Thursday, May 31, 2012

Redwood National Park

Foggy Coast At Redwoods National Park, CA
Sea covered by fogs, rocks, wildflowers, but where are the redwoods?

Dwarfed By Redwood
Redwood National and State Parks is a redwood forest right next to the ocean. Ocean life such as gray whales, sea stars, giant anemones, are at home with the world's tallest trees.  
Ochre Sea Stars @ Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park is a world heritage site and an international biosphere reserve protecting the ancient coast redwood ecosystem which contains some of our planet's tallest trees and oldest living things. 

To learn more about Redwood National Park, you can visit my previous posts on:
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3. Fern Canyon - a walk back in time with fern species whose ancestry can be tracked 325 million years ago. 
Redwood National Park is not only the home of the world's tallest trees, but it is also home to the diverse species that enjoy the foggy environment here. 

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  1. Those trees are so enormous. I always think we have big trees but ours are nothing compared to those.

  2. i can imagine how HUGE the trees are! i love the greens everywhere :)


  3. The fog made everything looks so mysterious, and pretty! Beautiful photos as always.

  4. so many places to go - this is very nice

  5. the trees are so big....
    i don't think so we have it over here......

  6. Looking at the trees, I love to know it is Sunday again.

    Can wait to hike, to wander, to murmur, to go gaga...


  7. You do traveled to to many interesting places, Betchai! The redwood trees are amazing, and so are the critters.

  8. Looks so serene and heavenly!! And so green, I love those areas with a mystical aura!
    Have a wonderful sunday:)

  9. In my head - Lord of the Rings!!! Those tallest trees look like they are walking (and talking).

    Beautiful place. Wonderfully captured sceneries.

  10. I like driving thru fog and imagining something really pretty coming out of there !

    I love those tall trees !


  11. Those trees look like they're hundred years and they're huge! It looks so calm and peaceful there. A good place to communicate with the Creator. Great photos Betchai.

  12. Since I was little I remember how wonderful those tallest trees ever by watching them in a television, i'm sure it's breathtaking when you get the chance to see them with your own two eyes.

  13. This is the place that hubby wants to re-visit and bring our little one.

  14. those trees and humongous!

    a forest and an ocean right next to each other? awe-inspiring Beth!

    been too lazy lately, was only forced to blog for fillers. hehehe. hope to get back my blogging mojo at saka marami pa akong utang na comments to you, Ruthi and Zen. ;)

  15. Aww! so awesome place and scenic beauty, Betchai you are so lucky to ever see and experience such a wonderful place.

  16. These trees reminds me of those I saw at the Sequoia National Park, although the General Sherman is a real giant :-) . It's not touted as the world's largest tree for no reason.

    I wish we get the chance to go somewhere with this kind of setting when the weather gets better.

  17. I so love that photo of you walking your way through the giant redwoods, Te Betchai! I only saw this kind of tree once and it's a lone giant tree in Dapitan where Rizal was exiled. Beautiful captures as always. You never disappoint!


  18. Oh... this is another place in our wish list! Kailan kaya? Hmmm... For now, thanks for letting us virtually journey and see the giant red woods! Great captures, as always! :)

  19. Wow the trees are so big... Amazing, sarap mag papicture.

  20. Those trees are humongous! A view of those photos makes me want to leave my house now to relax.

  21. Wow those tall trees will make me feel like midget lol. Beautiful!

  22. Wow! Look at how tall they are! Those trees are magnificent! It's great that the sea is nearby! The air there would be fantastic!

  23. Wow! Very tall trees! :) So green and beautiful. ♥