Saturday, February 08, 2014

Revisiting Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Petrified Wood @ Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Visiting the past, that's how it feels like at Petrified Forest National Park which has preserved plants and animal fossils of the Late Triassic period going back more than 200 million years ago. The park is best known for globally significant Late Triassic fossils, attracting geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, historians, and biologists, just to name a few. Its mind boggling and stark beauty is also a haven for those searching for scenic vistas, wilderness, hiking, dark skies, and beautiful, vast landscapes.

Come, let us revisit this geological wonderland must see.......
Fossilized Woods and Badlands @ Petrified Forest National Park

Where: Petrified Forest National Park is located in northeastern Arizona, about 50 miles from the New Mexico border on Interstate 40. Nearest major airports are in Phoenix, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There are also smaller airports in Flagstaff, Arizona, and Gallup, New Mexico. From the airport, you may want to rent a car to drive to the park. For private planes, there is a small airport located in Holbrook, Arizona.

Sights to See: Fossilized Petrified Woods and Colors of The Naked Earth.

Ever wondered what the colors of the Earth if not clothed with vegetation? Is it all just dab and dirt, or is it full of colors?

Earth in its starkness is beyond fascinating! Could you imagine how many chemical reactions have occurred from the various colors of the fossilized woods and badlands? A walk here at Petrified Forest National Park is like walking in a GIANT SCIENCE MUSEUM, navigating through so many surreal landscapes.

Experiencing the Science that turned into a great work of art that NO MAN CAN EQUAL is beyond words for me to describe. Nature is always healing for me, knowing that we have a GOD who takes care of us and of everything around us. We owe to HIM this beautiful world we live in. However, it is our turn to take care of our present and the traces of our past so we could enjoy these gifts today and tomorrow, and to hopefully also make use of what we learn for the better.

Ahhh, somehow, revisiting Petrified Forest through my old pictures ( went here last year, spring 2013) makes me long to experience the unequaled peacefulness and serenity in the desert again. Let me end this post by a few lines from "The Desert Through My Eyes" post I wrote a few years back......

"The Desert....

First time I met you
Tears ran down my face
For you left us a trace
To look at our geological past
of what was before
that will prepare us for what is to come!!

Barren you may be
but for the few who took a closer look
Uncovered your beauty beyond compare
That shows depth and strength of character
Built by persevering all the harshest tests of time

Your beauty
Whipped so intelligently and masterfully
Reminds Us not to look on The Surface Alone
For depth of beauty is not on what is obvious
But what is deeply etched inside!!"

~ Betchai ~

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  1. All these posts will be my guide book.

  2. i think you are in love with this place especially being a chemistry teacher.
    the colors are great on the stones / lands are great. i could stare it like forever. lol

    you have to take a plane from SD to arizona right?

  3. simply BREATHTAKING, I would love to visit on day...thank you so much for the virtualm tour!!!

  4. So beautiful Betchai!!!!! As I read your poem I got teary eyed....indeed creation is beyond compare!!! ♡

  5. magnificent scenes beautifully photographed, nature's beauty indeed is always a mystery :)

  6. It is like a mystery, those fossils and the land, i love geography it make you think of how amazing God's creation and how they continue to evolve. thanks for sharing this magnificent photography and information te betchai.

  7. Beautiful photos as ever Betchai... thanks for bringing us to this place. Despite humans effort to unravel mysteries of this planet, some things remain as cryptic so we would eternally wonder why? And this keeps us going. I love the poem you made.

  8. God indeed is majestic and wonderful, just looking at nature shows us how grand He is! We can never fathom His wisdom! You have always amazed me with all your travels and adventures... just like you, I will surely be amazed at all these beauty!

  9. Wow this place is stunning ! The colour of the rocks are like flowers . The furthers place I have reach in AZ is only the peak in Tempe. Sad I never got a chance to visit this place

  10. OMG! That first pic of petrified wood is awesome! Jewelries made of petrified wood are not cheap and they are gorgeous. It's amazing to see the beautiful things that God gave to men. He is one amazing Creator indeed!

  11. My gosh! I love the photos! God's creation is truly amazing. No man can replicate all this

  12. My daughter collects rock and she has some petrified wood. I bet she would be so excited to see these photos ateB!

  13. that's a real gem right there....such a gorgeous beauty of nature! I love all the photos by the way.

  14. i think i have told you before that you were the one who opened my eyes to see the real beauty of the desert. i used to think there's nothing to see in the desert except sand dunes and succulent plants. oh boy, was i so wrong!

  15. You visit such interesting places. I wish I could visit even a few of the great places I see here on your blog.

  16. Your photos are so captivating (as always!). It makes me feel like I am actually there. I agree that so much happened to our earth and that places like these would serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent. I will be eagerly awaiting your next batch of pictures. Oh, BTW... wasn't it scary to stand on top of that rock???

  17. Wow! Just wow! i wish I could also go there and see that personally and also take shots. They are just magnificent.

  18. hi there again Betchai! back here and loving all the "bluetiful" skies here and your blue outfits! the petrified wood looks so out of this world, like it is something from outer space! amazing yah!

  19. oh my God!!!! those are beautiful rocks Sis and what amazing views as always.

  20. WOW!!! That's a simply amazing place, Ms. Betchai! I wanna visit that, too! Kailan kaya? HAhaha! I saw a few kinds of rocks last Saturday at church brought by the kids' teacher to show some of God's amazing creations. Rocks that are priced gems and there was one or two that looked like what you showed on that first pic. Simply beautiful! I surely hope to make my dream of being able to see this beauty a reality someday soon! :)

    Re: Thanks a lot for your comments on Triz. You are always so sweet with your words! :)

  21. Wow! A breathtaking place, Ate Betchai! So lucky of you to be able to witness it with your own eyes. I wish someday I could go. Someday! :)