Monday, February 08, 2010

Fun Friday: P is for Pelican

California Brown Pelican
It's Fun Friday again in our Blogging for Fun Group. This Friday we are working on letter P. Since my last post was about coastal birds, I decided to make a post on one of the most conspicuous birds that can be found in the San Diego coast: the California brown pelican. 
Pelican Up Close
The brown pelican is one of the eight species of pelicans. Unlike the white pelicans which I mostly see in the inland lakes of San Diego, the brown pelicans are very much coastal, they mostly stay along the shore. I love watching the brown pelicans do the synchronized dive for fish from the air. In fact, one of the distinction of brown pelicans from the white pelicans is that the brown pelicans group dive for fish from the air, whereas the white pelicans do cooperative fishing from the surface. 
Pelicans in Flight
The brown pelicans have five subspecies, which are:  P. o. californicus (California Brown Pelican) ; P. o. carolinensis (Eastern Brown Pelican) Gmelin, 1789; P. o. occidentalis (Caribbean Brown Pelican) Linnaeus, 1766; P. o. murphy (Pacific Brown Pelican) Wetmore, 1945; P. o. urinator (Galapagos Brown Pelican) Wetmore, 1945
It's a Party!
Where the pelicans are, usually the gulls are also there, a mixed party you would say.
Sea Gull and Pelican
Pelicans and Sea Gulls
Well, the pelicans are fishers, whereas the gulls often try to steal the fish right out of the pouch of pelicans as the pelicans drain the water from its bill after a dive. Sometimes, the gulls would even perch on the pelican's head or back and reach in for the fish. Before, I simply thought that sea gulls simply love and adore the pelicans for their size, but now, I understand better why it seem the gulls love to party with the pelicans. The pelicans, on the other hand, is not above stealing fish from other sea birds. 
Here are some more pictures of California brown pelicans I took over the years here in San Diego.
I wonder what these pelicans think as they watch the kayakers
Have a happy Friday everyone, and a good weekend ahead.
- Betchai-

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  1. Great macros on Pelican and Seagull betchai. You really living an exciting life there :)

  2. It's a party alright Wow there are so many if them. :p

  3. We have tons of pelicans here in Florida, too. Most of the time you only see them when you get closer to the ocean, but once in a while they will come more inland, and be right on your front yard. We have only seen that twice in the five years we have been here.

  4. Gorgeous photos of the pelicans, betchai. When I saw them in California, I found them fascinating to watch..

  5. I have never seen so many pelicans! The southern tip of our State has so much adorable sea creatures. The macros are great that I could see one of them with a fish in its bill. Great job on the P's!

  6. Such big fascinating birds, it's nice to get a good look at them in your close-ups. I love their fuzzy heads. :)

  7. oh1 i love the up close and personal shot, betchai!

    wish we had them here but all i can take a picture of are seagulls...


  8. I just love how these birds bow their heads without hurting their necks.As I was looking at the pictures,I couldn't help but remember the movie "Finding Nemo." There's a bird (named Nigel) in that movie that looks like a pelican but I'm not 100% sure if it is. Other birds in the movie also look like seagulls but i'm not sure either hehe.They all look almost alike.

  9. Wow!! Do you know what I have seen?

    The Pelican flies like a dinosaur.

  10. I always liked pelicans. They were some of the first birds I remember in cartoons. They always made their pouches look much bigger than they really are.

  11. Great photos of pelican, Betchai! I haven't seen one here in the Philippines.

  12. Okay, where's his fish?
    Great shots!

  13. hi ms beth. absolutely gorgeous. i have to agree with them, you are having a grand time and hoping that one day i can join you. :-)

  14. Oh Betchai, all the photos are beautiful! The macro is really clear. I had fun taking photos of pelicans, they are so friendly! Your photos came out so bright and fun. It inspires me to go back and take photos again of the pelicans in the port that Doods and I discovered. We discovered it by accident and are now very eager to return! Hehe. It was an overcast when we discovered the place, but took photos all the same! Teehee. We would love to go back one sunny day. Do not get tired of my gratitude, dear friend! Thank you for inspiring us with your wonderful photos, Beth! :)

  15. love the last pic most. believe it or not this is the first time i have seen pelicans. beautiful birds

  16. Gosh, it looks like a pelican party! Was this in La Jolla? They look so graceful when they fly.

  17. Pelicans are beautiful birds! :)

  18. All these are great pelican shots. I love the perspective of the shots with the kayaks.

    I never seem to get goo shots of pelicans.

  19. Wow Betchai! You made the pelicans a lot more attractive looking than they really are! Awesome pictures!

  20. photos are absolutely gorgeous.