Friday, December 06, 2013


fall colors at school
I know, it seems like each year, I publish here a "forever fall" post. :) Anyway, it was incredibly sunny today ( but chilly ) that I was inspired to take some snaps of fall colors outside my classroom. As I took it, this wish was silently brewing in my heart.....

Blue Sky, can you please stay?
Till tomorrow when it is time to play?

Ahhh, there is actually a forecast of rain and low elevation snow in San Diego County tomorrow. Coastal areas don't get snow because of the moderation of temperature by the Pacific Ocean, but usually the higher elevation would still get snow. I really do not mind rain and snow, but I kind of wish for rain and snow on weekdays when most are at work and blue sky on weekends when it's time to play! :) Hahha!! Anyway, we are at low elevation and closer to the sea, so I do not worry about snow, and I love hiking in rain still. So, rain or shine, just got to play tomorrow. 

Oh, the picture above is a forever fall, because the colors usually stay until February. :) San Diego is like a "forever fall and forever spring" county!
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  1. The colors of fall are beautiful, Betchai..I can never have enough looking at all of these beauties!

  2. Gorgeous collage of fall colors. Just lovely! Have a happy weekend!

  3. take care ms beth. i heard about the news about snow in california...

    i also like autumn very much but this year i am not sure i haven't felt it that much. suddenly it's winter here haha

  4. Fall is also my favorite season of the year, though i do not like what comes next! I happen to love the temperature during the summer more, but the colors of fall aare breath taking!

  5. Forever is a fantastic word.

    Forever young!

  6. I was wondering really before reading whether I already read the post since the forever fall title is familiar :) Turns out it is another "fallever" beautiful collage that warms the heart :)

  7. oooohhh, i so miss the sunny but chilly weather! i loooove fall next to spring! SD is really my dream place to be!!! :)