Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wild About Lupines

A Closer Look of the Alpine Lupines ( this shot is dedicated to kulasa and Tes,  fellow Salitype sisters, both lovers of wildflowers, and who I know will get wild on seeing this field of blue and purple lupines). 
Aside from fireweeds which I shared in my previous post, another abundant wildflower we saw in Alaska are lupines. My first sighting of wild lupines in Alaska is along Seward Highway.
My first lupine sighting in Alaska, along Seward Highway
My first lupine sighting was actually not really a lot, I had to really go down on my knees to make an impression of a field of lupines.
That's Me and that's where I shoot the first lupine picture above
The next time I saw lupines was when we were hiking to Harding Icefield. This time, it's not just small patches of lupines, but alpine slopes carpeted by lupines. Below is where we stopped for lunch during our hike.
Lupines and Exit Glacier, where we stopped for quick lunch ( or nutrition break)
My left-over subway sandwich never tasted sooooooo good and heavenly, what with the view of lupines among other wildflowers, mountains and Exit glacier in front of us, and the Resurrection River below. 
Lupines and the Resurrection River and Valley Below, from Harding Icefield Trail
As we went higher, the lupines seemed to be displaying wildly and profusely. The feeling was like climbing to the heavens with the lupines in the alpine slopes of Harding Icefield trail. 
Lupines, Snow, Exit Glacier and a Far Glimpse to Harding Icefield
for you, kulasa,More Blue Alpine Lupines, Can't Get Enough since I know you will delight in blue
A Lupine Paparazzi
Now, don't ask us how long did we take to reach Harding Icefield? Who would not stop and enjoy these field of wildflowers in the alpine anyway?
Wild About Wildflowers
And unlike my first lupine sighting, I no longer have to work as much to create an impression of a field of lupines, for the alpine trail to Harding Icefield is really a field of lupines. 
 for you Tes, wild blue/purple alpine lupines, wish to someday hike again with you
Lupines do not only spread profusely in the alpine slopes in Seward, they are pretty much abundant in lower elevation as well. 
Low Elevation Alpine, Seward Highway
 It seems lupines are very versatile, surviving the alpine conditions, and at the same time desert conditions. There are about 280 species of lupines, with major centers of diversity in South and western North America.   I have seen this beautiful wildflower bloom profusely near Southern California's coast, in inland hills and valleys, mountains and even in the hot and dry deserts. If you wonder how wild lupines in San Diego look like, they look very much alike to the alpine lupines,
Wild Blue/Purple Lupines in San Diego
Wild Blue/Purple Lupines in San Diego
though we also have a variety which is more pinkish/magenta.
Some Wild Pinkish Lupines in San Diego, sure do, the pink follows me :)
There are actually many colors of lupines, I saw some which is also white and yellowish in color, but oftentimes, I see them in our highways here where there is no opportunity to stop. I just learned recently, that without lupine, there will be no Karner blue butterflies for it is the lone host plant for the small Karner blue butterfly. 
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  1. The lupines are beautiful. Purple is my favorite color.

  2. Gorgeous, as in the sea of flowers, purple flowers.

  3. Beth, I am always mesmerized by your wild flower shots. So beautiful. Makes me want to stay outdoors all the time. :)

  4. My gosh, beautiful, and wonderful field of wild lupines, Betchai. I can see why there is a paparazzi of photographers.

    I saw homegrown lupines this year for the first time, and just love it.

  5. Love the blue and purple lupines! Beautiful! : )

  6. Great looking flowers. I'm especially gladthey exist forthe butterflies.

  7. the burst of color in contrast with the icy background is amazing.

  8. just awesome, I love also wild flowers!

  9. I really enjoy these flowers.I have planted many and not had good luck with them.

  10. Dear Betchai,
    Thank you so much for this post! You never fail to make me smile with sheer delight. I knew you would find "blue" and bring them home for me anywhere you go and it touches my heart and soul more than you will ever know. Those blue lupines make my heart go wild with joy too!!!!"

  11. such a wondrous trip again miss beth. loved the nutrition break! :-)

  12. purple-lovers should not miss this blog! thankz betchai for sharing this. really great. (",)

  13. I love looking at your joyful photos with camera on hand and you are like "lost in your own beautiful world".