Monday, February 25, 2013

Keeping the Joy of Blue And Peach

Reflecting in Hues of Friendship: Blue and Peach
If not probably for my love to explore our wonderful world at the backroads, I may not be as committed to take full control of my health and fitness. Though I indulge mostly in healthy foods, but I can't deny I have problems with portion control. :( When it comes to food, too much of even a good thing can still wreak havoc, such as the dreaded weight gain. We all know the inequality to weight loss: calories burned > calories consumed. For some people, it is easier for them to attain this inequality, thus they can always go back to their ideal weight. However, for others, where there may be some metabolic problems, exercise and dieting may be not enough that physicians would recommend supplements for them for weight loss. Raspberry keytones at present are the number one greatest fat burner. Aside from raspberry ketones, Dr. Oz featured some of the effective and fast fat-burning natural supplements. They include the green tea extract and the green coffee bean. Drinking supplements won't be that boring if incorporated in our favorite beverages, such as raspberry lemonade, or green tea mint tonic.  A lot of patients have attested the almost miraculous weight loss using these products. Some shared they have lost 18 pounds in one month using the green coffee bean extract. If paired with exercise and balanced diet of healthy and whole food, the weight loss would truly last. I am glad to know about these PureBio Health products because I actually love all 3: raspberry, green coffee and green tea!

I know I eat a lot. Despite that I eat mostly healthy foods, I know if I am not careful, I would still end up having problems with weight. I believe I burn the calories from over-eating by rewarding myself always with a joyful hike or walk with nature.

Maybe it also helps that I love drinking green tea and coffee, both well loved anti-oxidants. If one day I find myself having trouble with maintaining my weight, I know what safe, pure and natural health supplements I needed to add to my favorite drinks. I dedicate this post to two very dear blogging "besties" who are two of my inspirations to stay healthy and active. We dream of having a fly-high jumping picture together.  

The first one, being a medical doctor, I could attest she is committed to live what she prescribes her patients, empowering them to make healthy lifestyle changes. " Keep a balance diet, stay active, hydrate often, " I am sure are just some of the phrases she would often advise her patients that she also practice regularly. She is blessed with such joyful heart that rejoices in the simplest things, allowing her to give a touch of happiness to everything she endorses.
(picture grabbed from The Letters In November FB page )
She writes with the deepest soul that stirs and awaken emotions to the core. No wonder why she is adored by the three men in her life, her hubby and their two young boys.

The second one, a dental doctor, is one of my biggest slim-inspirations. Who would ever thought she has two kids with her very fit physique? No wonder why she is always on the go with K and G. A real time super mom, who after work, still have the time and the energy to play and wander around with her kids.
photo grabbed from Sweet Memoirs Page
She is simply ChER-rific, a member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Do Good With Food. All three of us met through Friendster, became closer through blogging, and bonded with a common cause:  giving some kids a chance to better their lives.
Lunch with CJ (front-right) and Ken Ray (front-left),  the two kids I sponsor from the earnings of this blog, The Joys of Simple Life. And Micah and Noynoy ( back-left) the two kids the TSS sponsors through the earnings of The Salitype Society's blog. with Mic, the President of Tapulanga Foundation.
I was blessed to have met in my last vacation in the Philippines my 2 blogging "besties" in The Salitype Society, Kulasa and Cher.
Sweet Memoirs, The Joys of Simple Life and The Letters in November joining as "THE SALITYPE SOCIETY" 
I was wearing yellow shoes (for Chay ) and Cher was wearing red shoes representing the other sisters of TSS. :) We surely are friendship inspired by many colors. :) Per the suggestion of Che, the facilitation of Zen, supported and cheered by Chay ( in our hearts, she was very much there), we spent our TSS met-up in Hospicio de San Jose for some gift giving.
Our schedules were kind of crazy at the time we three met. Just arriving at Manila the day before,the day we met, I had to be with my family by 7 pm for our trip to Sagada. Whereas Che had to be with family before they fly back to Singapore. While Zen had to rush back home for hospital duty. Because of time constraint, our dream of having a flying high jumping picture did not happen. But that dream is being lived. Hopefully, at some other time, in some other place, that dream will happen.
Kulasa's love for blue and Cher's love for peach are very contagious. Bringing their joyful thoughts in my nature hikes made me become more aware of the beauty of blue 
Blue for The Letters of November
and peach.
Peach for Sweet Memoirs
Keeping the joy of blue and peach makes me all the more excited to see blue and peach in one.
And much more when The Joys of Simple Life's Pink combines. :)
Because we still have to realize our jumping so high in the sky picture together, we all know we have to take control of our health to be able to enjoy more the priceless joys in life.
Dreamily, in one of my future posts, you will not see only me in the sky, but also, Kulasa and Cher. Flying high in the celebration of blue, peach, pink and more colors of friendship. Though maybe miles apart across the Pacific Ocean, but in the heart and mind there is no distance. Allowing the friendship to flow beautifully, and for dreams to happen.
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  1. Betchai!!!!!!!!!! whew, teary eyed here...sigh......thank you so much for this awesome tribute to our one in a million friendship! Had I not met you life would have been so different....not as inspiring, as meaningful and beautiful as it is today...with you and twinzy and the rest of TSS I have become more angelic and more driven to blog and live for a cause! It is amazing how technology brings people yah friend....lost for words now...having goose bumps :)

