Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quick Post from Death Valley

A few of our pictures from yesterday at Death Valley National Park. When we get back home, I will write more and will have a chance to choose for my favorite pics to post. I do not have time even to put signature in my pics :)

Common question about the desert is, "is it hot?" When it is summer, definitely, Death Valley is one of the hottest if not the hottest place on Earth. However, this hot place cools down after summer, and how cool does it get? Let me answer with the picture below.

Hiker in the dunes, sunrise ( at low 30s F, or close to 0 C )
 In the vastness of things, we are just but a dot on the Earth.

Can you find the hiker in the picture above?
Is there life in Death Valley?

Arroweed, Surviving the Harsh Environment in the Desert

Salty Meadow
( yes, saw tiny creatures swimming in these creek, will post next time about wildlife at Death Valley captured by our lens)
Saturday, we were at 282 ft below sea level at Badwater Basin, Sunday, we were gazing at it at more than 5000 ft above sea level.

Dante's Ridge, Death Valley National Park, CA

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting Better

Once again, my one day late entry for our Blogging for fun Friday. The theme for this week was anything that starts with "G". At first I thought of "geocaching", then, I thought maybe I'll feature "Grand Canyon", or "Gray Whales" or "Gorillas", but then, since I am actually one day late, I decided for "Getting Better".

"Me and My Signature Back Pose " :)
I am really very thankful for "getting better", after waking up my husband at 1:00 am in Friday, him driving me to the Emergency Room in the nearby hospital, and us leaving the ER with hopes of feeling better at 3:30 am. I was out from school Friday, and just simply slept, rested, and followed up with my doctor in the afternoon. And since I can not do strenuous hiking yet, I spent part of my day experiencing the healing powers of the ocean.

The ocean has shared my failures and triumphs since childhood, since this is the place where I would ran whenever I felt crying or celebrating.

The sound of its waves seems like a soothing music that brings healing for me. For some couples, maybe a walk by the beach at sunset seems to be magical since I always see a lot of couples walking on the shore when it is close to sunset.

And since there is no hiking picture for me this weekend, I instead shifted the lense to focus on the city where I live.

Though maybe I had shared here a lot of pictures from San Diego, but they were mostly pictures from the trails, mostly nature photos from the ocean bluffs, canyons, mesas, valleys, and mountains. So, here are something different, the city instead of the trails.

Though this may be not as peaceful as nature photos, but am very thankful I am able to take all these pictures today, a sign, of really "getting better" and hopefully, next weekend, we'll be really better for "hiking"!