Thursday, January 16, 2014

Toadstool Trail, Paria Rimrock Hoodoos, UT


Betchai and The Toadstools

In  my post K Ka-Boom at Kelso Sand Dunes, I mentioned that nature has its special way of bringing the child in us. The experience is the same at Toadstool Trail. Seeing and being up close with the toadstool hoodoos tickled the child in us and we could not help it but just simply enjoy what the hoodoos have to offer. There is always something magical with the hoodoos, it was only this year's spring when the hoodoos haunted us back to Bryce Canyon National Park to enjoy the hoodoos wonderland. Never would have I thought that in the same year I would have fun with the hoodoos again, but in another nature wonderland.

Toadstool Trail is west of Glen Canyon Dam, between mile marker 19 and 20 in Utah near the Arizona border. The start of the trail is on a sandy wash, however, after a while, the soil becomes firmer and easier to walk on. The hike to the hoodoo garden is short and easy and can be enjoyed by all members of family. It is about 1.5 miles round trip, maybe a little bit more if you explore further the hoodoo garden. There are some parts of the trail that requires a little bit of scrambling, but then, it is a fun type of scrambling, not really difficult. In less than a mile, as you ascend a small hill, you will get your first glimpse of the toadstool hoodoos.
White Hoodoo

The above hoodoo is one of the bigger hoodoos that you will first see as you descend and ascend to the toadstool garden. Hoodoos are pillars of rock left by erosion, and they take in so many shapes and forms, that depending on one's imagination, can be any character.
Hoodoo Garden

It is hard for me to identify the characters I saw in the rock formations above, but somehow, the white one above reminds me of a happy hen, sometimes, a happy poodle, and sometimes, I just say, a happy hoodoo. :)

The more popular hoodoos in the area are that of the toadstools, which are mushroom shaped rocks.
Red Toadstools and Hikers Below

The above toadstool hoodoo is probably the most photographed hoodoo in the park. The toadstool picture that you will see at the trail head is this red toadstool. However, there are so many hoodoos in this garden, looking like mushrooms, of different shapes. Perhaps our favorite find is this mushroom hoodoo,
Toadstool Hoodoo by betchai

You may have seen this hoodoo before in my post summarizing our thanksgiving desert trip. However, this one is probably our most photographed toadstool. The above picture was taken by me, and the picture below was taken by my husband.
Toadstool Hoodoo by Khai

How big is this toadstool hoodoo? The picture below shows my cousin picturing our most photographed toadstool hoodoo.
My Cousin Picturing one of the Toadstools

And here are some pictures from the hoodoo garden in the Toadstool trail.
Hoodoo Garden
When the Sun is Out, the Shadows Will Play
( What Do you see?)
I love these hoodoos, when I first saw them, I happily told my husband, "Look, ducks!" But then, my husband told me, "no, it look like poodle to me", and when I asked my cousin if she agrees with what I saw, she said, "they are more like cute little doggies for me". Oh well, I still call them my "pretty ducks!" :)
Hurry, Hurry, before it gets dark
( my husband and my cousin hurrying to get back to trail head before it gets totally dark, whereas, I can't stop still from taking picture )
One more last look at the hoodoos before I too ran before darkness invades the trail
We were not the last who got in the hoodoo garden, but definitely, we were the last to leave :) Haha! It is hard to let go of the child in us sometimes when we are enjoying so much the artistry of nature that no man can equal.
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  1. HI Betchai! More blogging time?

    I like those rock formations, I also see a poodle, so many forms playing in my mind!

    How are you going to celebrate your new year?

  2. Those rock formations are amazing. I saw pretty ducks too... and the shadow playing... it looks like a lizard climbing the rock.

    Good thing you have more time blogging now. Taking advantage of the holidays huh.

  3. Fascinating post! I love the lighting in the beautiful images. That one rock looks like a poodle with a duck bill to me. :D

  4. What an amazing place to see, especially gorgeous as the sun is setting. I didn't see a poodle...looks like a French Foreign Legion soldier to me..but, then, I am wierd!

  5. Toadstool weird. :p These rock formations are unique.

    Happy New Year. :)

  6. Those are so amazing! I agree with you, I saw a duck.

  7. Wow..looks like a wonderful place to spend the day, and I like all of your toadstool pictures!

    At first, I thought they are ducks just like you, but then Khai is also right, they also look like poodles..

    Oh, the shadow one is so fun!

    Amazing post, betchai! This is why I miss you..

  8. You must have felt like Alice in Wonderland when you were standing among all of those giants, especially the mushrooms. I think the animal ones look like part dog and part duck.

  9. Miraculous..!!

    If you name seven wonders of nature..this is surely one of them :)

  10. Your pix really make me wanna go there. Nature is just plain amazing.

  11. Very cool place! I thought the ducks and poodles were a flock of sheep.

  12. oh my goodness, u r surrounded by all these lovely nature landscapes... makes me wish i was having a holiday in yr area

  13. Beautiful sights really bring out the child in us! Hehe... On the rock formations, I see both duck and poodle...or perhaps because it has been mentioned already -hihihi. Your photos never fail to amaze us, Beth! They also inspire me in my quest to see awesome places like those! You are truly blessed to see those places and we're thankful you share your blessings wonderfully and generously through your posts!

  14. betchai, it looks like a duck initially, then it transforms into my poodle.

    It is so fun to have the movie played in my mind theater.

  15. I saw the duck too!!! SO awesome!
    You said you going to the mountain, how do you blog from there?

  16. thanks a lot everyone.

    @ Vanilla Seven, I am back home now, we only spent a day at the mountains. Actually, we have some mountains so close to home too :)

  17. OMG betchai, these are so cool. I love them. I see ducks, poodles and even what looks like a pig :D Fantastic photos. Have a spectacular New Year betchai.

  18. In the next few months, we will be learning about rock formations. I think I will have the kids look at your blog, to see some of the most unique rock formations around.

  19. Fantastic rock formations. Great shots, you captured it so well.

    Thank you for visiting my blogs. I guess i must peek in here again next time :).

    Thank you po. Happy New Year to you and to your family.

  20. You took fantastic pictures!

    Icy said that your photos should be in National Geographic magazine, and she is right!

  21. IDK it looks like a duck to me.
    I was there in Oct. how did I miss this. I was also the last one to leave & was really dark. Got back to the main road about 6 yards from the parking lot. Had to hike up a hil & climb a fence, couldnt see $^#$. This place was really cool. Was wondering if I didnt go far enough. I regconize most stones in pics but not all. It seems once you got to the garden w/ the big wall you couldnt go any further. Im gald I didnt because I already was lost getting back. Would of been 50 yards off parking lot if I went futher.

  22. What amazing photos. I just love the looks.