Monday, June 08, 2009

A Change?


Downtown San Diego from Cabrillo National Monument
The picture above perhaps seem to be the odd picture out if you search all of the pictures in my posts. This shows civilization, unlike most of my photos which focus mostly on the richness and diversity of nature. This picture was taken at east side of Point Loma Peninsula in Cabrillo National Monument. In the same park, but just at the west side of the peninsula, the scenery is totally different.
Tidepool Area at Cabrillo National Monument
It is now the world of rocks and the ocean, with civilization totally hidden by the coastal hill.
Small Sea Cave Overlooking the Ocean at Cabrillo National Monument
Walking here is just as fun as hiking in the trails. I love checking the weird cliffs of sedimentary rocks which have very distinct layers.
Carved Sedimentary Rocks
The distinct layers and the intricate carving of the rocks provides a glimpse to the power of the ocean.
Sculpted Rocky Cliff
Wildlife here is different than when I walk in the trail. Here, at low tide, I can view an ocean intertidal zone ecosystem up close. Walking through the algae coated rocks which really are very slippery that extra precaution is needed, I would see small fishes trapped in the rocky pools.
Small Fishes and Anemone
And these poor creatures are feasted by the birds. Do you wonder sometimes why at low tide there are just so many birds on shore? They don't really have to dive down anymore to fish.
Egret Looking For Something To Feed On
Aside from small fishes trapped in the rocky pool, there are also a lot of mussels, barnacles, small crabs, anemone, shells, snails, starfish, and many other small invertebrates.
Resting on the North end of this rocky zone are usually the cormorants and the California Brown Pelicans.
California Brown Pelican
Climbing up the cliff and going up the hill, one faces San Diego's civilization again.
Downtown San Diego from Cabrillo National Monument
North of the park, is the Shelter Island, which is not really an island :) . Shelter Island is still part of the Point Loma Peninsula.
Downtown San Diego from Shelter Island
Now, this is really a totally different scenery from the rocky intertidal zone in Cabrillo National Monument. Yet, they are just close to each other in the same peninsula. Uphill on Shelter Island is some spot to take a picture of San Diego with the yachts parked in the Shelter Island Harbor.
Downtown San Diego from Shelter Island ( Lucinda St)
Now, this is what you call the glare of the city. But thankfully, we have many hide-aways from this civilization, we just have to go down a cliff, or hike a canyon, or round a hill or climb a mountain, and it feels like being transported to a different world. So a change it may be from my usual posts, but this is the city where I live.
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  1. I was at the Cabrillo National Mounument a few years ago and I totally missed the tide pool. Unfortunately I was there on a very overcast day and could hardly see anything. That reminds me, I should dig up some of the photos and post them.

  2. Whether you take pictures of nature or civilization, they are just amazing! I love your photos, betchai!

  3. What an amazing place to learn about rocks, ecosystems, the circle of life, and so much more. I love it!

  4. I would like a change of scenery and landscape over here with what you have over there! :)

    Nice sculpted rocky cliffs.

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I found the layered rock cliffs to be mesmerizing and the pelicans beautiful and unusual. I also love the pictures of your city, day and night, and the one with the orange cloud above, all are fascinating!

  6. Such a beautiful series of pictures. The Egret with shadow on the water has attracted me to look and admire for a long time.

  7. It's so lovely to find one of your blogs again. I hope when I get better I can follow in your footsteps and start learning to take great pics.

  8. WoW!!! So many beautiful shots...betchai you're good! I love the egret with its reflection. The shells and the night views....just looking at a postcard. You have so much places to explore there, lucky you! Thumbs up to all your your great captures! love that pelican too!

  9. betchai, these photos are stunning. The layered rock formations are brilliant. These are some of the best photos you have taken. Keep it up my friend.

  10. Betchai, I love the shot of the egret, so clear and those poor shells trapped in shallow water... you are truly blessed to have an opportunity to see and photograph this beautiful things: scenery, animals. . . nature

  11. OMG!i love your photos!did you take them all yourself?i love your inputs never fail to amaze me,betchai.=)

  12. From ocean wildlife to city life, the pictures are wonderful. I never before thought of the reason the birds gather on the beach. Now I know. :)

  13. Wow and Wow, excellent shots, the clouds over the city is awesome, and the out of place rock on top of Sculpted Rocky Cliff is very cool.

  14. I love the pictures of sedimentary rock, they've formed all kinds of weird and wonderful patterns :-)

  15. Miss Beth, my favorites are our shots of the pelican... Beautiful...

    And the sedimentary rocks, very nice capture of their textures... :D

  16. I thought I can make out a face on the carved sedimentary rocks! Or is it my imagination?

  17. That picture of an egret looking for food really captivates me. I like that shot, it's very clear and so natural!

    The carved rocks and cliffs look so huge! They're beautiful!

    Hope you are doing well Betchai.

    Debbie :)

  18. oh san diego at night is captivating! wish i could visit you one day and we'll spend looking at the bay.

    i have never heard nor seen a cormo rants in my life before today. i am learning everyday, girl!that's what this journey is all about.

  19. I like the sea cave view and the wonderful city night views, and also the great birds you have captured, a lovely mix of scenes.

  20. These photos rock! The more I scrolled down, the better they got--i really enjoyed the night shots of the water.


  21. I am glad you are taking pics as a monument to good culture and ecology. It is a shame the politicians are messing up and we plus future generations have to pay for it. I hope more people lobby t keep the parks open and civilization alive. Nature and appreciating it is civilization, not pollution and profit margins. Thanks a million for joining me2 that will be a great place for posting your bog and so many fantastic things are going to happen in there. Keep logging in to read the News updates. Huggles.

  22. hey, you once told me you want to try doin' night shots, too! you captured every single subject pretty well as usual, day or night! :)

  23. That one picture looked like eggs...

  24. I just love looking at these images, they make me want to explore. Feel the need to be in shape to enjoy life as there are so many wonderful things I have not explore yet.

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