Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fishing at Bishop Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra, CA

Thinking of a vacation? Looking for some cheap airline tickets to get-away from the recent hustle and bustle of a busy work life? Let me share with you one of my favorite places for a very relaxing vacation, the EASTERN SIERRA, CALIFORNIA.
Shore and Float Tube Fishing at North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra, CA
The Eastern Sierra of California is home to awe-inspiring contrasts and diversities. It offers several interesting geological formation and stunning scenery.
Contrast of Desert and Snow, Showcasing the Geographical Diversity in Eastern Sierra, CA
Because of its geographical diversity, Eastern Sierra is also the playground for many types of outdoor enthusiasts. The place is popular for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and fishing. Some people combine their backpacking trip with fishing because of the many rivers, streams and lakes that abound in the area.
Contrasting Landscape in Bishop, Eastern Sierra, CA
One of the favorite fishing spots in the Eastern Sierra is the Bishop Creek Canyon. It offers some of the most spectacular fishing experiences in the Eastern Sierra.
Lake Sabrina at Bishop Creek Canyon
The Bishop Creek Canyon has five lakes and 20 miles of stream offering plenty of angling options. The lakes have magnificent views of the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where fishing boats are dwarfed by these mountain peaks just like in the picture below.
Can you Spot the Fishing Float Tube with the Fishermen in the picture above?
There are well maintained tackle shops at both the South Lake and Lake Sabrina. The fishing season starts April, and ends November. People could fish either on shore or by taking the boat out to some of the best spots for fishing that are accessible by boat only.
Shore Fishing @ Lake Sabrina
The crystal clear water in the lakes are teeming with fish such as rainbow, brook and brown trout. 
Trouts ( sorry, I do not know what type) Caught at North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon
The trouts above were caught from fishing on shore of North Lake. I am sure, those who take their boats out searching for best angling opportunities get better chances in catching bigger trouts. In South Lake, the record caught was a brown trout weighing 17 lbs and 1 oz. Many have reported on seeing fish about that big in South Lake. It is just a matter of time for the record to be broken. The lucky one could share his prized fishing pictures to all the other fishing enthusiasts and the rest of the world. Through fishing e-groups and social networks, it is now easier for fishing enthusiasts to inspire one another. Aside from sharing pictures, they could also get fishing information and angling tips from each other. 
Fishing Boats @ Lake Sabrina, Bishop Creek Canyon
Their pictures may inspire others to also experience the place. A lot of people who went to Bishop Creek Canyon for fishing, hiking, backpacking or simply nature exploring most of the time were inspired first by the beautiful contrasts in Bishop Creek Canyon through pictures. I am one of those people who came to see Bishop Creek Canyon after seeing inspiring pictures from this place. All thanks to the internet and some social media, it is now easier for me to travel and see inspiring experiences from others. Maybe, one of these days, I would be able to see fishing pictures of one of my friends holding their prize catch that breaks the record of fish caught at Bishop Creek Canyon. 
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  1. I would like very much to include the place to my list of playgrounds.

  2. Una preciosidad...precioso...un beso desde murcia

  3. OMG! This place is bizaare! I bet being here will give you peace of mind and relaxation! Geez wish I have a place like this nearby. LOL

  4. The Bishop Creek Canyon is truly magnificent. I am not that fund of fishing but with this kind of place and environment, I am sure I would give in. :)

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful sights Ate...

  5. I am lost for words to describe the beautiful contrasts in Bishop Creek Canyon that you have photographed...I wish that one day I could explore this place too! I would love to experience shore fishing at lake Sabrina! sigh...the vivid colors here are making me dreamy Betchai! stuff I only see in dreams these yah! :)

  6. Such a beautiful scenery, I think I could stay there whole day just watching the surroundings. So beautiful and relaxing!

  7. Magnificent photos. The reflection is like heaven touching the sky! This is what I love about your post, Betchai. You never failed to amaze me ever since from the start. I would like to go fishing with you someday. God bless.

  8. wow! para namang nanood ako ng sound of Music. amazing photos, betchai and good to know that you have a fun experience at Bishop Creek Canyon.

  9. Wow! the place is inviting, wish I am there today and enjoy the scenery and not freezing my butt off.

  10. the pictures are awesome! did yout take these yourself?

  11. I still got the bug for fishing and looking at the Trouts itches me to go back fishing! lol! Stunning photos as always and I enjoy every single photos and places you feature here:) Keep all the magnificent snaps coming ate Beth coz you have lots of fans who feels like they are already there visiting the place:)

  12. those are just amazing shots... galing nyo po talaga. i liked ur fb page na so i'll get updated once you've got a new post out so i can see those amazing pictures.

    thanks for sharing your talent. :))

  13. Beautiful views Sis Joy :-) I love the mountain and the creek looks so refreshing :-) I only been to San Francisco airport :-)

  14. Ang ganda naman jan!! California is such a beautiful state! Kaya nga gustong-gusto jan mag-retire ng asawa ko kase halos jan na lahat... =)

  15. i was amazed with the first picture pa lang, lalo na when i was scrolling it down...stunning shots of nature, i hope we can experience and see places like that someday, must be awesome to be there! :) thanks for sharing.

  16. the pictures are awesome..i did spot the small tiny winy's so nice to have the amazing natures you share

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  18. The pictures are amazing. When were they taken? I wonder when is the best time to go to see those autumn leaves.