Friday, June 28, 2013

Hiking Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Cathedral Rock from Oak Creek
There are many access point to hike Cathedral Rock, one of the many beautiful hikes in Sedona. For our hike, we took the Cathedral Rock Trail from Hwy 179. The hike is 3.5 miles round trip with 600 ft ascent. I love this hike because for such a short time, the scenic rewards are simply amazing. Though this hike will not take all your day, but it is not devoid of challenge. First, there is really no formal trail, but rock cairns. You ascend mostly on rocks, more like rock climbing but safe enough not to ask for ropes. 
Hiking @ Cathedral Rock
If you feel like it is not safe to walk normally, you can go slow and walk on four ( uphill ) or five ( downhill). 
A Lady Hiker Walking on Five ( or butt walk )
In the middle of the hike, there is a section where you really have to scramble, or crawl, and only one hiker could pass at a time. It probably is the most challenging part of the trail where some hikers give up and not continue. Even if not making it to the saddles of Cathedral Rock though, the hike is still beautiful because there is wide vista everywhere.
Scenery One Will See While on Cathedral Rock Trail

However, that section is actually very manageable, as long as you scramble slowly if you fear for your safety. If you manage past this challenge, the climb up to the saddle becomes easier as you gain more self-confidence of being able to make it. Also, you will be entertained by the magnificence of the red rock formations around you. The pictures below are some of our pictures from this very fun hike. I would love to do this hike again. 
 View from the Saddle
Looking Down @ the Valley
A lot of people would turn around from here, thinking that this is already the end of the hike. However, if you continue on the left side, there would be another short steep climb. 
 It's my most favorite part of the hike, I guess, because very few people were there, compared to the first saddle.
 Looking Back Where we climbed from the first saddle
 this maybe another saddle
 Sheer Walls of Cathedral Rock
Though I look like going uphill here, but this was only a pose on our way down to show my dirty pants from the walking on five, :) super super love this hike! 

Hiking is like a celebration of our success. We struggle, but we think harder and focus how to overcome the challenge, then, we are rewarded with a celebration of success. Aside from getting nature therapy, in hiking, we get physical, mental and emotional exercise. We never can make it, if we stop taking steps, haha, applies to anything in our lives.

Anyway, Cathedral Rock is in Sedona, a beautiful town in Arizona known to be the day hike capital of US, in such a small town, there are just soooooooo many hikes to take! We hope to come back to this place to do more hikes. The other hike we did here during our spring vacation was Devil's Bridge, that was another fun hike. I will share Hiking Devil's Bridge in my later posts.
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  1. As always, beautiful scenery. This reminds me that I'm going to have to get used to hiking up and down hills.

  2. Wow! The contrasting colors of red and blue in the wide open vistas are very striking, betchai. I probably will survive only by walking on a five throughout, I guess :)) Breathtaking pictures as always with a wonderfully complementing write-up .. Fresh breath of air, the joys of nature, the celebrations of success... ah! The trails into the unexplored are indeed not only fun to explore but so much more. I am so glad you loved doing this hike, looking forward to reading more :)

  3. oh am gee Betchai! I enjoyed Cathedral Rock hike virtually with you so much! I could feel air blowing on my face as I look at your shots near the edge whew! Funny thing is even in my imagination I am hard up walking on two that I choose walking on five hahaha...hmmm your pants are not that dirty I think...:D wishing I could nature explore with you someday...and happy I had a chance to walk along with the comfort of the mall yah! :)

  4. You never fail to amaze with your hike, your adventure, and photos.

  5. Amazing rock formations! Truly, God's work of art in nature canvas. Don't you feel uneasy sitting nor standing near the cliff? Gives me the hibbie jibbies :)

    Ria C

  6. I imagine this as the casterly rock in Game of thrones

  7. Beautiful hike! I enjoy seeing the lovely colors, rock formations and views through your camera lens. Thanks for the tour!

  8. Those are beautiful red rocks. Hiking is tiring for a lazy butt like me :-) It is a wonderful exercise too. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Sis and the beautiful pictures all the time :-)

  9. Wow, that is such a beautiful part of the world! I am glad I decided to click on your name and visit your blog! I'm just learning the joys of hiking and walking and this is so inspirational. I haven't had to crawl or scramble yet but perhaps one day soon.

  10. Awesome rock formations. Another eventful hiking experience. As always great photos.

  11. you've got me right away on the first picture, its awesome...and the rest are amazing! :) i love the last one, the contrasting colors are so perfect! thanks for sharing to us about cathedral rock, i wouldn't know about it if i havn't read it here. cheers for more hiking adventures for you and your hubby. have a great weekend. :)

  12. Have a great weekend wandering to you and KTL! Dropping by quickly before I head back to mommylandia. take care and Godbless your beautiful and nature loving hearts. :)

  13. amazing rocks... before, I hate hiking or mountains, but right now i'm enjoying it. It's simply amazing when you're on top.. :)

  14. hey got to tell you 2 things....
    once in a while you need to show us your photographer, secondly the food you have en-route

  15. I certainly can feel the adrenaline rush just by seeing your pictures, especially the one like you were on the edge of the cliff. OMG! I think I'll be having cold feet if I were to stand there in the edge. I'll be needing someone to hold me just to stand there. HAHAHA

  16. this is beautiful - i remember going on these kinds of trips in similar places and it was wonderful

  17. Whoa..Betchai, it's like you're on top of the world! Such magnificent views all around!

  18. This is something I can never do, so I enjoyed looking through your journey! Gorgeous photos as always!