Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina at Page

Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina, Page, AZ
The Wahweap Marina is one of the six marinas on Lake Powell, and probably the most visited marina in Lake Powell, being the most strategically accessible. Though most of Lake Powell is in Utah, but two of the most visited marinas, Wahweap and Antelope Point, are in Page, AZ. The marinas in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are more popular for water recreation, but then, the Glen Canyon provides variety of outdoor activities both on land or in water. One thing for sure, there are many hiking opportunities in the area. 

Buttes and Mesas at Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area preserves and protects 1.2 million acres of the Colorado Plateau. It is a vast landscape of colorful buttes, mesas, canyons and cliffs. 
 Its desert climate supports a complex and fragile ecosystem.
some wildflowers on Lake Powell's shore
The Glen Canyon Dam is the lifeline of the Southwest, bringing water to the populated cities of Arizona (Phoenix), Nevada (Las Vegas) and Southern California (San Diego and Los Angeles). 
view from Wahweap Marina viewpoint, late afternoon
 All the pictures in this post were from the Lakeshore Drive. Driving on the Lakeshore Drive, you will see these colorful bluffs, mesas, buttes and canyons that beautifully adorn and dominate the landscape.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is at the heart of the Grand Circle. Page has a local airport, Page Municipal airport (PGA), but flights coming in from other places to Page may not be as often. There are 3 bigger domestic airports about 2 hours from Page, these are: St. George and Cedar City, both in Utah, and Flagstaff in AZ. The nearest international airports from Page are in Las Vegas, NV (212 miles) and Phoenix, AZ ( 242 miles). If you are looking for some flight coupons, here is a coupon when you book a flight on air tran, though I am not sure if air tran flies to Page. But you can sure use it in other airports if your destination is somewhere else. Whenever I am travel planning, I search for deals available online, aside from researching places to explore. On top of finding cheap air fares, car rentals and hotels, I check Frugal Dad if there are any travel coupons we can use. It sure feels good most of the time if something becomes almost free with use of coupons on top of deals and other promo discounts.

Sunset at Stateline Arizona-Utah Border, Lake Powell

Going back to Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina in Page, whether you are here for a day or for a week, you will not run out of outdoor activities and inspiring photographic memories.

More about Page, AZ in my next post.
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  1. Travel cheap. I've seen this quite a lot in many travel blogs. Luxury accommodations usually take you away from the real experience.

    Glad to be able to visit the marina, even if it's just through your blog. I wish I'll be able to reach that place someday. :)

  2. as always I am breathless looking at those grand view Betchai! wildflowers always intensify the beauty of each place you visit...that sunset at lake Powell ahhhh I am lost for words....

  3. I am here whether for a day or a week all depends on how long you plan for the visit.

    I am a good follower.

  4. You traveled so well, and I'm always at awe to see your amazing capture of this earth. They are breath taking to behold.

  5. Your photos are always so beautiful. They make me want to check out other parts of the country.

  6. Brings back good memories of our own visit to Lake Powel. Great picture.


  7. Travel seems to be increasing so much in price, any way you can save is a plus. The setting above is lovely, especially the sunset scenes. I am sure it is much cooler then, too, betchai.

  8. Just amazing view, Betchai! I love the sky colors, and how it seemed to blend in the background.

  9. "Whenever I am travel planning, I search for deals available online" ~ sound very like me. did i make sense? lol!
    so happy with your overflowing blogging happiness Beth! too blessed to be stressed. :)

  10. Indeed inspiring. So wonderful. Have a great new week ahead.

  11. Nice place! I don't mind spending some time here : )

  12. beth, when i look at your nature photos, i cannot help but marvel at the greatness of God, Creator of it all - mountains, canyons, bluffs, mesas and, yes, the beautiful Wahweap Marina. i would love to visit this place someday! those tiny purple wild flowers on lake powell's shore make me smile. such bright colors against the brown landscape! i love it! thanks for taking us on yet another breathtaking nature trip with you, through these photos! and thanks for telling us about Frugal Dad. will definitely keep that in mind for future travel plans! more happy hiking/outdoor adventures for you, beth! take care always.