Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Love Love

Twitter a four lettered word that one could describe using all the letters of the alphabet yet one will not be able to comprehend without having to live it; one could ponder on it for ages but without having the openness to embrace it in its wholeness and complexity one is left in vain...for what good is LOVE that isn't expressed and what happiness is there in the silence of unrequited ardor?

            Today I realized that the time has come for me to talk about LOVE and all its intricacies to my thirteen year old son when I noticed that amongst the pile of books he has been reading in their room is one of Shakespeare's most popular archetypal stories of young, teenage lovers. A certain part of me fervently wishes he does not meet the arrows of Cupid in the near future just yet. Love is more than just complicated to the young. It is like a dagger that's enticing to look at and to hold with its sharp glistening edges and diamond and pearl studded handle. It could stab the misguided, imprudent youth straight to lifelessness and drive their soul to the most unimaginable tragedies. I am sounding old and so unlike the vulnerable young woman that I used to be. It is just that like any mother in this universe I fear for my son having to one day face the inevitable first broken heart. Aahhh having thought of these and everything else in between today and tomorrow that may or may not happen I took the book with me and had a heart to heart conversation with my son which led us to the life of William Shakepeare who lived in London in the 16th century. My younger son almost always interrupting my talks quipped "Mommy, why not visit London?" and "Please stop asking about our crushes, we do not have any!" -that phrase gave me a huge sigh of relief and gave me the energy to search for London Apartments which would be of huge help once we win the trip to the Olympics promo of a food chain we frequent.
     "Do you want to visit London for the Olympics 2012?" "Yes of course!," would be the ready answer of my family. How about yours? Our search led us to London Apartment Booking Service which specializes in London apartments , London hotels and Worldwide apartments for family travel, corporate travel and leisure travel using their vast knowledge of Central London sights, locations etc to offer a personal service to fit the clients' needs. Polly and Robert have 22 years of experience in London Apartments and want to help people have the best possible visit in their city where you can visit the sights of London easily and hassle free during the day, relaxing in your own London Apartment in the evening.
Having three kids of their own they are fully aware of the problems of finding good value accommodation in Central London. I am thrilled to learn that they have 19 and 13 year old sons and a 21 year old daughter. They have selected a number of London Apartments and B&B Hotels in Central London together with apartments in Europe and Worldwide where they would be happy to stay with their family and which they would like to share with everyone. They can be contacted through E-mail or Telephone found in their site.
     Above is a photo of the sunrise at our backyard. Being a self confessed romantic, I would love to view in person and take a photo of a London Thames Sunset panorama. Taking the time here to inculcate lessons on love to my son's mind and heart and hoping against all hope he could use them someday in his life to build a loving home for a family of his own at the right time.

"LOVE is like sunlight that visits those who are awake early in the day, giving life after the dimness of night."

submitted by Zen of The Letters Of November for The Joys of Simple Life

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  1. it is good to me a romantic, is it not?

  2. I been to Verona, Italy where William Shakespear wrote the Romeo & Juliet..
    It is a very romantic city...

  3. love love love this !!!!


  4. hahah, i always sing "Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love. All you need is love, all you need is love, All you need is love, love, love is all you need."--- this is my happy song Zen, so love love your post :)

    1. haha! i know and i sing that song too Beth! love love love!