Thursday, June 11, 2009


Torrey Pines State Reserve
As gray as our skies these days, is the fate of our State Parks. I do not want to be political in this post, but I just want to share my sadness at the posssibility of not enjoying our nature parks anymore, the way it was. California is in deep financial meltdown right now, as to how that could have happened is still beyond my simple wired mind. Our state does not depend on one industry alone, we have agriculture, high-tech, bio-tech, aero-tech, all kinds of tech, hollywood, etc. Our state's economy collapsed as if its sole industry is real estate alone. Because our state could not balance their checkbooks, they cut down education budget tremendously, something which does not seem like a solution to the problem at all. Aside from education, one of the budget cuts proposed by our governor is the closure of almost 80-90% of CA State Parks.
Wildflowers @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
As I walked along the Torrey Pines trails with the gray sky above me, I can't help but feel sadness as to the possibility of the closure of this park, among almost all State Parks in San Diego County and across the state.
Sea of Badlands, Anza Borrego State Park
I just look forward as far as my eyes can see into the endless horizon at the possibility of keeping and continuing to preserve these nature parks.
Desert Wildflowers, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
Would we still see as much sea birds in our state park shores, would we still enoy the peacefulness and serenity in the shore if there is a toll road that passes right through San Onofre State Beach, as our governor had supported before? And maybe, with the toll road, what comes next are more development and natural resources unpreservation.
San Onofre State Beach
The closure of the State Parks is perhaps the worst crisis the state park system has faced. I continue to hope that our governor will come into common senses and consider how much loss the State would have with the closure of these nature parks in the long term.
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  1. How sad is that? State Park closes? I so hope something can be done to keep it open. What a loss!

    I love your pictures selection in this post.

  2. I don't understand why this would happen. I guess I'm just not familiar with the situation. Michigan is one of the states hit the hardest by our poor economy, and our government is considering making our state parks admission free. I hope your state doesn't take your parks away. They are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  3. Beth, I really feel as if I know Torrey Pines of all the San Diego parks because of you and your wonderful photographs. I hate to see it closed.

    I really hope something can be done to preserve your beautiful parks!

  4. whoah that's terrible.i feel sorry for that possibility.

  5. Since I am so focused on health care right now, I would say to stop giving away free health care to illegals would be a great start to balancing their budget. Here in FL the budget is bad too, of course education gets cut, and some parks will close, but they are underused ones. Does CA charge a fee to enter the park, maybe that could be a solution to keeping them open. Charge a small entrance fee. Or maybe some of the environmentalist groups could take some over, they seem to have an abundance of funding, and would have a definite interest in keeping them open. It is sad, no matter what way you look at it. Greedy people making money off of risky home mortgages, has hurt all Americans in lots of ways, and now we get to bail them out too. It is just grand.

  6. Sorry to hear about the closure of CA parks. What a sad thing to do. What will become of the parks??

  7. closing the parks is definitely a drastic move... how sad :(

  8. You will miss the park, I shall miss your beautiful pictures.

    What a sad story.

  9. Dana also mentioned to me about California being in deep financial trouble. I could just imagine how sad it will be with these state parks' closure. Makes me sad too Betchai.

  10. So sad to hear about that....I don't think the closure can help or do anything with this economic meltdown. That's so bad!

  11. Despite the bad news, i still want to bid you a pleasant weekend betchai!

  12. that is really sad. hope they will open it in near future..

  13. Thanks a lot for the comfort and support everyone. Our state parks are not yet closed, it is still in the process of being approved by the budget committee, hope the proposal does not get approved.

  14. Haha, there go the penguins again.