Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pismo State Beach Butterfly Grove

Where are the buttrerflies? Let me start you with images around the Butterfly Grove.
Oceano Sand Dunes
The scenery above may look a barren desert, where the vast sand may deceive you that this place is as hot as it can be. But is this place in the desert? Is this place hot? The picture below may probably answer the two questions.
Is He Running Away From My Lens? haha!
Though I have shared several posts here about some desert even coated with snow and ice, but oftentimes, the appearance of sand and red rocks give an impression that it is hot. Behind the barrenness above, are pieces of nature's puzzle that if you put together, you will realize that there is only ONE who created all these artistry that no man can equal. HE put all these together for everything serves a GREAT purpose.

Are We In The Desert? Nature's Cruves @ Oceano Dunes
The massive sand dune system above, the second largest sand dune system in California, is the location of the 1923 movie, "The Ten Commandments". Even though the above sand dune may be composed of moving sands that are deprived of nutrients, yet, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Around it, is a refuge for wildlife.
 Oso Flaco Lake, next to this sand dune
Around the sand dunes are a diverse variety of birds, and the sand dune itself is the refuge for the endangered snowy plover. Oceano Sand Dunes, which I featured in my previous post, is actually adjacent to two bodies of water, the ocean and the lake. 
 Birds' Haven @ Oceano Sand Dunes
The beach, the lake and the sand dunes here are lined by trees that provide a safe shelter to another group of wildlife, the monarch butterflies.
 Grove of Monarch Butterflies (can you count how many butterflies are there in the picture above? )
The grove of butterflies in the above picture is actually in very close proximity to Oceano Sand Dunes. The area is not only popular for the sand dune ATV riders, 
ATVs at Oceano Dunes (sometimes referred to as Pismo State Beach Sand Dunes )
but also for bird watchers and for monarch butterflies.
@ the Butterfly Grove, Pismo State Beach
The Pismo beach butterfly grove is one of the largest butterfly groves in the United States. The monarch butterflies that live East of the Rockies migrate to Mexico in the winter. Whereas, the monarch butterflies that live west of the Rockies migrate to the coast of Central California and Southern California.  
 The butterflies are not only found on eucalyptus trees but also on cypress trees, in fact, they find shelter in any tree that would protect them from the strong frigid wind.
 Up close picture, butterfly on Eucalyptus
 Butterfly on Cypress Tree
Seeing and experiencing the butterfly migration was probably my favorite experience during our thanksgiving week vacation at Big Sur. It has always been in my wish list to see a lot of butterflies, I was blessed not only with a dozen, not only with a hundred, not only with a thousand, but tens of thousands of butterflies at the Pismo State Beach Butterfly Grove.
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  1. Wow Sis... you finally took lots of photos of hundreds or thousand butterflies. awesome

  2. Wow..wow..I love your butterfly shots! It's so stunning and amazing to see!

  3. seems a lot of fun on the ATV...
    sorry for not commenting.. been busy lately..

  4. so beautiful
    and you have put it down in words beautifully

  5. Am I in a desert?

    Are you in a desert?

    Is it a desert?

    Mesmerizing, is mesmerizing, is being mesmerizing,

    then I see butterflies.

  6. So many pretty butterflies!! And I loved the post! Beautiful captures.
    Have a lovely week Betchai :)

  7. I've never seen so many butterflies! I love your pictures so much, Betchai..

  8. Wow! I've never seen so many butterflies before. Beautiful.love,love it Betchai.

  9. There, I see hundreds of butterfly. Fascinating shots betchai.

  10. Betchai, you always post beautiful pics which make me want to go back to California! Pretty pics and the vista is breath taking! Thanks for sharing them. I now have ideas where to go to when we visit again.

  11. I have said this umpteen times in the past and I have to say this again. You're one blessed soul to be located in the area you are now, Betchai. Simply breathtaking! These captivating photos you're sharing with us is simply God's manifestation how miraculous and wonderful His omniscient power is. Thanks for sharing these lovely creations with us. I feel blessed and inspired each time I land here at your blog. Please keep them coming.

  12. I don't know if he is running away from you, but his shadow shot sure looks awesome!

  13. i love the photos especially the "Oso Flaco Lake" why i always love photographs and in this Blog i find most amazing photos there is in the net :)

  14. weeeeeee! lapit na 27 Beth! haha! sorry been so busy, no time to blog hop. i have to join comex pa para wala akong excuse not to. hehehe!

    another awesome post! would love to ride ATV with you there and be stunned by the beauty of the cold desert. and oh, the butterflies! they make me heart flutter! :D

  15. A sight to behold! I love those butterflies!

  16. Amazing photos of God's wonderful creation! Simply breathtaking Betchai!

    Thank you very much for sharing this. :)

  17. Wow, those butterflies are really beautiful. I had to pause for a moment to stare on them. Their vibrant colors are so appealing.

  18. Great picture and Ive watched the 10 commandments so this is where they shoot the 10 commandments? nice.... Ang ganda talaga! Breathtaking

  19. WOW! Amazing photos! You're really lucky to see such amazing sights and for capturing such beautiful shots. Love the butterflies :)

  20. Wow, I didn't know they shoot the Ten Commandments movie in California! All the while, I thought it was somewhere in the Middle East.. I remember one scene from the movie, where Moses fled Egypt and he was walking in the desert when he encountered a big sandstorm.. Cool, sa CA pala yun!! Parang gusto ko ulet mapanuod ang Ten Commandments ;)

  21. ang ganda po talaga nang mga kuha nyo. i'm sure if you'll enjoy a contest ull sure win... though i'm not sure i thnk u already won somehow...

    cheers to all you work.. :)