Monday, February 03, 2014

La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort, Negros Occidental, Philippines

View From our La Vista Highlands Resort Room

One year late it may be, but La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort was one of the places I visited when I was in Philippines last year. I was quick in writing about our Sagada via Banaue adventure ( part 1, part 2, part 3) and Mambukal Mountain Resort, but, sadly, I did not get a chance to write about other places that I visited. Unlike in Sagada, Banaue and Mambukal where I explored with family, La Vista Highlands was my "me" time with my Bacolod bff's. It has been a tradition that each time I go home, we always go somewhere to just reconnect, and celebrate friendship that lasted so many years of our lives. 

With My Friends at La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort

The one who arranged everything in this trip was my friend, Ems. She asked me which one I wanted, Punta Bulata White Beach Resort in Sipalay, or La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort in Don Salvador Benedicto. Because we've been to Punta Bulata already, it was easy enough for me to decide. I wanted to try a new resort that we have in Negros Occidental. So, I chose this mountain resort, which is a nice cool escape from the lowland heat in Bacolod City. 

What Happens When Friends get together? Endless Photo Opps :)

The highlight of our stay here is ziplining. :) The zip line is about 750 meters in length with a height of about 40-60 meters. 
Ziplining with My Friends

I actually almost chickened out in the zipline. Somehow, my fear of heights got into me, that when I was zipped, I told my friend, "I can't do it!" And my friend was like wide eyed in surprise, all the while thinking I was the bravest with all my pictures at "Potato Chip Rock", and many jumping pictures! :) However, when I saw the look of concern in her eyes, I did not want her to worry about me being left off, so I said, "Okay, let's make it quick!" Haha! I AM GLAD I DID IT, it was actually super fun to be high like a bird, and looking down below. 

Ziplining Towers

There are many other extreme outdoor adventures offered at La Vista, however, sadly, my time was so limited, haha! Also, they all have to go back to work too. We really just took a one night, 2 days retreat at the mountains, to celebrate our togetherness again. 

The view from our room was very beautiful. I wanted to hike!
View from our Room

Sadly, when we asked for trails, we were told that there are no formal hiking trails in the area, we could however, do guided horse back riding. I am not so excited with horse back riding, since I would be too focused on the horse and not the scenery. I frankly, always, prefer to explore the mountains hiking. There was a swimming pool also, but we did not get a chance to use it. We instead played pool (billiards) in their little sports bar area. 

Our stay comes with free hot breakfast. But frankly, their breakfast was too small for me! Haha! I am such a big eater, that I had to ask for more garlic rice and more "bangus" or milk fish. So I ended up having "no free breakfast" because the free one was not enough for me. :)

"Calamansi-nade" - so refreshing and yum !!

Their lunch and dinner foods however were great because they serve "Ilonggo" dishes, which I love. We actually ordered mostly vegetables, but I saw to it that I ordered vegetables that are not very common in US. We also tried their "camote leaves" salad, or "yam leaves" , and loved how they made it, no greasy and creamy dressing like in the West, I could taste the goodness of vinegar, with "bago-ong" on the side! 
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  1. Yes, this is an excellent place to explore yourself, with friends or family away from Bacolod citylife.

  2. a breathtaking place, Beth. perfect for bonding with friends or family. glad you tried ziplining! i wanted to try one at Sentosa but K and M refused to let me. hahaha!

    can't blame you for wanting to hike. kaka-kati ng paa ang view ano? ;)

  3. breath taking view of nature! i was looking at the background of the second picture, where clouds were so low and foggy, too cold to dip into the pool ahihi

  4. Looks so beautiful of a place Betchai, and you all had fun...

  5. what a nice place to hang out, have fun and just relax, something you want during your vacation to the Philippines.

  6. Looks so relaxing out there, love how you can relax in the pool and still look around the beautiful nature.

  7. That kamote leaves with bagoong is making me drool right now. Waaahhh I want to fly home :-)

    The landscape in the resort is so lush and green.

    I wouldn't have thought you had reservations in doing zipline. You're very adventurous! So not like you. That may have been me. Not that I'm afraid of heights, it's just the fear of being suspended in the air.

  8. Its lunch time here from were I am and this kalamansi juice makes me so thirsty !!! and splash in that swimming pool!
    Would not be a great day ?? thanks for sharing the place looks fantastic !!!

  9. Ziplining would be fun. I've never tried it, but I just know I'd like it.

  10. This is a really nice place.

    I am looking forward to a great vacation this summertime.

  11. Oh Betchai, you are SO brave to try a zip line! That's a no-no for me. I would be screaming from the start to about half an hour after my feet touch the ground. I would be happy to just relax in the pool and bask in the beautiful sight of hills and greenery. I have yet to have a "real" vacation. If I would find a realization to this "vacation" I would go to Negros (you convinced me to go with those lovely pictures), Sagada, Batanes, Anawangin and Siargao.

  12. "HIghlands" are becoming a click in the Philippines. Most of them are actually nice places to visit. Top of the line I should say. If I am to visit Negros, I'll surely drop by here if it's open to public that is.

  13. So breathtaking! I am sure you already bought a land there, it is really so beautiful to the eye

  14. Hi Mrs. Betchai I want you to know that I am a fan of your travel blog. You're photos are so amazing!