Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Can Be More Fun?

What happens when cousins get together?

Well, just like when they were younger, they color the world FUN!!! Their kind of FUN!!!!

What Can Be More Fun Than Exploring Our Beautiful World on Foot?

And Enjoying The Heavenly Sights on Earth?

What Can Be More Fun Than Dancing With The Breeze?

And Then Fooling Around?

What Can Be More Fun Than Laughing Your Heart Out Loud?

Maybe Having The Wings To Fly?

But do we have the wings to fly? 

Oh well, yeah, sometimes!! :)

A mechanized wings! 

Temporary it may be, but sometimes, we do have the urge to fly, to see the world, and go around. 

How fun would it be that even without wings yet you always soar on high? 

Will that even be possible?

Ahhhh, the joys of simple is!!! 

I heard the buzz, I dashed, hopped in, and joined the e-fun at and who knows? 

Maybe, soon, when you fly KLM, you will see that giddy picture of mine enjoying "The Joys of Simple Life"? Or maybe, it would be of you? Yes, YOU! If you respond to the invitation of KLM to join their e-fun by 
1. go to
2. create a delft blue tile portrait like what I did above! 
3. click join the contest
4. just enter your name and email!

And who knows? You'll find yourself soon be always soaring high?!Ahhh, what can be more fun indeed than simply having fun? 

Say it......
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  1. It is so good to keep seeing your smiling face.

  2. I am so glad i found your site. Fantastic photos - thank you!!

  3. so much good mood!thanks for all this positive energy:-)))+ a very sunny weekend...

  4. That would be nice to fly, and seeing the world.

    Love the photos of you and your cousin in the flower field, Betchai.

  5. It sure is fun to see you two having fun, and smiling.

  6. Both of you look so happy! Love those smiling faces!

  7. It looks like such a great place to have fun.

  8. I think the trendy color for this year is yellow....everywhere I see , yellow dresses, shoes and accessories, and even yellow blogs....hehhe! Love the pics.

  9. i couldnt help smiling back seeing that smile :)

  10. I wished I could fly either way...with wings and on the plane. I could use a break.

  11. So colorful and fun! Happy cousins' day... :=)


  12. Those are some great photos. It looks like so much fun.

  13. Great post! You two are a hoot! I love the bald eagle picture.

    That KLM contest would be great to win! I flew them business class to Rome ( frequent flyer miles ) from San Francisco for my 65th birthday...what luxury...sleeper seats, fabulous food and wine, an unforgettable experience.

  14. I understand the fun part, I had a blast too with my parents coming over here =)

  15. now everything here sounds and looks so much fun!

  16. I am looking for flowers to grow myself for my wedding in September. I would prefer them to be bright purple and lemon yellow flowers. I do know that it is a huge inconvenience to grow my own flowers but I am on a strict budget. Thanks guys and gals.Thanks

  17. Beautiful surroundings with lovely people smiling all is beautiful indeed!

  18. Love those flowers and the beautiful scenery. Great photos and post!

  19. You guys have the best moments, this reminds me when I'm with my cousins too, we get along so well that we seems to be just like kids again...

  20., mmm... intruguing site. Anyway, I had to look at the pictures twice because I really loved them. You don't like jump shots, do you? ;) I bet you've been to a lot of places. Cheers to more happy travels!

  21. You guys are flying like the free birds out there. Love the fun bonding!

  22. Love the pics as always especially the sunflower field (may ganun ba?). I haven't had a jump shot ever. Hmmm... that may well be the next project I'm going to assign husband. He is my official paparazzi anyway (lol).

  23. Happy photos! These are the kinds of photos I enjoy seeing in your blog sis Betchai! Your blog inspires me to be more earth-bound and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.

    It's so nice to see your jumping pics. I can never do such thing. Gravity is always pulling me back to the ground...and physics too! (HEAVY kasi! hahahaha)

  24. now how fun is that...I wish I have cousins in the area! I love all the vibrant and lovely!

  25. Ahh... this is a very beautiful post! It's so nice to see your smiles Ms. Betchai with your cousin! I can almost hear your laughter as a matter of fact! Indeed, the world is so fun to conquer and face when we're with someone who share the same passion like we do. Like our cousin(s)...

  26. So fun indeed, Te Betchai! Everything is there in your smiles! The eyes just lit up infront of the camera! The jump shots are picture perfect!

    Will be looking forward for your Weekend Wandering Series Te Betchai. Should be fun! ;-)