Friday, August 05, 2011

If Life's A Beach

CA Sea Lavender Lined Trail Next to The Beach
Life is a it? Some say, "life is a get drown...", while others say, "life's a beach, ride the waves of life, surf it up, and calm it down." I love beach, and actually the second quote is my thoughts about beach :) Sometimes I think, if life's a beach, then I am living life. But we all do live life, which makes life more than just a beach :)
Life is more than just a beach, more than just a hike, more than just a climb, more than just flying, for life isn't simple, but its complexities make it beautiful and fun living. 
Talking about beautiful living, one beautiful city in the East Coast I just learned while surfing for places is Wilmington in North Carolina. This beach city is located between Cape River and Atlantic Ocean. Though a popular tourist town in North Carolina because of its beaches, outdoor recreation, foods and culture, but definitely it is more than just a tourist town. It is home to University of North Carolina at Wilmington, regional medical center and to Screen Gems Studios- one of the largest motion picture and TV studios outside of Hollywood. This is where Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill were filmed. Tourists at Wilmington are reminded of the city's rich history by the grand old homes and tree-lined boulevards which make this place one of the most beautiful small cities in the South. The homes in Wilmington are beautiful, I got excited to see a wooded house like the one below
with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths for $379,000. A house close to the beach with your own wooded backyard and beautiful lush garden at a very reasonable price is very attractive. If you are planning to relocate to Wilmington, I found one realty site, BlueCoast Realty Corporation, which will make your home search easier. You can search by map, by type of property, or by subdivision. I like these feature since I usually wanted to see the proximity of the house to the essentials, such as hospital, clinic, supermarket, and of course, beach :) After all, though life is more than just a beach, but beach adds fun and coolness to life! 
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  1. This would be a dream comes true for me, a house by the beach, and surround by nature.