauty of nature. The trees, mountains, water and even soil. The birds singing around the forest keeps my soul at peace.

    Your photos are always stunning. It always made me feel like jumping too.

  11. Awww, now that's an awesome great nature happiness! I guess, playing in the rain is my nature happiness :)

  12. Beautiful thoughts betchai, I second them. Spending time in nature is like a saying a silent prayer. There is a certain joy in it which stays long even after we have finished saying it. An infinite spectrum of peace, happiness and contentment comes in the company of nature just like your pictures, so wonderful.

  13. Wow! You take my breath away as always with those beautiful pictures of you. I love the sunset and that one is my favorite :-)

  14. oh, i am HIGH on your nature happiness Beth! looking at your happy photos when you are with nature makes me want to jump too. :)

  15. getting high here with happiness from the joys of simple life you shared! I loved reading about how you found your way back to relaxation through nature trips Betchai...indeed, nothing beats that kind of happiness...love love all your photos! the one where you are skipping from rock to rock and the last one enjoying coolness of ice are the ones I love most! yet always it is you that totally rocks! love yah! geezz...been so busy the past days that I missed so many beautiful joys here....:)

  16. Seeing you leap through those rocks somehow transfer me through the journey of life thought. Sometimes, we never know what's coming to us, but with faith and dedication, we can overcome just about anything. Sorry if my weird though doesn't make sense lol.

  17. Totally Cool photos love the jumping, like it's for Joy!!

  18. Love those pics, Ate Beth! :)
    You are always on the go.

    I haven't enjoyed a moment with nature yet. City life sucks in many aspects. No fresh air anymore.