Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Our Way to Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sunflower Field, 
You may wonder why I posted this way much later after I already have several posts regarding Lassen Volcanic National Park which are: Bumpass Hell, Manzanita Lake and Lake Helen. Actually, I myself don't even know the reason why :) All I know is that if I make one post of our summer trip, it would take me a very long time to write about them, and your eyes may get tired with so many pictures in one post. Thus I had to share the places we've been in installment. However, I did not want also to stay too long in one place, so what I did was to share the highlights of each park we visited first. Now that I think I am done with the highlights of our summer trip at the Klamath Region Circle of Parks , I will be sharing here some beautiful sights and places we visited during our trip.
Sunflower Field as Far as Your Eyes Can See
On our way to Lassen Volcanic National Park, somewhere in Sacramento Valley area, we pass farmlands after farmlands, and there were several acres of sunflower farms in sight as well. Since our trip is not always about the destination, we usually take our time to stop and enjoy whatever sights we see along the way. And one of those places we stopped to enjoy the scenery is at this marvelous sunflower farm. It was amazingly yellow as far as your eyes can see, on both sides of the highway. 
Field of Sunflower
How huge are these sunflowers? Here are some pictures up close, 
Sunflower Up Close
From afar, you can not see the bees, it was just all yellow, however, if you take a closer look, you will see a lot of bees enjoying the sunflower, always as busy as they can be. I can't blame them, they have wonderful flowers to feast on.
Sunflower and the Bees
Now, the pictures above really look warm and "summery". Even the two pictures that follow look as warm as they can be.
Creek We Spotted on Our Way to Lassen
Lassen Volcanic National Park Entrance
However, as we go higher in elevation inside the park, the scenery changes. 
Exposed Colored Earth, Lassen Volcanic National Park
And from afar, the coldness of Lassen Peak was greeting us.
 Lassen Peak from Afar
( Lassen Peak is the largest plug dome volcano in the world and is the Southernmost volcano in the Cascade Range )
And here was I, at the trailhead of our very first hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park, in an atmosphere so different from the warm sunflower pictures above. Only that you can tell from my attire, that despite of the snowy surrounding, well, it was still, summer!
@ Bumpass Hell Trailhead
If you miss my post on Bumpass Hell, you can find it here.
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  1. Wow, look at all those flowers! I like how you took a wide-angle shot down to an individual flower. Did you catch any fish?

  2. Gorgeous field of Sunflowers! I never seen so many Sunflowers in one field.
    Very suitable for music video clip shooting :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Sunflowers everywhere... i like them so much... i planted as a kid every year some in our garden.
    It's amazing how fast they can grow to such a big size!

  4. Amazing pictures as always. The sunflowers are almost blinding.

  5. The sun flowers are amazing. It's nice to see that you make time of unscheduled stops, I think it's these stops that can make a holiday worthwhile.

  6. Post them as often as you want, betchai! I love your photos and your adventures. It gives me a feel of being there!

    Gorgeous pictures of the bees and the sunflowers!

  7. What a wonderful surprise finding a huge field of sunflowers along your way. I love the picture at Lassen Volcanic Park with the exposed colored earth and pine trees.

  8. simply awesome. i particularly like the 7th pic

  9. Those sunflowers are superb!
    Great pictures!!

  10. I have not missed any of your post, but I miss my travel to all your places of interest.

  11. Wow! I love looking at the sunflower field! Ang gaganda ng pics.

  12. Those fields of sunflowers are so GORGEOUS!!! All your photos are marvelous.

  13. ambilis mong mag-post, beth, bilib na ako sayo...and they're all exquisite. this post reminds me so much that i lack yellow in my wardrobe, hihihi....

  14. The sunflowers remind me of North Dakota. How odd that there is a big flat field with all the mountains.

  15. I love the creek, it makes me want to jump right into it.reminds me of my precious childhood moments with my siblings and friends.We used to take a plunge in a clear river not so far from our house.hey, as to my "secrets," i'll email them to you. hehehe

  16. my gosh!!!! i love the sunflowers... the creek.. you have an amazing life... wish malapit tayo para sama ako always sa trip nyo.. heheheh...

  17. so it was not chilly at all despite the snow?

    I can't imagine seeing that much sunflowers! Good thing the bees were too busy to mind all of you guys shooting photos there.

    all the photos are great, nothing less from you betchai!

  18. Wonderful field of sunflowers....and great photos you got of them the closeups.
    Thanks for coming to my Textile Art Quilt Blog today and leaving a comment. I'm glad you like my Sunflower Quilt.

  19. Seeing all of those sunflowers is great. That sea of yellow made me try to look deep into the photo. And then the pictures afterward were perfect. I liked the way you ended with the snow. It was like a cool breeze in a warm summer.

  20. breathtaking as always! would love to sit, relax and savour natures gift with you in the creek. :)

  21. Betchai i simply love sunflowers, we always buy sunflowers in the market or sometimes in a "pick yourself" flowers around here, your pictures are so alive Beth, thanks Kimchai for bringing us again close to nature.

  22. wow! i wish i could gather the flowers!

  23. Have never got the chance to see the whole field of flowers like this yet. They are so beautiful.

  24. Incredible ... nice to see you back!

  25. Beautiful photos! I like the field of sunflowers the most! Instead of bed of roses, I would call it, bed of sunflowers!!

    Also, the creek is so clear and clean.....lovely!!

    Debbie :)