Monday, July 15, 2013

Devil's Bridge Hike from Chuckwagon Trail

 Devil's Bridge From Below
( can you find me? )
 Devil's Bridge From The Top
How did we climb up the largest natural sandstone arch in Sedona area, called the "Devil's Bridge"? The answer is not a direct climb from below the bridge, but a gradual ascent on a trail to the right of the bridge.


Trailhead: Chuckwagon/Mescal Mountain Trails Parking Area
Distance: 6 miles round trip. You can hike shorter if you are willing to feel the very bumpy ride on a 4-wheel drive to Devil's Bridge trailhead. However, when we were walking on the 4-WD road to Devil's Bridge trailhead, we felt so happy we chose to take the longer hike because the holes and rocks on the dirt road were something we both know we have no experience driving. We don't think we would be able to get our 4WD- SUV to the destination if we chose the shorter hike. Plus, we are happy hikers.  

The start of the hike is relatively flat in the middle of a pine forest, the steep ascent starts near the bridge already, climbing maybe 400 ft in such a short distance, but very doable. Over-all, this is an easy hike, if compared to Cathedral Rock hike, another hike we did in Sedona, Arizona. 

Below are some of our pictures:

 My Personal Photographer and Hiking Partner For Life :)
 See? So Many of Us, It is Not as Scary As what the picture says
(as long as no one is crazy enough to get at the very edge and do very crazy things, this bridge is so safe to cross )
 My Personal Photographer's Turn For Photo Opps At Devil's Bridge :)
 and he did a Tebowing pose
From the trail, where you start seeing people on top of the bridge, there is a junction where one trail goes to your right, and the other trail goes to your left. The trail that goes to the right goes uphill, which will end up at the top of the bridge. The trail that goes to the left goes downhill, which will bring you at the bottom of bridge. 
Getting to the bottom of the bridge from the junction is not that far, it's really worth it to see Devil's Bridge from below and also from the top.

Despite its name, the view from the top of Devil's Bridge and the entire hike is heavenly! I highly recommend this hike for a magnificent reward in such an easy-moderate hike.
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  1. The name is very interesting Sis :-) I bet it is another adventure for you and your husband. The rocks are bold and beautiful :-) Another breath taking pictures :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Awesome bridge! But that climb to the top must be quite tough, no?

  3. Those are breathtaking and I wish I could hike like you,Betchai. I have to eat more rice so we were able to carry extra weight which is my daughter if ever we will hike what you do. Beautiful photos as always.

  4. Now that looks cool! I would so love to see it in person.

  5. Your photos reminds me of the song "Top of the World", looks beautiful!

  6. I can just imagine how heavenly the view was from your vantage point here. Really love to see this myself.

  7. God's creations are all to behold. Sis, gaganda ng photos. If ever makapunta ako ng US, I too will set my foot on this landmark.

  8. I dream of traveling the places you have visited, Te Betchai. I am so green with envy with all your beautiful adventures. I would so love to marvel at God's wonderful creations the same way you did.

    Love and hugs!

  9. Breathtaking photos, I love it. Winner ang 5th photo sis! :)

  10. You are very gutsy. I do not think, I can do what you did in one of your pictures. I am referring to the one where you post on top of a devil's bridge.

  11. Wow! That's truly breathtaking!!! :)

  12. wow, first picture was just lovely as the rest, must be really great to be there and see these beautiful nature in your eyes. thanks for sharing and bringing us along in your hikes. looking forward for more.