Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sunshine Award

I usually do not post awards here, or tags and/or memes. Not that I do not support them, but I always have this itch to write about the joys I found in nature. There are so many joys I found in my exploring that I forgot to share here because there are just too many of them that sometimes those that I planned to write about become forgotten.

However, when I saw the tag that Tes, of The Craftista, gave me, I find it inspiring to share as well. It's like a getting to know you, and I always get excited to learn more from others aside from what they write as well. Now, I am taking this time to answer the tag before I forget about this again.

Thank you, Tes, for giving me this opportunity to share these 10 simple things about me.

First, about the rules for receiving the award:-
a. Thank the person who gave you the award.- I did :)
b. Write a post about it and answer the 10 questions below.- sure I did :)
c. Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know- I apologized to not follow the 10, instead I am giving special thanks to special people in this post.

The Questions:
01. My favorite color: Pink
I Sure Jumped in Joy on Seeing Many Fields of Pink 
02. My favorite animal: Dog
Dog Speeding Downhill While the Man Uses Skii to Gain Speed
03. My favorite number: I really do not have one.

04. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: Coffee

05. Facebook or twitter: I have both, but I am not very familiar with Twitter.

06. My passion: Hiking, Riding Ocean's Waves, Nature Get-Away

07. Getting or giving presents: Both

08. My favorite food: Rice, all time. I cannot live without it.

09. My favorite day of the week: Saturday

10. My favorite flower: all flowers are beautiful to me, but I am presently fascinated by fireweeds, dominant wildflowers in Alaska.
Fireweed, up close
My First wildlfower sighting in Alaska, fireweeds and milkweed, Seward Highway
More Fireweeds along Seward Highway
Fireweed and Rainbow, Parks Highway, Denali
Fireweed, Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway ( actually inside Matanuska Glacier Park)

See? they all delight with pink shade, my favorite color :)

Anyway, it is really difficult to choose only ten people out of the many friends I have made here in the blogosphere. Instead, I will give everyone the freedom to share something about themselves if they wanted to.

My special thanks however to the following special blogging friends who had been with me through the years, who had inspired me to blog through their enthusiasm and joys. I am referring to my earliest blogging friends who I had met in blogosphere and who continued to add joy to my life each time they leave their mark. I do not know if they know that they are the very first 6 blogging friends I met and had contributed greatly to my growth here in the blogosphere, and their visits always made me jump for joy. I am so glad to have them still around after several years of blogging. 
1. Ruthi of My Refuge Online - she leads the blogging way, I follow :) thanks for being a mentor and a friend Ruthi.
2. Melissa of Melissa's Homeschool
3. Icy of Wandering Thought- I really thank Icy for all the moral and technical support she extended to me and ways to monetize my site.
5. Ratty of Everyday Adventurer
6. Rainfield of My Journey

To all the others, I am so glad for your presence here, and for the inspiration you brought my way each time you visit.  Quoting Tes again, "Thank you guys for tirelessly visiting my blog and for leaving your marks on the pages of my life. Am loving the friendship! :)" I am really loving each pages of my life because of YOU!
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  1. Congratulations on a well-deserved award. Your choices to pass it on are excellent as well.

  2. You deserve every award you get, and more. Your blog was one of my very favorites from the first time I read it, and it still is. Your adventures are some of the most impressive out there.

  3. Betchai... thank you for the friendship.

  4. I am still here.

    And your Fireweed and Rainbow are perfect match.

    They match.

  5. so love this post of yours wonderwoman...all the pink and your words inspire me...long live the Joys of Simple Life...thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the world that i used to not notice yah:-)

  6. i must add, that one with the rainbow is sooooooo beautiful!!!

  7. Congratulations! I always enjoy reading about your outdoor adventures and seeing your beautiful pictures.

  8. What lovely flowers! Perfect for Weekendflowers* So if you like.... :) LG tina

  9. Oh Betchai, you're so kind to pass it on to me. Thank you for being such a special friend to me, and I'm always glad to have met you.

  10. it is a joy to read more abt u as a person other than the nature pics u usually post. i found that i actually know u quite well already as a person based on the 10 u shared. if it was in the format of a quiz, i might have scored :)

  11. Nice to get to know you a bit more! I'm a little surprised at the pink.

  12. This is a lovely and remarkable tag. You also answered with photos and the wildflower field, it's lovely!

    Seeing you have a wonderful outdoor life is so fascinating!


  13. You made this award-tag look and sound interesting and not done in ausual short, interesting and unusual!