Monday, March 17, 2014

Sea Lions At La Jolla Cove

 Sea Lions enjoying a swim? Or trying to escape the wrath of pounding waves?
Are these sea lions wanting to jump down into the water or happy enough that they are well rested on top of the rocks away from the pounding waves?

Whether on land or on water, they are such a joy to watch.

** Pictures above were taken March 2nd, 2014.
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  1. I wish one day that I can see some sea lions in person. Until then, your pictures great will have to be enough.

  2. Trust you to make anything interesting, Betchai! Surely, they are a great joy to watch, more so when we see them through you. :)

  3. Great shots, and indeed a wonderful up-close way to enjoy the wild. Sadly I suspect the picture you show here was taken before January 2014 -- Because on 12/31/13, the city of San Diego quietly installed an opening in the gate that kept people out of this 2 acre wild area in an concerted, coordinated effort to try and drive the wild animals out of this area (Because they dislike the crowds of people they draw, and they claim the smells are hurting business.)
    Please confirm the date your picture was taken, because since they have let people down there, most of the sea lions have left town, and usually not more than about a dozen are around. Anyone can just google "jolla sea lion cesspool" to see the details, and to get a feel for how coordinated this attack is.

    1. pictures were taken March 2, 2014.

      the gate has been opened for people to go down the rocks, but there is harmony between man and nature, sea lions are still there, and men could observe them closer.