  2. awwwwwww, touched beyond words Beth and like Zen teary-eyed too! thanks for "allowing the friendship to flow beautifully and making dreams happen". you will always be one of my greatest inspirations in blogging and doing charitable deeds. you do much more than everyone knows and for that, I salute you big time.

    i agree with Kulasa, it would be not as inspiring have we not met you in person. sana maulit muli and i hope more TSS ladies will be able to join the fun of gift giving and celebrate awesome frienship that goes far beyond the blogosphere and FB. :D

  3. A beautiful post, Betchai! It was great for me to see that the three of you finally met, and you also get to see the two kids that you're sponsored.

    Keep on doing great things, Betchai..and may God bless you ten folds and beyond!!!

  4. This is a fantastic blogging world.

    It may not be a surprise if we will meet each other somewhere sometime.

  5. Awww such a tribute to your besties bloggie pals. Now I am envy hahaha. I wish that someday, I could meet you guys too. Your blogs are my inspiration as well..

  6. i read you very regularly and what i see in your eating is that it is a portion of "communion" with those you lovew and care about. You regular outdoor hiking and exploring just adds to a complete life and then you share your pictures with all of us and spread the joy even more! Keep on Beth, Keep on!

  7. This post is not only a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to your blog besties but is truly very inspiring as well. It only magnified that though it's very rare to find genuine blogpals but when they happen to come along, they can really be the "besties" of all :-) Indeed, itt gives pure joy to our hearts knowing that true friendship can evolve online.

    It's good to know that you all share the same causes, Betchai. I wish of meeting the 3 of you, too and be more inspired and touched by your personalities.

    Thanks for this lovely share. Love and hugs!

  8. It is indeed wonderful to spend time, be it travelling or eating with besties. They make a great difference in our lives.


  9. I know how it is to meet blogging friends in a foreign land. I already follow Zen and yes she writes wonderfully well and comes across as such a gentle and loving soul.
    Wonderful captures, have a lovely week ahead :)

  10. Beautiful ladies and other beautiful sceneries

  11. Betchai, you've a very active lifestyle so I guess your metabolism is still normal :) Unlike me, I have a sedentary job and I don't regularly exercise so I have a bulging tummy that no amount of diet or exercise can solve as long as my mentality is still in denial mode. :)

    Nice picture, as always!

  12. Awww! You have an amazing friendship Ate chai! ♥

    About the control ish, I do have that too. I'm on a master cleanse diet but sometimes, I just can't hold it. Especially my mom is persistent and she doesn't let me pass if I don't eat what she wants me to eat. Sometimes they're healthy foods and sometimes not.

    Good thing you have some friends to motivate you ate chai.

    btw, new follower here! ♥

  13. What lovely sentiments. It sounds like meeting up was wonderful.

  14. Your heart speaks it out. Lucky are you Betchai to have robbed elbows with two great minds in 'blue and Peach'.

  15. beautiful images... same with your friends or pretty much the friendship that you've got... sounds amazing to have a friend like you and to have friends like your friends.. :)

    cheers! :)

  16. About three years ago, I started gaining weight even if I didn't eat! I have to loose the weight if I want to be well again, even 3 to 5 pounds would do wonders!